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Redpoint Raleigh

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Apr 2018: The Republic at Raleigh is in a great location and is very convenient for commuting to college. The staff is very welcoming and accommodating. The facility is very clean and well kept. The swimming pool is one of my favorite ammenaties at the Republic. I recommend the Republic to anyone looking for an amazing/adorable living experience. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Be prepared to pay fines. You will get fined. Be careful with the furniture package, because you'll likely receive furniture that is in poor shape and then get charged for it as it continues to deteriorate from everyday use. Review from Google
Mar 2018: When looking for somewhere to live, PLEASE LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE! DO NOT LIVE AT THE REPUBLIC--ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A PERSON OF COLOR! The Republic at Raleigh is one of the nicer student living options available; however, management is TERRIBLE! They treat residents like numbers and dehumanize us to cogs in the machine. They are not receptive to resident concerns and look for any way to SCAM us out of our money. I do not trust the management staff at all and feel the need to always request documentation for EVERYTHING. There is always a new charge or policy that allows the Republic to take money from residents as if rent is not expensive enough. I HATE living at the Republic! They tolerate RACIST behavior from residents (if you are a person of color please do not move here because the management team will not be receptive to your complaints or Review from Google
Feb 2018: Very nice place to live. If I was reviewing based off the apartment alone, I’d give it 5 stars. HOWEVER, the front office is full of SCAMMERS. Provided us with all this busted up, worn out furniture upon moving in (which we pay for in the furniture package every month) and then proceeded to charge us for said busted up, worn out furniture being busted up and worn out halfway through the lease year! Basically paying them to replace cushions that should have been replaced way before I even moved in. Front office was unwilling to remove charges because of course they’re some scammers. Also refused to do anything about a racist roommate who called me and another roommate a racist epithet during an argument. Idk what kind of shoddy business practices management is running up in that office, but if you don’t like being scammed out your money, Review from Google
Jan 2018: Hated living here, terrible service. At one point our washer quit working and it took them over 2 weeks after first checking it to even fix it and I had clothes that needed to be washed so I ended up going to a laundromat. Also, you pay to much for what you get, I would expect better service since my rent went up from the already high price midway through the lease. Review from Google
Oct 2017: This place may be nice but the neighborhood is horrible. Lots of things happen in the immediate area that are of concern, like breaking in vehicles, shootings and stolen vehicles. If they want to continue to get nice residents, they will have to increase their security. Otherwise, it's going downhill fast!
Sep 2017: The shuttle breaks down often. Rooms are decent and spacious. Review from Google
Aug 2017: This place SUCKS. I moved in several days ago to my "new" apartment, which was filthy. It didn't look like they had even bothered to come and clean. We purchased the furniture package so that we wouldn't have to worry about bringing our own. As soon as I walked in, I spotted our dining room chair which was missing the was just a frame that you cannot sit on. Further in, a cracked cabinet, a glass porch light that was broken, a glass back door with a sticky film all over it, a ripped up leather chair, chewed TV remotes, cigarette burns on the carpet, cigarettes all over the back porch, a dented and scratched fridge, a broken door knob, a dog toy, and a cockroach. After complaining (nicely!) to the front office, they did send a cleaning crew out to fix certain things. However, since, we have just been finding more and more! This is NOT Review from Google
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Jul 2017: This apartment offers great amenities, but management does not take care of them. The pool has been closed the entire summer because of broken glass and there has not been a rush to re-open it for residents. When walking around the neighborhood, my dog has cut his paw on shards of broken glass on the sidewalks because residents throw huge rowdy parties and someone almost always ends up throwing glass into the street. In my opinion, this place is way too overpriced for what you are receiving and it is not located in a nice area of Raleigh. Very far from campus. Review from Google
Jul 2017: This place has some great features, but for me the negatives far outweigh the positives. The apartment is fairly nice and larger than most any other place you will find as a student. The front office has always been friendly. My issues are as follows: - The neighbors have no respect for you for example revving engines until four am was a consistent occurrence as was the screaming and shooting fireworks just because (it was March) - The pool is nice but again the people who live here don't respect it. It is not uncommon to find dozens of beer cans left as if the pool area is a dumping ground and there will always be a war of who can buy the loudest speaker and play it over everyone else. - The cost they told me before I signed the lease said that the $30 added to the $600 rent would generally cover most months as far as utilities. It has not co Review from Google
Mar 2017: This is my first year living here. After living on campus and in Valentine Commons, this is by far the nicest place. It's nice having your bathroom in your bedroom and the rooms are big. The only downside is the price. It's easy to go over with utilities. Review from 3/15/17 on Google
Mar 2017: I've lived here the past two years and have really enjoyed it! Sometimes the people who live here make it a challenge but I have no complaints about the apartment complex itself!! I would recommend if you like townhouse style homes! Review from 3/12/17 on Google
Mar 2017: The community is great but we have had a few issues that it has taken too long to fix. We had air conditioning issues which wasn't that a big of a deal, but it took them weeks to ACTUALLY fix it. I'm pretty sure this racked up our utilities charges which I refuse to pay for so we will see what happens when I get that bill. Review from 3/11/17 on Google
Mar 2017: Love it here, the front desk is always there to help during office hours. Pool is amazing, and there is a bus to take you to NCstate campus!! Great way to meet people for those who are coming here without knowing anyone! Review from 3/5/17 on Google
Sep 2016: I will start by saying I would give 0 stars if I could. Horrible management. The leasing manager is quite rude not only to me, but to my mom as well. They are extremely vague when it comes to answering ANY questions about fees. don't expect any of your security deposit back because they charge for ridiculous things, such as "cleaning the walls". Walls are pretty thin, so get used to hearing what people are up to in the next room. They lost a few packages of mine, and did nothing about it. Charged out the ass in overages.. They tell you it might be $15-$20, but in reality it's like $40+ in overages, especially during the summer and winter. Review from 9/20/16 on Google
Aug 2016: I would give this housing complex zero stars if I could. They are not friendly toward students and their unique needs. The only thing this group is interested in is collecting a ridiculously high rental fee. There are other reasonably priced housing options available in the surrounding communities. Buyer (renter) beware! I really wish my daughter hadn't renewed her lease. :-( I could have put her in her own apartment for less money than I'm paying for poor service and amenities. Review from 8/3/16 on Google
Apr 2016: The quality of these apartments is good! So much room and space, and the appliances are nice. It is also a plus to have a pool, a bus that runs to campus, study rooms, a workout room, etc. Sometimes the bus drivers get (way) off schedule, the staff at the front desk aren't very knowledgeable or helpful, there are miscommunication about needing maintenance and putting in work orders, and there could definitely be better/more visible visitor parking options; but, overall this is a nice place! Review from 4/28/16 on Google
Apr 2016: Enjoy living here however have had to call maintenance on a somewhat regular basis however they do come quickly. Also the front desk staff 9/10 times is not very friendly. Tanning beds are down often but are quickly fixed. Once I was told one was broken and really it had just been unplugged. Also the parties here can get really wild and are always noisy. Multiple times there have been fights in the street and activity that goes past the original party point. Review from 4/22/16 on Google
Apr 2016: I'll bullet the points to make this quick... -"Walk-in" closets are NOT insulated, get ready to get dressed in the cold - I drive a truck, but the number of trucks that purposefully rev their motors at 3-4am is astounding - The staff is 90% part-time college students..enough said. - We waited 2 months on some work orders - Fire alarms were beeping when we moved in, beeped the entire year, and beeped when we moved out even though they were replaced numerous times - My neighbor has truck STOLEN from the community and the community not was alerted/notified - My girlfriend had her car broken into whilst in the community Review from 4/1/16 on Google
Oct 2015: Ok... let me best the first to say that if you are reading reviews on a college communities website, you must consider the fact that many college students don't CARE to write a review if they actually enjoyed their experience. I live at Preiss communities now, after living at the Retreat for a year and desperately wish I could return. Residents liked to complain about the utilities overages, which was the only surprising concern I also had, but once again... college students... myself included. I had not realized that 68 was not an energy or cost efficient AC temperature, and had to pay and overage bill because of it. A valuable lesson that I needed to learn. Looking back, the bill wasn't even that high even when it was set at that temperature. Review from 10/20/2015 on Google
Jul 2015: Like one other reviewer said, I would easily give this place no stars if I could. The staff is a bunch of inexperienced teenagers who do not know how to properly run a successful business. On top of that, they will nickel and dime you for everything you are worth. I was once charged $80 for leaving trash on my back porch for 5 days. The pool is a nice touch expect when all the residents from surrounding area complexes want to join you (although there is a clear 2 guests per Retreat resident allowed). The staff will also do nothing about that. There is also a 95% chance your neighbor will be an egotistical a**hole who will rev their engine at 4am just because they want to. Or they’ll burn rubber around the neighborhood because they were raised in a barn and never taught how to properly function/behave in society. Review from 7/19/2015 on Google
Jun 2015: I have lived here for a year now and I cannot wait to leave!!!! For starters, it is true that it's like pulling teeth to talk to an adult rather than another poorly trained college student. Residents here are treated like children and not taken seriously, despite the fact that there are those of us who are financially independent and deserve to be respected as such. This is not a cheap place to live, so you would expect for the management to be respectful of that, but they aren't. I have spoken to many other residents who have also experience many maintenance issues. The furnished television inexplicably turns off and won't turn back on for a few days whenever there is lightning, the AC units go out constantly and maintenance is not willing to come out on an emergency basis for it (even in 90 degree weather).
Aug 2013: I lived at the Retreat for it's first year open, and I could not agree more with the other review I just read. I would not recommend signing a lease here for students, or anyone for that matter. The management is poor, despite switching halfway through the year. College students with no responsibility and limited supervision run this place. Through an entire year I was unable to speak to an adult about any of our issues. Every single weekend the students treat the property like spring break, trashing the grounds and pool every single night. I've heard people drag racing up and down Wolf Wood drive, and either gunshots or fireworks on multiple occasions in the middle of the night. Review from 08/7/2013 on Google
May 2013: I have been here for 2 years, going on 3 with nothing with nothing good things to say about the Retreat. The pool is by far my favorite part, it is larger 3 of the 5 Great Lakes and there's enough good looking girls around to make all of NC State's engineering campus happy. The management is very friendly too, they have worked with me personally on several occasions and I have never had any issues regarding payments or maintenance. The apartments are far superior than the other housing developments in the area and it creates an awesome standard for good living for the student life.... it's pretty easy to make some new friends. Review from 5/25/2013 on Google

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