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University Oaks

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Oct 2019: The neighborhood is not safe. There are constant shootings (a bullet went into my wall) and there have been a few robberies nearby. Additionally, even when kept clean, there are cockroaches. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Watch out if your walking past there them students come racing thru there almost hitting me on several occasions,.nice people friendly nice apartments landscape. Review from Google
May 2018: The place has become definitely better. It feels lot more secure now. So close to NC State you can just walk. The exterior has been kept nicely by the management and all the doors and exterior were painted recently. My advice would be to rent from a landlord if possible. Just easier to get maintenance issues fixed quickly.
Oct 2017: The price is definitely the best you will find around campus. Do not believe most of the reviews for this place it's honestly not that horrible. I love my room its SUPER spacious, walk in closet, and cozy bathroom with bathtub. Washer and dryer in apartment. Kitchen is good size with dishwasher machine. Location is perfect yet looks a little old, there is a Wolfline bus stop 1 minute away. So many food options and walking distance to hillsborough and NCSU. Downside is people live here that are not students... you might have very strange/weirdo neighbors. You can tell that the people that live here and are not students are very loud and annoying. Sometimes I don't feel 100% safe. This is the only reason I am not renewing my lease for next year and also would like to try something on Hillsborough St. Rooms are not furnished. There is no securit Review from Google
Jul 2017: Our landlord was really nice and took care of things right away. Apartment was clean and recently renovated. No mamangement company so that was good
Jun 2017: Pretty awesome place so close to the campus and lot of food options. Well maintained apartment complex
Mar 2017: good place to is clean...very close to NCSU...just like any other student community...very reasonably priced
Feb 2017: Amazing community. Clean and renovated. Had godo experience and no problems.
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Feb 2017: I would not recommend this apartment complex at all! You definitely get what you pay for. The buildings are a little older with very thin walls, so the noise level is absolutely horrible. We live in a recently updated unit that looks nice at first glance, but a lot of the renovation was cheap cover-ups. We might as well not have a landlord for all the help we have gotten from him. The response time for issues such as water/AC leaks, bugs or mold is way too long, and the solutions are usually cheap and ineffective. He is definitely there just to collect rent money and nothing else. If you have other options, don't live here! Review from 2/20/17 on Apartment ratings
Dec 2016: I wish I came to this website before renting at this complex. First of all, I have the best apartment that I've seen on this property. It was recently remodeled and it looks very nice inside. After seeing the crappy apartments in the same building, I jumped on this "golden opportunity". 4 months later I am trying to find a sublease because I can't take it anymore. don't look for any of the outdoor amenities listed on the website, you won't find it. Be aware that no matter where you are in your apartment you will hear people going up and down the stairs. I almost resorted to sleeping in my bathroom one night because it was that bad & that loud. Review from 12/12/16 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2016: Apartment complex is close to bus stop so a lot of students rent bedrooms since the apartments are 4 bed 4 baths.But not everyone is a student.not every tenant goes through background checks.Very noisy neighbors/roomates,people fighting in the street and egging cars in parking lot.I even saw a hit and run from my window. You can rent a room with strangers for 350 but good luck with that. Landlord depends on who owns the apmnt.I had one that owns a couple of units and he really did not care how tenants maintain the apartment as far as cleanliness ,appliances, noise which makes these apartments a nightmare. he just wants your rent money. Review from 9/1/16 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2010: Good place to live. Typical student housing. Good parking and on the wolfline. Never had any problems living here. Anonymous review from 6/15/2010 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2010: I lived here for two years and haven't personally had any problems. My roommate's car was towed once despite having a parking pass. There is plenty of parking and a great view of the lot from your front door, the back door either looks out at a central area with a grill, a tree line, or the street. There have been a few car break-ins in the complex, nothing broken, and now we have a community crime watch sign. A few apartment break-ins as well, there are dead bolts on doors, no chains. The people above us were broken into and the thieves made off with someone's rent money. Noise is not so much a problem. If the person above you owns an animal that they are constantly chasing through the apartment, then it can be a bit annoying. Anonymous review from 3/4/2010 on Apartment Ratings

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