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Clairmont Reserve

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Mar 2019: Lived for a little more than a year. I didn't have any issues with the leasing office/maintenance compared to few other friends who also live here. However, this place has huge insect problems (sometimes lizards), frequent water shut-offs, and very loud cracking noise and footsteps (of even a dog). If you own a car, i don't see any good reason to live here given that there are so many new apartments near emory. Review from Google
Mar 2019: This is such an incredible community. I lived here while I attended Emory University and I would not trade the experience here for the world! The property management team are a big part of making this community what it is. The newly designed apartments are amazing. I was able to upgrade into a bigger apartment which gave me more storage space and a extra bedroom for when my family and friends came over. You could tell the maintenance team really care about making the community enjoyable to live in. Aside from the community being close to Emory, lt is practically a few exits away from Lenox. Beth and the leasing team does a great job at hosting community events. This was super important to me because my school work could sometimes be very demanding. If I ever move back to Atlanta I'll definitely will move back here. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Nice place to live. Office staff was very helpful. Caroline help me a lot. Apartment was clean and area is not loud.
Feb 2019: What a terrible place to live! The recent staffs at Clairmont Reserve are very irresponsible and uncooperative. They do not handle problems properly. Their attitude towards the residents are very imperious. When residents visit leasing office for some help, they blame on us instead of trying to help us. This apartment has severe insects problem (cockroaches!). Water breaks down too often. There has been a theft issue recently. Packages are not managed properly. Many residents often have noise problems. Other than this apartment has a privilege to use Emory shuttle, I find no reason to live here. I have lived in this apartment for an year and a half. When my contract is over this year, I am definitely moving out.
Feb 2019: I have lived more than two years. The first year, I was satisfied with service. Yet, most recent receptionists are somewhat inhospitable (they have awkward/frequent shifts). Plus, building structures are mostly wooden frames. These structure cause a LOT of floor/cracking noise (seriously annoying in some dry days). In terms of rent, they have raised $100/month this year (2018-2019). I do not know how much they will raise this upcoming year. I am so worried. not recommend for Emory grad students who need a comfortable stay.
Feb 2019: I have lived in the apartment complex for about 5 months now and have enjoyed living here. The complex is quiet and I have had no real problems while living here. The leasing office employees, as well as the maintenance employees, are always professional and quick with any issue.
Oct 2018: don't be fooled by the outside appearance. They are older looking buildings but they are being upgraded inside and it's definitely worth the money. The rooms are spacious with nice carpets in the bedrooms. The mailing/packaging system is extremely convenient and the staff in the office are very helpful. Tanner specifically got my lease set up for me and has gone above and beyond to ensure resident happiness and satisfaction. The pool deck is also currently being renovated. I appreciate a complex who listens to residents and follow through with action. Review from Google
Oct 2018: HUGE cockroach problem! We opened the apartment and there was a cockroach infestation (bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms). Although the management was nice enough to fume/bomb our apartment two times - it really did not help the situation. German roaches (small >1 inch) are resistant to most sprays in the market and the only way we could solve the problem was by moving out of the apartment. Unfortunately, we lost our security deposit which was unfair as the cockroach issue was not our fault. However, we were just glad to get out of the apartment! Review from Google
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Sep 2018: I've been living here for a month now and it's been a very pleasant experience. the community is safe, parking is plentiful, and the surroundings are quiet. Tanner, who works in the leasing office, is always friendly and helpful and goes above and beyond to accommodate my requests (no matter how ludicrous). the maintenance crew is also great! all work orders i've submitted have been dealt with in a timely fashion and maintenance has offered to help me carry heavy things to my 3rd floor apartment without me even asking. the staff at clairmont reserve really care and it shows! will most likely be renewing my lease at the end of the year. Review from Google
Aug 2018: The staff and maintenance are friendly and outstanding! Whenever there’s a problem, maintenance responds quickly. The layout flows well, and there is plenty of storage. They have the option to recycle. The apartment complex is well kept and is in a great location. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Not the best place to live, and I would say it's slightly overpriced (but let's be honest, the entire area here is overpriced), but it is decent enough to where I think I will enjoy living here. There is some noise that you just can't escape, but that's always associated with university off-campus housing. As for roaches, I haven't had much of an issue (I try to be as tidy as possible), and the location is absolutely great for commuting to Emory University. Because of where this apartment is situated, you can easily get to Toco Hills or North Decatur for your supplies and goods, and if you're an Emory Student, its basically like unofficially living in Clairmont. If you can maintain the place, this apartment is perfectly reasonable and fine to live in. Review from Google
May 2018: If you value your sanity do not live here. We can't get out fast enough. Second edit: On our last night here emory students threw a huge party running through the complex screaming and playing loud music all night and we tried to call the courtesy officer only to find out we no longer have one. I cannot get out of her fast enough. You can hear every single person going to and getting into their cars because the windows are not properly insulated . To top it all off I started finding fleas on our dog. Edit: I had hoped my review would get better but it is much worse. We live next to fraternity guys who have no sense of common courtesy and have loud parties whenever they want . DO NOT LIVE HERE. PERIOD. The garbage is always overflowing and it's disgusting. The staff don't seem to do anything about it . Also the compacted is literal Review from Google
May 2018: the apartment is fairly spacious. ATT is the only phone company that receives signal here. The bad side has been pointed out, the roach problem is very serious especially from Spring and summer. AC broke for about week in the summer, reported but has not received any confirmation about fixing. Fridge has a ice problem that is very often happening. Otherwise, the apartment is a fine place to live. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I lived here a couple years ago, and I thought it was great for being an Emory student (law student, not undergrad). I lived in the back and didn't have any issues with noise, and I definitely think I was getting my money worth. I came on here though to write a review because just the other day I accidentally had a package delivered to my old address here and the office staff was super helpful in helping me track it down, even though it was delivered to the actual apartment and not the club house. I was very impressed with how helpful they were, even though I was no longer a resident and it was not their problem at all. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Edit: I had hoped my review would get better but it is much worse. We live next to fraternity guys who have no sense of common courtesy and have loud parties whenever they want . DO NOT LIVE HERE. PERIOD. The garbage is always overflowing and it's disgusting. The staff don't seem to do anything about it . Also the compacted is literally next to the main entrance so anyone who visits sees it. There are roaches and loud neighbors- a family of 10 live in the 2br above us. There is also very little green space for dogs. We will not be renewing our lease and may even consider leaving early if it gets worse. I will say that Sarah is very helpful and welcoming and the main reason we decided to move in. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Its definitely not the trashiest place to live but its super overpriced, all things considered. The only thing that I really liked about that place was the location. I had an absolutely awful time while living there- tons of problems with roaches and increased heating/cooling costs because they refuse to properly seal the goddamn porch doors. I was living in a newly renovated unit and constantly had the bottoms of the drawers falling out/cabinet doors falling off/closet shelves falling down/bathroom mirror frames falling off because the renovation contractors they hired were terrible. Maintenance was prompt with fixing these issues but it shouldn't have happened in a "like new" apartment. Similarly, men who were hired to work on the outside of the building killed all of the plants living on my porch because of whatever toxic dust was falling Review from Google
Nov 2017: Absolutely horrible! There are SO many cockroaches. I filed a report in September the second day I moved in.... it's now November and there's been no course of action. To top it off, my mail box was left open and someone stole really important mail! I tried to call the office about it about potential action I could take regarding this. And all I got back from a rep from the office was "no need to get nasty with me" even though I've been patiently waiting for months and MY stuff got stolen. Price is high compared to what you get. Avoid if u hate bugs, unprofessionalism, and honestly expensive prices... AVOID. I'm planning to end lease asap Review from Google
Aug 2017: I chose to live at Clairmont Reserve because of its close proximity to Emory. Rent is pretty expensive in general around this area, but I found that the rent here is a little bit cheaper than a lot of the other apartment complexes close to Emory. I have had no issues with the office staff and maintenance people. They offer free dog waste bags which is a plus (although not all dog owners use them)! There is also a courtesy officer that patrols the area. No problems with parking, but you do have to pay to get a parking sticker. It sucks to have to pay extra for the sticker but it prevents non-residents from parking here and taking up parking spaces! We have had a couple of roaches/palmetto bugs in the bathroom which is my biggest issue. The garbage compactor does overflow, especially at the beginning and end of the school year. The walls are pre Review from Google
Aug 2017: We have lived at Clairmont Reserve for over a year, and just re-signed our lease for a second year. Overall, it has been a really positive experience! We had some minor issues when we moved in, but maintenance was out within an hour to fix them. Since switching to new management this summer, we have seen communication with the front office increase, which I have found very helpful. Positives: Quiet community - there are a lot of graduate students here, which make for a nice living environment. We don't really have issues with parking either, since the community is small. Negatives: Since all packages are delivered to the front office, it is hard for people who work to get packages on any day other than Saturday. The office is open M-F from 9-5:30... impossible for anyone who has a job. I wish that we had an Amazon Dropbox here! Review from Google
Jun 2017: I am very hesitant to leave negative reviews, but this staff's disorganization and disregard for its residents cannot go unnoticed. I am a resident at Clairmont Reserve and paid for a parking pass sticker and the staff still towed my motorcycle. I had emailed the staff previously informing them that it was my vehicle, that I had purchased a parking pass, but did not want a sticker on the vehicle. The staff responded stating they would let it remain parked and would "take no further action" in towing it but then towed it anyway while I was out of town. When I asked them about it they claimed that they tried contacting someone named Jasmine about it, but didn't contact me because they couldn't remember my name. Do not live in an apartment complex where the staff is incapable of searching through their old emails. In addition, when trying to so Review from Google
Dec 2015: I moved here in 2013. It was wonderful then, but has clearly gone downhill in the last two years. Many of the amenities that they advertise aren't accurate anymore - free printing, for example - at least 80% of the time I go to print something, the printer is out of ink, and when I ask to have it refilled, they shrug and say they're out, too bad. Similarly, of the five exercise machines in the gym, two were left broken and nonfunctional for months this year despite multiple requests from myself and other residents to have them fixed. Overall service has gone down over the years as well. Review from 12/6/15 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2015: Avoid this place at all costs. When you come home, you want to look forward to returning to a comfortable, peaceful home (for which you pay an arm and a leg). Instead, you might come home to cockroaches one day (or even wake up to one or two in your bed. I wish I was kidding.). If not cockroaches, centipedes. If not pests, no water. (I'd say every couple months, the water is off due to "an unexpected pipe break"). One time, I had family in town and the water was off for about 3 days. don't bother asking for pest control to come out- they either ignore your request, or you have some cheap, flimsy traps placed around your apt that ultimately do nothing. Review from 6/2/15 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2013: Being a grad student at Emory this place is perfect! The amenities aren't anything to brag about, but they have everything I need - a gym with some treadmills and weights, a basic pool, and a place to walk my dog (with little poop bags and garbage cans along the way.) I live on the top floor and I never have any noise issues (even though there is a train pretty close to my apartment that runs right behind the complex.) I never feel unsafe, I actually rarely see anyone, even my neighbors. Overall, I don't think there is a better bang for your buck if you area grad student at Emory or work nearby. Review from Apartment Ratings on 12/03/13
Apr 2013: I really enjoy living here. The staff is great and the grounds are always kept up. The office always respond quickly to take care of any problem. I give thanks to all ! Review from Apartment Ratings on 04/04/13

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