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1. Valentine Commons is a tower apartment complex across the street from NCSU near Downtown Raleigh (Walking distance). Unlike the majority of apartments Valentine Commons is located on the north side of the NCSU Main Campus, making it better suited for students in their early years and with majors other than computer science and engineering. For the computer science and engineering majors, the NCSU Wolf Line is not so far, so you would still not need a car.
2. At Valentine Commons you can pick from 2, 3, or 4 bedroom Layouts at Valentine Commons. Utilities are included in rent; electric, water, Internet, and cable.
3. The features at Valentine Commons include:

Fitness Center/Weight Room
Aerobics Room
Business Center/Computer Lab
Study Lounges on Each Floor
Tanning Beds
Game Rooms
Private Parking Garage
Individual Leases
Roommate Matching
Fully Furnished
Washer and Dryer
4. Valentine Commons was completed in 2012 and is related to the Hillsborough Street revamp focused to create a College Town feel for the NC State area of Raleigh. The project was actually funded by a nonprofit organization, but is run by Capstone. Valentine Commons sits on 3 acres and has 277 Apartments with 928 beds. There is also a parking garage with 780 spaces.
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Does Valentine Commons allow subleases? Valentine Commons allows and encourages relets (when needed of course). This is especially the case in the summer when many students want to return home. Instead of paying rent for a place you dont live at, it just makes sense to relet more

Is it possible to live at Valentine Commons and get around without a car? Yes, Valentine Commons has one of the best locations. It is right on Hillsborough Street, so there are resturants and many stores within walking distance. It is also right on the Wolfline, so it is easy to get around the NCSU campus. Lastly, more

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