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Centennial Village and Ridge

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Sep 2017: I moved in August 12th and has been a great experience! Office staff is awesome and upbeat. Any request that get submitted is done quickly. Rooms are very spacious and affordable. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Unreasonable charge. Transfer fee, move in fee, move out fee, you will be charged different kinds of fees if you live there for enough time. Long time need for repair things every time. The toilet in my bathroom doesn't work totally when I moved in, then it took 12 days to be repaired. Also, office staff looks like friendly but! This is the only advantage they have. They cannot help you nothing except picking up packages or charging. In addition, the leasing office is only efficient when charging and towing cars. When you ask for maintenance, they tell you they are busy. However, they are only working on charging unreasonable fees and towing cars all the day. Review from Google
Aug 2017: This is my first time write review at google map. And I would like to say, if you want to move in this apartment, you'd better think it twice. The office is very far from the centennial village apartment. They have some lovely staff. I remember one lady help me deliver my package, which send to office by my mistake, to my apartment. But the management of this apartment is poor. Unexplainable charge, morning noisy mowing and emergency inspection visit. Anyway I would say find another apartment. It has reasons that why the review on google are so low. Review from Google
Aug 2017: This place has gotten worse over time. Office staff keeps changing almost every year. They like charging you more and then they like well that the past nothing they can do now Things take a long time to get fixed because sometimes they have just one maintenance worker on staff. I am happy to say I'm not going to be living here after July 3, 2018, because I feel like they become more about money than the people that live here. I have lived in theses apartment from May 2012 when they apartments were better to live in. Review from Google
Jun 2017: I spent a lot of time looking for an apartment I loved, although I didn't end up renting here I have to say that the staff was super friendly through my process and the apartments were incredibly nice. I was amazed how much space there were and I liked the smaller details that made each bedroom unique. I would definitely love to live here in the future! Review from Google
May 2017: If i could give it no stars I would. First lets start with their gangsta ass towing company. PLEASE don't let your parking permit accidentally fall cause your car will get towed around 2:30-4:00 am and the leasing office will act as if they care when they don't. Do not MOVE HERE!!!! I've had so many issues with the people who live above me with the noise they make I've been here for two years and the noise has gotten worse. It sounds like the people above me are building things every morning from 12 am -3 am and it gets worse at the crack of dawn. I've complained about this noise several times, and they do nothing about it. The lease states the first warning is a written notice, the second is a 100 dollar fine, the third is a 200 dollar fine and the lease may be assigned to default. Review from 5/24/17 on Google
Mar 2017: This place is so nice! Both locations are very close to campus with spacious living room areas and nice bedrooms. I really enjoy how quiet it is. Everyone is super friendly! Review from 3/12/17 on Google
Dec 2016: My son was told move in was Jan 2nd at 4pm, so we reserved a truck to move in on Jan3rd. On December 30th, we get an email saying it's not convenient for them to do move in on the 2nd and they want to move it to Jan 3rd at 4pm. So we have reserved a moving van already and I am pretty ticked off that they just want to take another day off instead of being there like they should be. I am wondering if this is not a huge mistake since they cant even seem to hold up their end of the bargain on a move in time. Seems lame to me. I plan on billing them for the truck or suing if they do not put the time back or reimburse me for the truck. Review from 12/30/16 on Google
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Dec 2016: They want me to write something positive to the apartment, but it is impossible for me. The price is around the top 10% near NCSU, but they don't have shuttle bus like my neighbors. The maintenance responding is extremely slow, I reported the missing window screen at the first check-in day, and kept informing them several times. I still don't have the screen 3 months later. My room is facing the forest, many insects out there, I have never opened my window for fresh air. The towing company they hire is a gangster, they only come at midnight. My friend come to visit me and stayed for one night. At 2:30 am, my friend's car (definitely without permit) was towed. The office did nothing but just gave me the number of towing company. Review from 12/3/16 on Google
Feb 2016: I for one love living here. Yes there may have been some bad problems but they were easly fixed. I have lived here for 3 years now, some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Maintenance is phenomenal and they get their jobs done quick and efficiently. For me I have an issue with smoking but any of the roommates I have had have been considerate and smoke away from the apartment. There are pros and cons but the pros far outway the cons. For me my major con is optix. They originally used Time Warner when I moved in 3 years ago, but have recently switched to optix. Review from 2/20/16 on Google
Sep 2015: I wanted to amend a former review in which I took Centennial to task over some questionable leasing rate marketing and implementation efforts. This resulted in a previous one star review by me. Since that time Centennial has cooperated in coming to an acceptable compromise over these issues. Although their decisions are not completely as I would have hoped, I do want to acknowledge their willingness to discuss and reach different conclusions than those previously held by Centennial. At this time I would say that we will remain at Centennial and will take it a day at a time regarding future lease agreements. Review from 9/5/2015 on Google
Jul 2015: Wouldnt recommed living here very spacious Rooms thats about it very noisy neighbors music is always played thorughout the day and night. Didnt have a great roommate experience i had to make about 3 complaints of her smoking marijuana in the house issue was never resolved i saw no point in continuously complaining after my issue was over looked. the apartment was broken into because of my roomates guest he was arrested and not allowed back on the property after coming home one day to see him in my house it scared me i contacted the police and made the office aware of the situation they seemed as if they could not do anything about it even though this individual kicked in our door and damaged property. I even had to ask mother to get involved i thought maybe they would take my safety concerns seriously. Review from 7/22/2015 on Google
Jun 2015: It was terrible. Be prepared for a lot of hidden fees that is neglected such as both a move in and a move out fees. There are also ridiculous charges after moving out, $40 for a supposedly uncleaned tub is stupid. Optix wifi can be frustrating. Housing management has poor communication with tenants. Their emails are annoying and borderline spam; didn't get that much while I lived in a dorm. Centennial village was in a good location being walking distance near a gas station/food/ grocery store which was a plus. Also did I mention poor management? Be prepared for disappointment and frustration when dealing with them. Review from 6/17/2015 on Google
Sep 2014: I have really really enjoyed my stay at Centennial Ridge so far! The staff and management are very nice and extremely responsive to any issues we have with the apartment (which are few and far between-but still!). Plus it's in a really nice location with lots of trees and nature around. The only downfall is that it's not very close to any entertainment, parks, etc. Review from 9/08/14 on Apartment Ratings
May 2014: There's two locations for centennial village. One is off tryon road like the map shows, but the other location is at the intersection of Gorman and Avent ferry, which is closer to ncsu campus .
May 2014: I live in the Village part of the complex. The apartments aren't bad construction. The rooms are a decent size. I'm in an A bedroom which apparently has less (very little) closet space compared to the walk-ins I understand others have. Uncapped power is nice, and there is literally only one all-inclusive bill a month. MAIN PROBLEM: Changed Internet recently and it is TERRIBLE!!! They had good service, but they changed (a week before finals!!!??!!) it to some small company in Idaho. I called the Internet provider a few times because the Internet was obnoxiously slow (for the 90s). It literally took several minutes to load simple e-mails. Absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes it works fine, but half the time I have have to go to a friend's place or rely on my phone for Internet, which is absurd! Anonymous review from 5/23/2014 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2014: Noise is the worst here. Noise and management. I prefer to do school work at the apartment but this is literally possible to do. During the day it sounds like you have the windows open. They are the thinnest window panes I have ever seen and the insulation to them is awful. The apartments look nice but everything about them is cheap and these are becoming ghetto apartments. The number of noise complaints we have to make to the police is ridiculous. you can hear traffic 24/7 and it is loud!! You get no relief at all because you have ghetto neighbors that are loud at night and smoke pot all the time. Management is so useless that they dont even try to hide it anymore, they just smoke pot in the hallways. Anonymous review from 4/23/2014 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2014: I am new to the area and have been looking around at different apartments and what is close by.i stopped into centennial ridge and really didnt feel like looking at anymore but I need to find a place to move in before school starts. when i got there i had to wait a few minutes for the girl to finish with someone so i walked around to look at the gym and poured myself coffee. i was then greeted by a friendly girl who worked at the desk in the front and told her i didnt know how to get started with renting an aparment. she was really patient with me and told me what i need for the lease. i have to go over all the places i have seen so far before i sign but i do think i will be back soon. Anonymous review from 4/23/2014 on Apartment Ratings

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