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Lake Park Condos

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Jan 2019: Renata In the office is bomb. Still can’t wait until my lease is up. Make sure you give notice 60 days before or you’ll be stuck for another year. Oh, they sell this as a college student type of thing.... it’s not. Lots of creepy old men!!! I mean LOTS!! Erica in the office is trash. Just don’t speak with her if you can. For the price, it is what it is. Can’t beat $425 all included, but they don’t even HAVE INTERNET which they advertise as they do. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Renata In the office is bomb. Still can’t wait until my lease is up. Make sure you give notice 60 days before or you’ll be stuck for another year. Oh, they sell this as a college student type of thing.... it’s not. Lots of creepy old men. For the price, it’s not too bad. Can’t beat $425 all included. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Lived here in two different apartments over the last 3 years. Personally I have not had a bad experience, mostly because I don not put myself into situations that allow the management to do anything to displease me however I have had roommates who have dealt with anything and everything under the sun. The office staff are useless and unwilling to do anything until literally backed into a corner. Anything else I've noticed is no fault of the property but an issue with the people who live here. For the most part, they are polite and private enough no one ever notices each other but there are several individuals who make life difficult for everyone else. Honestly the only reasonable way to live here is to have a good relationship with someone who owns one of the units. That will make everything easier. For the cost, it really can't be beat, whic Review from Google
Dec 2017: College life living. What can you say. Are you really surprised? Review from Google
Dec 2017: We had good experience at Lake Park. We rented from the Landlord and not from a management company. So it was well kept. No issues of bugs or roaches. Maintenance requests were promptly handled
Oct 2017: ive lived here for 3 years only because i cannot afford to move. this place is absolutly unacceptable! everything, they say is true. there are homless people begging in the parking lot, i can barely make it to my car without a panhandler asking for 40$ they have a bad drug problem. and nothing is being done about it, and a very bad vandalism problem. theres no point moving here if you dont have a car under 20 years old as it is very likely to be vandalized. there is no security at all so if you leave your car unlocked it will get robbed, but its probably good because if its locked your windows will get busted out. it happens every week here. after dark you cant expect any sleep as there is a constant heavy bass coming from peoples cars the entire night. every night there is garbage absolutly everwhere. you cannot drive threw the parking Review from Google
Aug 2017: College environment with little amenities, somewhat distant walk to nearest bus stop (20mintues no shortcut) and shopping center. Leasing options for private owners would be best choice for apartment seeker. Review from Google
May 2017: At the beginning it looks nice, but when you go inside and live over there, it's dirty with many roaches and...... Review from 5/28/17 on Google
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Are there individual leases at Lake Park? Yes, there are individual leases at Lake Park. Since there are many different owners at Lake Park, it will depend on which owner you talk with. That said, the majority will rent by the room. If you do have a goup of friends and can more

Is Lake Park one of the cheaper apartments near NCSU? Yes, if you want a private bathroom, Lake Park is one of the best bargins. Not to mention Lake Park is right by Lake Johnson which is pretty nice to walk more

May 2017: Terrible Terrible Terrible place to live. Roach hotel !!!! Even after extermination. Terrible. Management is rude, they misplace rent payments and do not record to the correct tenant accounts. I wouldn't recommend ANYONE to move to any of their sites. Review from 5/4/17 on Google
Apr 2017: This is the absolute worst management I have ever seen. There is trash all over the grounds, I was sent an email to clear out my kitchen cabinets for pest control and they never came, and the head leasing agent XXXX is so incredibly incompetent and has the worst attitude. One of my roommates had three other people living in her room and XXXX said I could call the cops but there was nothing she would do and my other roommate kicked a hole in my door after stealing my silverware and even when she admitted it to XXXX she said because it was MY door it was MY responsibility to pay for it. Review from 4/26/17 on Google
Apr 2017: This place is the worst!! My daughter stayed here. DO NOT LIVE THERE!! Rebecca in the office is nasty and mean. She has a terrible attitude. Like I personally did something to her. My daughter toilet over flowed they charged her for that. How stupid. This place reminds me of the SLUMS... Review from Google
Feb 2017: Amazing place to stay. I recommend leasing from a private owner rather than management company. Private owners are much better and responsive.
Jan 2017: Great community. Our apartment was very quite and cozy. No noise as such. All apartments are individually owned so everyone's experience will be different. Our landlord was really nice. Great price and very close to NCSU. Review from 01/27/17 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2016: Well I rent from a private owner so my complaints are very limited with this condo property. And I get along great with all my neighbors!!! Review from 12/20/16 on Google
Oct 2016: There is absolutely nothing the apartment management will do if your roommate breaks the lease or breaks the law. My roommate leaves garbage piled up outside the apartment, and during the night the animals get into it and garbage spills out all over the walkway. Most of the time we have garbage in front of our door. She uses our dishes and leaves them soaked in grease for several days, refusing to clean up after herself. She makes as much noise as she wants and when I ask her politely at 3 am if she can please keep it down, she waits until I leave the room and calls me a f*cking b**h to her friends.She smokes both cigarettes and pot in the apartment. Her friend moved in and has a key to our apartment, she sleeps on the couch and racks up our utility bill. Review from 10/28/16 on Google
Jun 2016: i lived at two different units at lake park, which were owned by two different landlords. The first one wasn't local and I didn't see her much, so I didn't know the rules and policies of lake park. The second was local and she was strict about lake parks no pet policy along with other tenant responsibility, she is a great landlord and was always available. So your experience here will depend on who you're leasing from.
May 2016: so I was approached by a lady from the leasing office when she saw me standing on the sidewalk with my small Chihuahua dog. The leasing lady or whoever she was was very rude and aggressive towards me. I just recently moved out here and no one from the leasing office nor my private landlord mentioned anything about not having pets out here period. The leasing lady aggressively warned me about having my dog out here and that it was a not pet community and that I will receive up to $500 in fines. so I checked my lease and the complex website and it said nothing about not having pets. Review from 5/19/16 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2016: Decent apartment with four medium-sized rooms each with its own bathroom. Adequate common area with a tight kitchen. However, frequent shootings, loud residents, and unreliable maintenance are major drawbacks. I wouldn't recommend living here unless you own a gun for peace of mind and enjoy the trash buildup in the parking lots. The bullet holes near the mailboxes speak volumes. don't let the $410 a month draw you in. There's a reason it's the only place around in that ballpark, and it's not the pool. Review from 3/3/16 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2015: If you want an apartment with rats and bugs... The sound of the AC will prevent tou from sleeping Review from 9/1/2015 on Apartment Ratings
May 2015: Be careful of that place you don't want your information to get messed up . 1420 collegiate circle is really not a good idea I am a friend of a guy that use to live there the staff a lady would threaten him if he has Compagnie , of eviction I agree with the previous comment its not so good .
May 2015: Very bad place to live I lived in 1420 collegiate circle and moved out . The lady staff is rude and I mean a bad person . She does not care for your privacy will enter your room without giving you a notice and with maintenance even if you don't have issues with your room . Even if you're renting it it's not your room and you have once again no privacy she comes in anyway and will enter even if you're asleep and would wake you up with the noise of entering. She wouldn't call you or send a note for when she would visit so you have a heads up. It's a bad experience. Before renting there I would advise you to look out for better rooms available and look in to reviews and speak with staff to not experience this .
Sep 2014: Cheap, live able. The only complaints are that we have had a roach issue & I know others in our building have too & that we always hear our neighbors upstairs. It's a very eclectic neighborhood & the pool is the size of a hot tub. But it's definitely live able, maybe just not as ideal as I had originally hoped. Review from 9/25/2014 on Yelp.
Apr 2014: I am not sure why there are so many bad reviews of this place...I have lived in Lake Park Condos for 2 years and have really enjoyed my experience here. The management has always been very friendly, helpful, and prompt when dealing with issues we've had pop up. Maintenance is always quick to respond to our work requests, even if it's something small like changing a kitchen lightbulb. Our unit was very nice with laminate flooring in the common space and clean carpet in the bedrooms. It's also right across the street from Lake Johnson and just a five minute walk from a Wolf Line stop. Even though it's not considered a "student" complex, I've found there are lots of other NC State students that live here because it's much more affordable than some of the other places around. Anonymous review from 4/8/2014 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2013: Note: there are two options if you would like to move into a room here. You can either pay for rent and pay extra for the utilities, or pay Wilson Property a "flat fee" that includes rent, water, and electric. Except that the "flat fee" isn't really flat and you WILL get charged overage every month, as only $100 for electric and $50 for water is allocated for four people living in an apartment. If you do the math, paying the water and electric company directly will ALWAYS be cheaper, even if you never go over your water/electric cap. don't be fooled when they tell you that it depends on how much of the water/electric you use, the first choice is STILL cheaper. I felt this was deceptive, but I should have read over the lease carefully and done the math instead of taking their word for it. Anonymous review from 9/5/2013 on Apartment Ratings.
Nov 2012: BEST PLACE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS IN RALEIGH TO LIVE! Anonymous review from 11/10/2012 on Apartment Ratings.

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