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Oberlin Court

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Sep 2019: When packages are delivered you are to go to the office to pick up; however, asking for your packages from the staff is like pulling teeth. They become so annoyed at everyone who just simply wants their packages. The staff are some of the rudest people I have ever encountered. One of the men working was so angry when I asked for my package that he dropped it on the ground and slid it on the floor to me. It’s awful when I have to go grab my mail be ecause want to have to deal with their attitudes over a package
Sep 2019: I once had a staff member email me a picture of my dogs poop because I forgot to pick it up (yes that was my fault) but having that picture sent to me was so disgusting and unprofessional
Sep 2019: 44 apartments have had a power outage since 8/29/19. The residents were advised that a transformer blew and that Oberlin Count was waiting for Duke Engery to receive a part to fix this that was on back order. oberlin court has been keeping their residents in the dark about the situation and providing very little updates. The apartment complex told residents to make other living arrangements such as hotels until this is fixed. Duke energy stated that the actual problem was that the meter based burned up and it is Oberlin Court’s responsibly to replace this. It has taken over a week for them to do so and they expect it to take longer. Oberlin Court has given very little updates and you aren’t going to be advised on anything unless you email them at least twice or go to the office in person. They do not seem to be taking this situation as serious as it should
Jun 2019: I would have given this place a 4 star overall if it wasn't for how the move out process was. One of the main issues was the erroneous things they charge you when you leave: When moving in, we were given two red arm bands that were required to wear for entry into the pool. However, no one really enforces this rule and so we eventually lost them over our two years here. The bands themselves aren't anything special, just like the LIVESTRONG arm bands. However, they charged us 50$ A PIECE for each missing arm band. These bands cost probably 5 cents to make. Seriously? Review from Google
Apr 2019: Great club house, pool and gas-grill stations. Love the little perks and candy bar! Review from Google
Apr 2019: My boyfriend lived here and was woken up almost every single day to some new construction or maintenance project that was extremely loud and took forever to be completed. Oberlin Ct is very nice and overall he was pleased with his experience, but the noise is absolutely ridiculous at times. Getting sleep here is quite a challenge. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Oberlin court has provided a wonderful experience over the 2 years living hear. Property Management - All the property mangers are extremely friendly and happy to help. They react immediately to maintenance emergencies and inquires. One of the property managers I've worked with often is Rabella often and she's always been accommodating and a delight to work with. Maintenance - The maintenance team is quick and respond quickly for maintenance requests and emergency requests during off-hours. They perform a quality job and give a detailed description of why a particular issue occurred and how they went about fixing it. One gripe I have that is out of Maintenance and PM teams is when it comes to appliances and replacement, we have had a the same A/C fail, but for different reasons. However, maintenance was quick on fixing it. Gym / Pool - The pool can get busy during the summer especially during end of July and August Review from Google
Apr 2019: Great bang for your buck community to live in. The apartments are nice and spacious, but could really use some updates to modernize them. Being located in Cameron Village, Oberlin Court boasts many conveniences, right around the corner, such as multiple grocery stores, restaurants, shops, drug stores, and it is only a 5 minute drive from downtown/Glenwood South! The amenities such as the pool/courtyard are great to have in the summer. Looking forward to using the grills and hanging out. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: Just moved in and found staff to be helpful and maintenace to be prompt, Review from Google
Sep 2018: They just charged my children $500 for perfectly clean carpets because they "replace the carpets every 5 years." Document, document, document. They will take advantage of student residents. Review from Google
Jul 2018: One of my best friends lives at Oberlin Court and has for a while. She has such a beautiful apartment that is close to everything, pet friendly and has been happy here for a while. So, when it came time to move, it was an easy choice to pick Oberlin Court! I have a spacious apartment with huge bathtub (which are not easy to find), nice courtyard/ fountain view, great pool/grilling area (but just like anywhere, I go early!), the entire community is really well maintained and... they have an incredible Business Center/Lounge area with 2 conference rooms which I LOVE because I work remotely! Mike, Belle and Holt in the office are amazing too - they are always very friendly, helpful and care about their residents! Review from Google
May 2017: I'm one month in at Oberlin Court and I'm never living anywhere else. This is the first apartment I've ever lived in, after owning a single family home for 13 years. 'Emily, are you crazy?' you're thinking... and no. I swear I think I've moved to Disney. The only thing that would improve my experience is if they had a gourmet food court/cafeteria and fed us three meals a day (what do you think, Greystar???). Any issue I've had has been resolved instantly. Is there noise? Sure, but it's from people loving life and it's mostly on the weekends... get a sound machine, you'll be fine. I'm DELIGHTED with my new little life! Review from 5/24/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Thus far, my experience at Oberlin Court has been great. I love the feeling of safety in the building. I can already feel a sense of community with other residents - everyone I have met has been kind and welcoming. I particularly appreciate the leasing staff who have been nothing but knowledgeable and helpful! Review from 02/19/17 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2017: Wonderful building, gorgeous apartment, tons of facilities, and a warm and welcoming staff. Even after living here for months I still feel like I am living in a high-class hotel rather than just my apartment complex. Oberlin Court really is a fantastic place to live, and I couldn't recommend it more. Review from 02/06/17 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2016: This has been a great place to live. The leasing office team is friendly and professional. The maintenance and cleaning crews the same. The grounds and units are maintained well. Parking in the garage is good. Decent gym and pool as well. It's rare that I hear noise, and the location is great. You can walk to Cameron Village and in a pinch, you can walk to downtown or Five Points. There is also three restaurants at the front of the apartments. Of course there are some newer apartment complexes in town, but Oberlin Court maintains there units well, and the floor plans give you just a little more space for the money. Review from 12/24/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2016: Living at Oberlin Court has been about what I expected. It is a clean, nice apartment in a great location. There are some maintenance issues, as it always is with older buildings. However, the staff is quick to resolve any issues & extremely friendly. Review from 11/9/16 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2016: I lived her for a year... Things break a lot. before I was a month in my dishwasher and AC unit both broke. They are quick at fixing them, but when things constantly break it can get old. Cockroach issues... My Girlfriend worked at a pest control company so we sprayed constantly and it didn't even put a dent in it. It's loud, A LOT of drunk college students make noise at all hours.... If you decide to go to the pool, don't lose your pass, it's $50 to replace it. The reasoning is to keep the college age residents from having too many guests. Which speaks to the issues they have with their younger residents. The gates are like spring loaded, i clipped the back of my heals a few times coming in. A trivial complaint I know, but it really hurt! People here aren't going to go out of their way to talk to you.... When your lease ends they Review from Google
Sep 2016: This is the best place to live in the Cameron Village area! Largest apartments, best staff and close to everything! There are great neighbors here, mostly young professionals, but the other reviews that mentioned noise leave me baffled. I've had no problems and nothing but good things to say! Highly recommend! Review from Google
Aug 2016: I have lived in numerous apartments over the years and Oberlin Court has been the best experience! The location is ideal - right downstairs is retail (yoga, restaurants, nail/hair salon, and massage facility), walking distance to the grocery store/restaurants/coffee shops/boutiques, a short ride to downtown Raleigh, and convenient to the beltline (highway around Raleigh) and I-40. Although all staff are approachable and very helpful, I have mostly worked with Parker who provides exceptional customer service. He truly cares about the residents and works to ensure the residents are pleased with their experience. Review from 8/8/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: Great place to live with a convenient location. The staff is great to work with and very friendly. Review from 5/10/16 on Google
Feb 2016: Great place to live with a convenient location. The staff is great to work with and very friendly. Review from Google
Feb 2016: There is a cockroach problem in the summer, and a stink bug problem in the fall. The apartments are cold and costly to heat because of the open-air hallways. The entrances perpetually smell like urine. The student population here can be disruptive. Inordinate fees for missing rubber livestrong bracelet ($50). The gas grills are poorly maintained and usually out of propane. Review from Google
Mar 2015: Lived in Phase II (building with retail on the first story) and enjoyed the experience. The staff was helpful and extremely accommodating. My housemate and I were moving in from out of state and Ashley was kind enough to actually take video of the unit we were looking at to help us make our decision. Great organization and a pretty good location. Only downside is that its not within walking distance of Glenwood and Fayettville. It is within walking distance of the Harris Teeter grocery store, Cameron Village and Hillsborough/NC State though! Review from 3/1/2015 on Google
Dec 2014: Horrible!!! Live anywhere else. It's student housing!!! Dogs go to the bathroom everywhere and nobody picks it up. Smells like dog urine when walking into the back gate. Office staff is ------ and hassle you when you have a question. Noise level is awful, especially on weekends, if you complain they tell you to call the police even though there is security that is paid for with our rent. The security is useless, he's about ten years old and weighs 10lbs, not sure how he keeps things safe. Hidden fees, take extremely long to respond to maintenance issues. Share water bill with the entire building????? What???? Amenities that are included in rent payment are lousy; coffee is often out or no cups, computers broken and printer only works 10% of the time. RUN!!!! don't LIVE HERE!!! POORLY RUN! Review from 12/26/14 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2014: We have been living in Phase 1 of Oberlin Court for 2 years now and after 10 years of apartment living in other cities this has by far been our best experience. The neighbor noise is practically non-existent compared to other rental situations I have been in and the front desk staff that we have dealt with most over the years (Tyler & Brandi) were always willing to go above and beyond to help us. We have had minimal maintenance requests but they've all been handled quickly and I have found everyone to be extremely friendly. I feel safe here walking my dog when I am by myself and the proximity to downtown & Cameron Village without being in the middle of the traffic is absolutely amazing. Review from 9/30/14 on Apartment Ratings

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