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4 beds 4 baths
1 in 4 beds 4 baths. Posted Today. Apartment for sublease!! Less than 10 minutes from NCSU campus and seconds from Centennial more↓

1 in 4 beds 4 baths. Activity Sep-18. Renting 1 room of a 4 BR apt. So you get 3 solid roommates (all guys) and your own bathroom. more↓

1 in 4 beds 4 baths. Activity Aug-25, comments. Rent By room. Includes electricity, water, trash and sewage (NO CAP). One bedroom available ( more↓

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I am joining NCSU as a grad student this fall. I am pretty much flexible with any house more↓ View Post

University Woods Info

Beds: 4
Pet Policy Varies

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12 months min, $1200 to $1500

University Woods is a condo community close to NCSU (Southwest Raleigh). The vast majority of persons living there are students. This is primarily driven by the 4 bedroom 4 bath apartment set-up. While located by some student communities with all of the features, University Woods is fairly light on community features (need to walk over to a friend's place to use the pool).

University Woods was built around 2002, depending on the unit, and is owned by many individual owners. Because of this, prices and quality of service can vary greatly from unit to unit. From some owners you can find renting by the room, while others rent by the unit.

If you have 3 other friends and want a place for around 400 per person a month University Woods is one of the best choices near NCSU, and even in all of Raleigh.

Grade: of 45 reviews
Price Level: $ $
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