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Square on Fifth (SQ5)

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Oct 2019: When I was living there, the overall experience was nice. But after moving out, the deposit return process takes forever. And the stuffs are so reluctant to help or simply ignore my emails. Review from Google
Oct 2019: Have had cold water for 2 weeks. Maintenance marks the work order as "complete" without even coming in. Overall the apartment staff is pretty great, but having to take a cold shower every single day and getting ignored is ridiculous. Review from Google
Sep 2019: The room is comfortable, but the unpainted ceilings in all the rooms are very unsightly. On the square on 5th portal, the only work orders that the website let's you file are for lighting so for anything else you have to call the office for a maintenance request. And when you call the office, they say they told maintenance and that someone from maintenance will come by to fix it "either today or by tomorrow", but absolutely no one comes. This happened for every single maintenance request I called the office for. So either the office lied about contacting the maintenance staff for every maintenance request or the maintenance staff is extremely inept and can't be bothered to complete a single maintenance request. EDIT: Changing review from 2 to 4 stars because the new work orders I requested online were finished very quickly. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Square on fifth is great in terms of proximity to tech and public but be warned. Their policies and contracts are written to be predatory towards those wishing to sublease and those who are not pursuing a lease renewal. I sublet for the summer and took care of my living space, however I made the mistake of not documenting how the room looked and what was left by the previous tenant. I was charged over a 100 dollars for adhesive damage (tape left by the person I sublet from) and trash removal (leaving hangers and cleaning supplies like a plunger). If this is the only place you can find to live, request an inspection before you move anything into the room and take pictures. If you have an option to live anywhere else please consider alternatives. Tech students, try moving into student housing. RAs and PLs are much more reasonable and communicative than SQ5.
Aug 2019: I stayed in SQ5 for 4 mounts in 2019. The apartments are nice and comfortable. The building, in general, is kept in a good and clean condition as is possible in a place full of students. It is situated in a very convenient area, very close to GAtech, a Publix supermarket and in walking distance to Piedmont park. The front office staff is very helpfull and competent. A word of thanks to Alex for all the help with the paperwork. The maintenance staff is also very helpful and lightening quick in fixing anything that break of malfunction in the apartment. The gym is nice. The barbecue in the last floor is a very nice idea but I never tied it. The pool, also in the last floor, is very small and shallow and only has sum until 4pm but has a nice view and it is convenient to get some sum. There are, of course, some negative aspects: It is expensive but I felt that I was getting something back for the extra dollars that they charged Review from Google
May 2019: Although my stay at SQ5 has been brief , I can say with all sincerity that this has been the most pleasant apartment complex I’ve ever lived in. Zack at the front office was very helpful with my move in process. From the front office staff to the maintenance workers, literally every single encounter with anyone of the staff members has been pleasant. The property is kept in pristine condition and host an array of different scenic areas you can relax. I would highly recommend this property to friends and family. Review from Google
May 2019: We had a great experience leasing our son's apartment for the upcoming Fall. The office staff was attentive and returned all my emails, text and phone calls in a timely manner. We look forward moving our son into SQ5 in August. Review from Google
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Jan 2019: 2017: Extremely poor management staff 2018/2019 edit: Since the building was sold to a new company, it has improved exponentially. The office staff is nicer; they host events for the residents; the prices haven't skyrocketed quite so much; things are much more organized and kept cleaner. Much happier! Review from Google
Aug 2018: +It's convenient, pretty, and has good floor plans +Staff is knowledgeable and friendly -None of the maintenance requests I have filed have been completed, despite being marked as such -Unit persistently gets no warm water, meaning only cold showers -Unit was clearly not cleaned or maintained between the end of the last resident's lease and the beginning of mine (broken hinges, clogged drains, jammed doors, damaged blinds, etc.) -Difficult to contact or get answers out of staff online or via phone It's a good place, but cold showers and clear lack of maintenance are immediately apparent issues. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I've lived here for the past year and love living here! The apartments are beautiful and so spacious, especially for having friends over. The 25th floor amenities are great especially with such a gorgeous view. I am also a student at Georgia Tech and SQ5's location is the best on and off campus. Definitely the best quality you can get on/near Tech's campus. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Catalina, who I think is the marketing director at SQ5 (and who is SO nice to everyone), puts together a weekly calendar full of activities for the residents... including yoga every Friday morning, catered dinner from local restaurants every Tuesday night, and various special events for holidays. They just did a Father’s Day event where they mailed packages of SQ5 tool kits and greeting cards that we filled out for our dads. For the World Cup this month, they are doing give-a-ways if you correctly guess the score for certain games on their Instagram page. Most days, they set out treats for us too. They are all so helpful, nice, and accommodating. I’ve never seen management in an apartment building care so much about their residents like they do at SQ5. Review from Google
Jun 2018: This is the best off-campus student housing for anyone in the area. It's extremely close to Georgia Tech campus as well as good corporations that could be potential future jobs. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Square on Fifth has been a great place for my daughter to live. She is close to everything and loves having a room and a bathroom to herself. The staff have been particularly helpful recently. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The staff at SQ5 is not very helpful. They do not help students with subleasing. They take out money from accounts where the unit is subleased and they should not take this money from and then they do not issue a refund! Honestly the staff is not ethical or the principles that they execute by are not
Jun 2018: The building is gorgeous, the views are great. But this apartment complex is not worth it for cost and service. The staff is horrible and not helpful at all.
May 2018: Sq5 is so nice to its residents and their friends! The building has beautiful views and the staff makes an extra effort to make living her comfortable and enjoyable, especially during finals week!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: SQ5 is a beautiful building and the only "off-campus" housing my parents were comfortable with as far as a safety was concerned. We're so close to campus that the bus and trolley eliminate my need for a car. The staff is constantly planning awesome events around the building making the apartment feel more like a community. Review from Google
Apr 2018: This a specific review on one of the maintenance people-Oscar. He is very friendly and helpful. He did a great job recently fixing the fan in my room, and I was grateful that the annoying noise went away after he fixed it. Review from Google
Mar 2018: 1 star - Went to visit the leasing office. No instructions or labels to the leasing office which is located in a card access building. Followed a student in the building, no security in sight. Staff is courteous, but doesn't seem concerned that a non resident is in the locked building. Its expensive because the convenience and popularity but as a fellow concerned student(not a resident at sq5) please fix your security problems. Update After Response, 2 star: Yes, please put directions to your leasing office, every student housing has clear and accessible leasing office. Your coffee shop was closed that day so no staff in sight. I visited again in the evening and a security officer was present. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Major issues with parking availability (we have to park on the SEVENTH level at the lowest and no covered walkway from the deck to the building), rent is high and seems like they spend our money on SQ5 shorts and t-shirts to give away, hallways smell like garbage, constant elevator issues, room was dirty when I moved in (TONS of hair in the carpet, appliances were not wiped down, little pieces of trash on the ground, strange objects on the floor next to the washer/dryer that were left), water in the shower does not get hot enough, TV glitches up a lot, walls are so thin that I can always hear noise from the level above me and in the hallway from the farthest bedroom from the door, only one inconveniently placed outlet in bathroom, I can't even stand in my bathroom without completely closing the door because the open door blocks every drawer an Review from Google
Nov 2017: Only thing going for it is the view. This is a horrible place for students to live because there is no covered parking (even if you are one of the lucky few to get a covered spot on the SEVENTH level, you have to walk an uncovered length to get to the building. AKA you're getting soaked if it's raining), rent is ridiculous and it seems like they only spend our money on SQ5 shorts and t-shirts to give away, security is a joke...I'm sorry, an ATTEMPTED RAPE? It is not an innocent girl's job to determine whether a young man is a safe visitor/resident as she is going home to go to sleep, it is security's job!! Why weren't security measures in place from the beginning like every other normal resident building?? Also, the elevators are always broken and unreliable. There are even more issues regarding cleanliness when you move in, TV glitching up, e Review from Google
Nov 2017: Their lack of security is resulting in attempted rape. This is the second time this has happened since I moved in three months ago. The security guard sits on his or her phone the entire shift and has absolutely no clue when people are being followed into the building and into the elevator room and up to their apartments. They won’t do anything about it though. Last time this happened to a friend they told her that’s the risk you take living in Atlanta. SQ5 is extremely overpriced for their lack of security. Don’t live here if you don’t want to be a victim of attempted rape. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Management thinks security is not important here, as there have been MANY car break ins in the parking deck which they lease spots out to. Management will comment here saying it's Lanier parkings fault, but they should warn people before they buy a parking pass. Also, I have had numerous times where random people are at the SQ5 pool because the view is good. Oh and the worst: management told my friend that an attempted break in in her ROOM by two guys late at night was not their fault and it's because it's Atlanta. They need to install more cameras and hire security guards that actually do their job. Review from 10/13/17 on Google
Oct 2017: Someone tried to break into our apartment and security just wrote it off. That's not acceptable whatsoever and it's happened in multiple apartments and management doesn't really do anything about it. Needs to step it up. It's not as safe as it should be for what we pay Review from 10/11/17 on Google

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