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NCSU ▷ Is the NCSU apartment market a buyers or sellers market?


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May 14, 2019
41 months ago

It is a little difficult to determine if the NCSU apartment market is a buyers or sellers market. In a way, it depends on the exact location.

Starting in Fall 2019, the area along Hillsborough Street should be a buyers market, meaning it will be pretty easy to find an apartment and rents will be on pressure to the downside. This is due to both the current supply and new apartments opening up.

On the southern side of campus, apartment supply is a little tigher, especially within walking distance to NCSU's Centennial Campus. There are very few new beds near centennial that are targeted to students while many classes are being added to Centennial and the majority of apartments are from the 1980s or older. This location is still a sellers market, but not by much due to pressure being taken off by new student apartments elsewhere.

The other type of market, apartments not on the Wolfline, but with a shuttle to NCSU campus is turning more to a buyers market. Part of this is dude to students moving to live on Hillsborough Street. There have been a few new, student apartments built in this market, and it was already pretty weak even before this.

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