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Apartments of Westgrove

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Jul 2018: A place I call MY HOME 🙂🙂ZANDRA ALEXANDER AND JOE what a joy to the community they are so helpful Like a family always there, highly recommend .... Review from Google
Sep 2017: I lived at apartments at Westgrove for 2 years and our experience was great. Normally, I don't give 5 stars to anything and I was ready to do the same now. My rating would normally be a 4 only because I think they could have just few more resident parking spots. No biggie. However, due to Patrice the property manager and her great service it brought it to a 5. Patrice is truly caring and connects with her residents. Her professionalism is truly commendable. In addition, the property is well kept, the community is nice and having the state fairgrounds and a theater across the street is also an added plus. Review from Google
Feb 2017: I love living at the Apartments of Westgrove. The location is great because you are near NC State but also the hospital, the freeway and many great locations. I love living here as every one is so friendly and it has everything I need. We love our two bedroom apartment. Patrice is very efficient and had all the paperwork needed to make out move in go smoothly. She is a very caring manager and has listened to our needs and concerns and been very proactive in getting things done. She cares for the residence and the property. The grounds are kept clean and it's nice that every Monday the grass is mowed and the pool is always so clean. Review from 2/5/17 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2017: We moved in in June and it has literally been 1 thing after another after another. We chose to move here after meeting with -------- she was polite and friendly, and helpful. We had heard VERY bad things and had read some bad reviews about previous owners/management, but she was trying to make a difference. She stood in front of us, face to face, and answered one of my questions, as serious as ever, solidifying our decision to rent here... Which turned of to be a flat out lie...We like kids, have no problem with SUPERVISED kids, there's even a playground area here- but instead they run all day unsupervised, in our yard, by our cars- throwing balls and stocks and rocks. Review from 1/18/17 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2016: I relocated from NJ to NC. I found this place on the internet. I visited NC for one week and visited a number of developments and this development really stood out. Patrice the Manager really took very good care of me made me feel at home before I even moved into my home. She help me thru the whole process from beginning to the end. This is one of the reasons I chose Apartments of Westgrove because after reading the others reviews and saw how the manager was spoken so highly of. When a place is managed properly then your home is home sweet home. Even though she only had 2 weeks to get my place move in ready she made it happen. Its been a month now and I love my place. I would highly recommend to all. Review from 6/27/16 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2016: I lived here for 3 years and loved it. The staff were so kind and helpful. The amount of space for the price is amazing. All in all a great place to live. Review from Google
Aug 2015: Looking to relocate to the Raleigh area, I visited several apartment complexes that were within my rental price range. Out of all the managers and representatives with whom I dealt, Patrice Good at Apartments of Westgrove was by far the friendliest and most helpful. In contrast to the others whom seemed to be primarily interested in only regurgitating availability dates, rent prices, and mandatory fees, Patrice made the effort to get to know me, to understand my family's housing needs, and adequately describe life in the Westgrove community. I am glad to recommend the Apartments of Westgrove to family and friends. Review from 8/11/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2015: This is a well-situated neighborhood, with a caring staff, friendly and respectful neighbors, and prompt maintenance service. For the rate of rent and the age of the buildings, the condition of the apartments are good. We don't know about other experiences, but our experience here is excellent. Review from 3/02/15 on Apartment Ratings
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Feb 2015: I located the west grove apartments online while I was residing in New York. I contacted the manager. She gave me all the information I needed. I never came to view the apartments prior to my move-in because of the distance. However the manager promised me that I will be impressed with the west grove apartments. Upon move-in, the apartment was Clean and intact but the bedrooms are too small for the (rent) amount charged. My relocation and move-in process was painless because of Patrice the apartment manager! Review from 2/09/15 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2010: The staff is rude, the bedrooms in the three bedroom townhouse are impossibly small (far too small for an average adult), and maintenance is slow and inconsistent at best. They charged us for repairs that were THEIR responsibility after we moved out. We had multiple problems with water leaks, and many of the outlets didn't work. There were bugs, and the seal on the front door was insufficient--they freely crawled through the gap. The neighborhood and facilities are mediocre at best. There are pet droppings everywhere, and very limited guest parking. I wouldn't recommend the place to anyone--stay away. You'll find better deals elsewhere. Review from Google
Jun 2010: I've lived here the last two years in a 3 bedroom townhouse. The place is reasonably priced and really spacious in the kitchen and living room. Except for the master, the bedrooms are fairly small. There is definitely a bug problem, although they come and spray pretty regularly we always kept a can of RAID nearby. We did have a problem with one of the pipes in the upstairs bathroom leaking and had to tell them about 4 times before they finally came and fixed it. However, it has recently come under new management and they seem to be doing a better job. The neighborhood is pretty decent although there are a few people who like to sit outside in their cars with the music blaring at 1 in the morning. It was one of the best priced townhouses in the area and for the price I guess you can't complain. Review from Google

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