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3 beds 3 baths
layout symbol for 2 bedrooms available in 3 beds 3 baths
Looking for 1 or 2 female roommates. I will be getting my masters at UT next more

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Literally need a place to leave relatively close to campus... Not super picky. My prior plans f...more

Recent. I'm a people's person usually quite very clean looking for a nice surrounding...more

I am PhD student from Prague coming to Knoxville for 6 month internship at nuclear department....more

I wanted to check the current availability of a 3 bedroom apartment for the upcoming fall 2018/...more

Two female graduate students looking for a third roommate next year at either The Woodlands or...more

I'm a South African engineering PhD student interning at ORNL from July 2 - Nov 30. Looking for...more

Third yr transfer student. Live in TN. Outgoing but looking for serious study habits....more

Hello, my name is Gerardo, im a researcher living in Denmark, and i'll be coming for 3 months t...more

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Virtual Community for people looking for rooms in the college location of UT, UTK. You can view even more apartment communities in the area by using the list or the map. List of nearby apartments | Map of nearby apartments

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