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$889 - Uncommon

Move in 5/15/23 - 2 months. SUMMER ‘23 SUBLEASE Hi guys! I’m looking for someone to sublease my apartment at the Uncommon this summer (May 15th to July 31st) since I’m graduating in early May. Anyone who’s interested can move in as early as May 15th (I am giving this o...Read More

$715 - Valentine Commons

Move in 5/8/23 - 3 months. Looking for someone to sublease my apartment over the summer at Valentine Commons. It is $ 715 a month and is a private room and private bathroom(Bedroom D). All utilities are included, and the unit comes with a washer and dryer. There are three othe...Read More

$755 - Valentine Commons

Move in 5/1/23 - 3 months. Hey everyone! We are looking for 3 people to sublease our apartment to over the summer. It's a 3 bed 3 bath at Valentine Commons. The earliest move-in date would be May 2023 and the lease will end on July 31, 2023. The monthly rent for each roo...Read More

$695 - Valentine Commons

Move in 5/4/23 - 3 months. SUMMER 2023 SUBLEASE !!!! Subleasing my room in a 4x4 apartment at Valentine Commons Apartments near Hillsborough st starting in May 2023 until the end of the lease in July 2023. Rent is $695 and includes amenities such as a study lounges with pr...Read More

18 Ads, Subleases near NC State, NCSU

$700 - Valentine Commons

Move in 5/4/23 - 3 months. Summer Sublet. Private Room For Rent in Raleigh, NC. Hello everyone! I am looking for someone to sublease my 4 bed/ 4 bath apartment. The apartment is available from May 4th until the end of the lease on July 31st. The property includes parking,...Read More

$815 - Valentine Commons

Move in 8/18/23 - 12 months. Room in 3x3 apartment on tenth floor with the best view on campus for $815/month. You will benefit from a very reduced price because I renewed early. The usual price is $935. I will be studying abroad next year, so looking to hand over my lease. 1...Read More

$770 - Valentine Commons

Move in 5/1/23 - 3 months. This 4 x 4 apartment is renting out one bedroom with its own private bathroom connected to the bedroom. It is located right off of Hillsborough Street, with a short walk to campus. The layout of the apartment is “Mitchell” style, titled by Vale...Read More

$770 - Valentine Commons

Move in 5/1/23 - 3 months. My son is leasing out a private room with attached bath in a 4B/4B apartment (Mitchell floorplan) at Valentine Commons from May 1st-July 31st. Male roommates only. Rent is $695/month and includes high-speed internet, cable, electricity, water, tras...Read More

$975 - The Standard

Move in 8/10/23 - 12 months. You will get your own bedroom and bath in a four-room apartment with a balcony. Roommates are unknown. The layout is called the Derby. Comes furnished with a bed, bedside table, desk with a tv stand, and desk chair....Read More

$800 - The Standard

Move in 5/1/23 - 3 months. **SUMMER SUB-LEASE** 1 Bed 1 Bath -- PRIVATE! If interested, DM or text me at (980) 307-2431. I am currently looking for somebody to take over my lease starting May 1st for the summer. I currently live at the Standard at Raleigh, right off Hillsb...Read More

$790 - University Suites at Centennial

Move in 5/10/23 - 3 months. I live in a 3 bed 3 bath townhome at university suites that comes with a full kitchen and laundry dryer. I am looking for someone to sublease my last 3 months of my current lease. If interested or have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!...Read More

$869 - Uncommon

Move in 8/19/23 - 12 months. Looking for 1 or 2 roommates in an awesome furnished 4 bedroom/bathroom apartment in Uncommon on Hillsborough Street, a 5 minute walk to main campus. Friendly, clean, non smoker, female only. The building includes an amazing pool, study areas and cou...Read More

$700 - Uncommon

Move in 5/5/23 - 3 months. Hello! Looking to sublease this apartment over the summer starting May 2023 until the end of the lease which is July 2023. Subletting would be around $700. The apartment comes with a lot of amenities like a pool, clubhouse, and lounge area. The room...Read More

$650 - Uncommon

Move in 8/17/23 - 12 months. Subleasing my studio at Uncommon Raleigh for $1300 for the next academic year. You can also find someone to live with you and it’ll be $650 each. Message me on ig if interested. @ kwkwtli...Read More

$700 - Avery Close

Move in 12/21/23 - 7 months. SUBLEASE-STARTING JANUARY Looking for female(s) to sublease one room (attached bathroom) in 2 Bed 2.5 Bath apartment January 2023 to July 2023 (Available from 25 Dec 2022) You will be sharing the apartment with two girls. Rent- 350 dollars...Read More

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86 Communities/Apartments near NC State, NCSU

When looking for apartments near NCSU you would be driving along the triangle formed by Western Blvd, Avent Ferry, and Gorman in Southwest Raleigh. The triangle (not to confuse with big Raleigh, Durham Triangle) is close to Centennial Campus for engineering students.

Within the triangle you will find the more basic apartments around NCSU. Most apartments are around 30 years old and are dominated by NCSU students, but not 100%. One of the key benefits to this area is the NCSU Wolfline which means you do not need to buy parking and will have a longer walk to class. The lack of the Wolfline is the only drawback of the multiple apartment communities around Lake Johnson.

While the triangle is where most places are, across the street from Main Campus a few large complexes have been built recently.

A little further from NCSU you will find the newer apartments that focus primarily on students. One of these areas is by Trailwood and Tryon. To overcome the issue with no Wolfline access many of the communities here have shuttles that run to Main and Centennial Campus and will drop you off near class.

NC State is a great school in Raleigh NC with 35,000 students (10k grad, 25k undergrad).

Average rating of top ten apartments: A of 1544 reviews. More Info
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