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Signature 1505

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Apr 2019: Also, be aware some of the good reviews on Google are fake! The staff would make accounts upload pics and post positive reviews. I spoke to a couple of residents who were as frustrated as myself.
Apr 2019: Hello, It's been a rocky start still. Management just is not good. Some of the staff is friendly, but I found myself having to go across the street to Preiss for help. The finally fixed the parking garage gate and finally put up mirrors late 2018. It's mid March and still cold so it is yet to be seen if ants will be back. My main issue has been with management. I think since they cater to students, they aren't quick to do what they say they will do.
Mar 2019: UPDATE: I have raised my 1 star to a 3 the maintenance team is a 5 star team everything else is fairly mediocre The first 2 weeks of living here my power would go out daily. They attempted to blame me for the issue. Instead of taking any responsibility for their lack of wiring done properly. I would sit here and write a whole essay on everything wrong with this place. But so many others have already hit all they key points. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Update 3: finally got mailboxes, have had Internet issues since Jan 2019, key fob issues. TK is great! Other member's of management are polite but don't seem to be very responsive when issues are presented. Maintenance drops by whenever they want without ample notice. Overall, it seems that this company does not know how to manage an apartment complex. Update 2: start November and still no mailboxes Update: end of October 2018 (move in was August) and still no mailboxes set up for residents. Management not very good. Employees in the front office are friendly, but you can tell the disorganization is from the top (management). It's been almost two months and mailboxes have not been set up. Trash rooms are often filthy. I like the "newness", but I am disappointed with customer service. Review from Google
Feb 2019: This place seems to be doing better after the management change. I’ve had positive experiences with the office staff and overall no terrible issues in our apartment. Sara in the front office is super nice as well! Review from Google
Feb 2019: The staff at Signature 1505 are more than incredible. TK, Maya, Sydney and Emily are always more than helpful, kind, and hard working. The amenities are convenient and easy to operate. There are also great areas to study on the main floor. The maintenance team and managers are quick to act and provide sufficient feedback. Great people that run this place. Review from Google
Feb 2019: The Signature 1505 staff is friendly and attentive to residents’ needs. Multiple staff members know me by name and are more than willing to help with anything I encounter at 1505. Most recently, Sara helped me print off notes at the front office. A new apartment complex often has shortcomings in year one, but 1505 seems to be heading in the right direction under new management. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I’ve noticed quite a few negative reviews about Theory (Signature 1505). Can anyone tell me if they have noticed a difference since new management has taken over? Have they resolved the problem with non-residents parking in the parking garage? Have the power outages been resolved? Has the ant problem been resolved?
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Dec 2018: The apartments themselves are really nice and still in v good condition. The staff is super friendly. Syd has helped me out with issues i've had and the rest of the staff is just a friendly and welcoming as he is. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have lived at Theory Raleigh for a whole semester and I don't have many complaints at all! I love the location of the complex, super close to campus and downtown. The staff are all really nice and helpful. TK is the one who usually helps me the most and she is great! You can definitely tell they want to help you the best they can. I recommend living here if you can afford it! Review from Google
Dec 2018: **EDIT (12/2/18) I've been living at Theory for an entire semester now, and I've already renewed my lease for my 2019-2020 academic year! I truly could not have found a better place to live that meets my needs as far as being close to campus and reasonably priced. The staff is super helpful as always, and I've never felt more content in any student living scenario as I have here! I was a nervous wreck signing the lease to my first apartment. I still kind of am a nervous wreck, but the staff at Theory have really helped put my mind at ease and have been super patient in answering any and every concerns I had. My roommates and I are very excited to live there in the fall!! Review from Google
Nov 2018: The staff at Theory are more than incredible. TK, Maya, and Emily are always more than helpful and kind. They provide spectacular service and brighten my day every time I come into the office. Not to mention, the property manager owns the cutest Frenchie in the world! Review from Google
Nov 2018: The staff that work in the Theory satellite office are amazing at their job. They are extremely helpful in the application process and are very transparent about all leasing details. Margeaux and Becca helped me through every step of the way and made the whole experience very manageable. I highly recommend taking a visit if you are in the market for a student apartment (and a very nice one at that.) Update: TK at the front desk is fantastic and expedited any work orders I needed completing, she is so nice and exceedingly helpful, very happy with the service. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. I don't even know where to begin. The parking garage is the worst, most poorly constructed parking garage I have ever seen in my life. It it truly an accident waiting to happen. They expect the residents to pay upwards of $95 a month for parking that is extremely hazardous and narrow. The entrance/exit into the parking deck is also very narrow, even after they attempted to open it up a bit. I am a decent driver and still always end up hitting the curb when I exit the parking garage because of how narrow it is. The rooms are a decent size but the bathrooms don't have adequate storage space. The power is CONSTANTLY malfunctioning in my apartment; at least twice a week. Maintenance comes and fixes the issue and it happens again two days later. All in all, if you have a car, do not live here. There Review from Google
Oct 2018: My experience at Theory so far has not been pleasurable at all. First, before move in , they did not send me who my room mates would be until one week before which made coordinating for kitchen and living room supplies very difficult. Also, living in a 4 BR 4 Bath you would think they would give you all of your future room mates, but only listed one in the email so we were surprised when we showed up on move in day and a third roommate was there. Second, on move in day, they were very very disorganized. This is to be expected as they are brand new but you wouldn't expect it to be as bad as it was. The staff sent me and my parents to multiple different tabled to get my room key, back and forth because they didn't know where it was. Also, on move in day someone on staff told us there was only two ways to get to my floor (terrace level, which you Review from Google
Sep 2018: Theory has been a great apartment for me while being a student. As expected, new properties can have its flaws but management has always been quick to accommodate and fulfill our maintenance requests (which were minor issues such as thermostat dropping temps). The leasing office people are m nice and want to help with any questions! Emily and TK were very nice and helpful whenever I brought something up to them. great staff and I couldn’t be happier with my unit Review from Google
Sep 2018: I have been satisfied with my experience at Theory so far. When I have had to put in a service request for my broken balcony door, it got fixed the day of. I have not faced any other major issues in my unit besides that and the all of the staff is friendly. I was helped by Emily regarding my requests and she was very helpful. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I just signed my lease to live at Theory! The staff is so nice and helpful and the apartments are beautiful. Becca and Margaux are so great and will make you feel right at home! EDIT: I now have lived at Theory for over a month and absolutely love it! The amenities are so nice and it's a quick 5 minute walk to my classes. If I ever have any problems, maintenece never takes more than 24 hours to resolve them. The room is so spacious and the appliances are really nice. I love living here! Review from Google
Sep 2018: zero stars - total incompetence. Months of waiting for a refund check on the deposit. Give your deposit to another complex who will honor it, and honor the contract. The same story every time "we will check with our accountant and call you back". And you never hear back. Review from Google
Sep 2018: The first few weeks living here, I've spent almost every night being bitten by ants in my sleep. I've told the office multiple times, and most of the time they just come in and very quickly spray the ants and move on to the next apartment. We STILL have ants. I've given up with the office and I'm trying to take care of them myself by spraying the carpets, windows, and floorboards with chemicals every day. The beds are not the same memory foam ones that we were shown at the makeshift apartment tour. There are scratches and cracks on the walls and windows. Whenever I call the office, I am usually forwarded straight to voicemail and I do not get a call back. During the first month, we were sent an incorrect billing statement and then we were moved to a different apartment unit days before move in (placement is not guaranteed). We still don't have Review from Google
Aug 2018: I DO not recommend this apartment to anyone. First of all the management is terrible. The manager of the office does not respond to any emails or calls and the people working at the front desk are not knowledgable at all and often tell you several different things before the right answer is actually given. Second of all, I was told that I would be getting a room with a window by the leasing agent and then moved in and did not have one. When I tried to talk to the front desk about it, they told me they would not do anything about it and that this was just how it goes. Overall it is very clear that Theory was put together quickly with little regard to the image of a luxury apartment that was sold to me. There are so many other apartments close to NC State that are actually worth the money and have helpful and friendly staff. Review from Google
Aug 2018: The apartment looks nice, however there were scuffs on my wall, the drawers stick and so does my door, there are loose boards on the cabinets, and the fifth floor has an ant problem. When I came into my apartment there were bits of glass on the floor from where a lightbulb had fallen when they were installing them (I assume), and I cut my foot on it. My roommate called about the ants and the staff told her they would send someone to take care of it the next day, but they never did. The apartment looks like it was finished way too quickly with no attention to detail. I understand that this is a student apartment building, but it costs way more than it's worth. You could rent a room out in a nice townhouse for the cost of the apartment, and it probably wouldn't have ants or this many issues. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Pretty awesome! This apartment would be perfect if there was one little 2 inch section on the corner of the bathroom molding by the floor painted and the sink head magnet is a little off. I honestly love this apartment. I took one star off because it wasn’t completely perfect like I wanted but the student worker I had chatted with (who was super nice and informative btw) have me a slip of paper and told me to mark anything that was not up to my standards and they would have a guy for whatever was not perfect and they come up and fix those things. I see a lot of bad reviews but I’m sure these are all younger people I’m only 23 but this place is definitely worth the money. Just get ready to deal with 18 year olds every now and then :) Review from Google
Aug 2018: Disappointed. Upset. Regret. Those are my feelings towards signing this lease. Management is so disorganized. The front desk tries to help, but it's like talking to a brick wall as it takes them forever and a day to get anything useful done. There needs to be more managers on site to help deal with situations . Theory's website is not user friendly, when trying to pay rent. Ever since signing the lease, I have asked about the residency portal multiple times and when it will be up and running. The response I got were always different. To this day I am still unable to sign up/sign into the residency portal. Furthermore, I signed the lease during the special and still have not received the gift card promised. They said I would receive it on move in, but on move in they pushed it back to September 1st. Be careful when talking on the phone as well. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Promising at first, but turns sour fast. The office takes at least 20 calls to finally get someone to pick up and when they do finally pick up, you get a rude student worker who can’t answer any questions. Each worker has a contradictory response. The managers are never available when they need to refer to them. They almost never call back and ignore most emails. Rent checks did not even reflect on the account for over a month with no confirmation except “We have a bunch of checks here, so it’s probably been received.” On the bright side, place looks nice and Ikea-quality furniture is functional. The bedrooms are much smaller than they appear to be online. Apart from the hype and free swag which is just tees and food, it doesn’t seem to be worth the price.

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