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$770 - 1 in 3 beds x 3 baths

Move in 8/1/22 - 12 months. Looking to sublease my room at Valentine Commons for next semester since my plans have changed. They are sold out of all rooms at VC so act fast!...Read More

$750 - 1 in 3 beds x 3 baths

Move in 8/18/22 - 12 months. Private room at the end of the hall (room C) with private bathroom. Utilities covered in rent and parking available! Within walking distance of campus and Hillsborough Street. Super nice female roommates occupying the two other rooms, they are both J...Read More

$765 - 1 in 3 beds x 3 baths

Move in 5/10/22 - 3 months. Unit is in a very nice and spacious apartment on the second floor of Valentine Commons apartment building within very close walking distance of NCSU Campus. Multiple amenities on site including private gym, study lounges, as well as computer and free...Read More

$600 - 1 in 4 beds x 3 baths

Move in 5/9/22 - 3 months. Available room in a 4X3 unit on 6th floor. Room has its own bathroom and unit comes with appliances. Monthly rate includes utilities and wi-fi. Right next to campus and easy to walk to classes. Access to gym and a computer room with a printer. Gende...Read More

$695 - 1 in 4 beds x 3 baths

Move in 5/19/22 - 3 months. This is bedroom B in a four-bedroom apartment with your own bathroom and is located on the second floor. I will cover the cost of May's rent. The place is currently empty although my roommates are also looking for sub-leasers. I also had a parking ti...Read More

$695 - 1 in 4 beds x 3 baths

Move in 5/18/22 - 3 months. Furnished one bedroom space available with bathroom included located on the 2nd floor. Bedroom space included bed with frame and mattress, desk and chair, hanging rack as storage space along with cabinet. Private bathroom is right in front of bedroom...Read More

$665 - 1 in 4 beds x 3 baths

Move in 5/15/22 - 1 months. Hi, I have a 1 bedroom available starting from May 15 to the end of July up for sublease. There are 2 more bedrooms available in this unit. Please let me know if you are available to take this room. Not captured: Washer & Dryer are included....Read More

$690 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 7/5/22 - 1 months. A big room available for sublease on the 9th floor. Lovely view of the courtyard and hillsborough street, has an attached bathroom inside the bedroom and an open closet. Big window that takes up the whole wall as well! Open to negotiation on rent as...Read More

$735 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 5/14/22 - 2 months. Subleasing a 4 bedroom/4 bathroom PREMIUM apartment. If you're interested in the floor plan, it is The Hyde and the apartment room is room C. The roommates are very flexible with needs and cooperative with change. You have your own bathroom, and are...Read More

$600 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 5/13/22 - 2 months. Hey!! I'm subleasing my room in a 4 bed/4 bath unit. I'm looking for a girl to take over the lease sometime around May 13th (I can be flexible)! The unit is super clean and nice with a great view and natural light! The unit is mostly furnished and th...Read More

$685 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 5/23/22 - 2 months. I'm looking to sublet my room in a unit in Valentine Commons for June and July! Looking for girls only. The apartment has a mid size kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and dishwasher. The room is furnished with a bed and mattress, desk, and dresser. O...Read More

$786 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 6/1/22 - 2 months. Located in the heart of main campus, it is easy access to NC State's and other local amenities! The monthly price has a parking pass to the complex included. An all female apartment that is located on the corner of Valentine Commons with a great view...Read More

$785 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 6/1/22 - 2 months. I am looking for a male to sublet my room at Valentine Commons. You would be in Apartment 1024 with a great view of downtown Raleigh and NC State's campus. Very short walk to the conveniences of Hillsborough St. Awesome location! The apartment is fur...Read More

$710 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 6/1/22 - 2 months. Rent is $710 + $75/month parking. 1st floor corner room right by the entrance. Apartment has basic amenities like a gym and is about a 5-10 minute walk from NC State's main campus. This room comes with an attached bathroom unlike most. Roommates...Read More

$620 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 5/25/22 - 2 months. I have one bedroom and private bathroom on the 1st floor of Valentine Commons. This includes a parking pass, the month of may is already paid and the lease goes through July 31. If you were wanting to move in earlier than June 1 the date is flexible...Read More

Valentine Commons Info

Valentine Commons is a tower apartment complex across the street from NCSU near Downtown Raleigh (walking distance). Unlike the majority of apartments Valentine Commons is located on the north side of the NCSU Main Campus, making it better suited for...Read More Details

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