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Nov 2018: Absolutely terrible! Horrible maintenance and service. Have had outlets not working in my home since May and I am writing this at the end of November. My apartment was broken into by a neighbor and Management/Staff refused to do anything about the situation. The same neighbor when confronted threatened me and Management sided with him on the debate. This apartment complex also has a policy that they are not responsible if someone attacks or threatens you no matter if its a neighbor or not. The neighbor kicked in my front door and broke locks. I accidentally broke his door when asking for my money back and Management pressed charges against me FOR A DOOR! This should be your absolute last resort to stay when searching for an apartment. If you are a student it would be better to stay on campus in a mold infested dorm than to live here. Managemen Review from Google
Nov 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. The staff is rude, inattentive, and will turn off your key access to the gates in order to force you to stop at their office to fill out paper work that THEY LOST. Further, you will have to pay an absurd amount monthly for parking and STILL be at risk for getting towed. This will set you back $120 and the towing company is half an hour away. They take advantage of college students and the apartments are poorly constructed. The walls are thin, and random smells seep from the parking lot and hallways into the bedrooms. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE. UPDATE: Do not think that because they responded to my review that they actually tried to correct the situation. I had already called them prior to reviewing. I called after Uwalk responded and did not hear back for more than a week. THey said that they could not Review from Google
Nov 2018: I am a uWalk alumni after graduating UT. I miss uWalk. The staff is so sweet. The apartment might be on the pricey side but you are paying for a really good hospitality service and the apartment is nice. I’ve stayed here for 2 years and experience for 3 years because I had couples friends who lived at uwalk. My work orders were always finished and the maintence guys are so friendly. Every time, I needed help the front staff always knew the answers. Some new ones are still training but they are working with a really good team. Uwalk try to be very interactive with my UT organization. I had a smooth move-in and move-out day. Everything was just perfect here. I love the gated park about this apartment because it makes me feel safe. My parking spot wasn’t close to my spot but I did switch with a friend who had spot closer to my apartment and Review from Google
Oct 2018: My son lived there 3 years. Went up about $100 a month each yearly. No service for apartment problems. Wanted to charge us for cleaning the carpet after we left?? Ha Also a seambin a couch came apart on its on and they are trying to charge for that. I would not consider this place again.
Jun 2018: I have lived here for two years. I have enjoyed my stay. The rent is high so I’m glad to be graduating and moving out. The office staff are really nice and management is great and quick when you need help. Parking is annoying but it’s not a big deal. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I lived here the first year they were open and it was pretty horrible. Tried cutting slack for the fact that they were a new facility but there are some things about the place that will never change. Everything was done quick, cheap, and poorly. Paint was all over the carpets upon move in. A bedroom light went out and went to go unscrew it and got a huge puddle of water that splashed in my face that fell from the light fixture. Maintenance came, took the light fixture down, let it air out, then came back the next day and put a bulb in it and called it done. We had a leak in our kitchen sink pipe and they had to rip up the whole island because of mold. We lived in a construction zone where the workers came and went as they pleased and never announced their arrival. We had 4 frat guys living above us that had parties at the most ridiculous hour Review from Google
Mar 2018: It's not a bad place to live. I haven't had any issues with neighbors being too loud, and staff is friendly and helpful. I just think they charge way too much. Being in "walking distance" to campus is technically true, but you're walking a mile just to get to the library, so it's a very long walk. Paying for a reserved spot is very expensive and just not worth it in my opinion, and the closest lot is three blocks away. One time my boyfriend put his hazards on outside my apartment to help me unload and put away groceries and by the time we got back outside his car had been towed. It's a nice place to live but they just charge too much to be right next to a train and so far from campus. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The management team at this place doesn’t care the slightest bit about their residents. Their sole purpose is to squeeze every penny of pain out of every poor college student who resides here. They towed my rental car that was parked in the space I pay $50 per month for each month and then I have to pay $120 to get it back. Yes, they will tell you all about their policy of getting a temp pass for any temporary car, but I was parked in my space. The scam is that they allow a towing company to come in at their will and roam around to find cars to tow... not when someone complains someone is in their spot. And the towing company (that normally accepts credit cards) only takes cash from the cash-strapped u-walk student “customers”. Hmmm, doesn’t that seem odd? Tax free money making scheme for someone! It’s like “hey Dan, revenue is Review from Google
Feb 2018: Most definitely not worth the price. Not to mention parking is an additional 50 dollars to rent. I paid for a parking spot and my car still got towed from its spot because my parking tag was on the floor instead of on the dash. I had a parking decal and was in my spot but they still towed me and I had to drive 30 miles and pay 120 to get my car back. When I told uwalk they only gave me a partial reimbursement after Almost a week of arguing. Also had my car scratched and egged two separate times while parked here and management did nothing. The fire alarms have gone off in the middle of the night 2 or 3 times. The walls are super thin and you can hear people above you and next to you. Found myself paying a 60$ fee one month with no description as to what it’s for. If you’re gonna pay 750 for living you can most definitely find somewhere nic Review from Google
Jan 2018: I love living at uwalk in knozville! I've being living there for 3 years and have had the best times. The staff is always nice and comforting!While the apartments are a little expensive, they are completely worth it.
Jan 2018: I have lived here for 2 and a half years and have loved my time here. The only reason I am leaving is because I am graduating in the spring. The apartments are well maintained and very nice. The maintenance staff have also been very quick to respond to any problems I have had. The office staff have also been amazing and have gone above and beyond anytime I have needed something. I highly recommend moving in. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Uwalk is such a great place to live. The prices are the most reasonable for housing close to campus and the amenities make it even more worth it. They also do a great job to cater to students and residents to enjoy and interact around the community. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I've lived here for about a year and I love it! The location is great and the gated community aspect makes it feel very safe. Apartment is very new with good appliances and furniture and is very clean! Review from Google
Dec 2017: I moved in at the beginning of August and loved it. The staff was nice my unit was nice and I had no issues until September rolled around. The resident underneath me would blare the same audio track over and over all night long and I have had to put noise canceling headphones on just to get to sleep. I don't mind music so I try to ignore it and do my own thing. On top of that the residents above me seem to be always fighting and it sounds like furniture is being thrown around. Very odd. We are also awakened almost 3-4 times a week by someone pulling the fire alarm at 3 am. This situation is still going on and has been for about a month and a half. UWalk has been contacted and still hasn't done anything to stop it. Next, the residents here are complete jerks. If you want to live with the most immature students EVER then have at it. Very early i Review from Google
Aug 2017: The student representative who assisted me with signing my lease LIED to me & confirmed I would get my building and floor preference because I was signing nearly a year early. I asked him "will I get this?" & he took a look at it, nodded, and said yes. When emailed the assistant general manager, she just kept saying how they aren't allowed to make such promises. BUT YOU DID. ONE OF YOUR WORKERS MADE A PROMISE JUST TO GET ME TO SIGN A LEASE. She couldn't say anything other then "We couldn't have made that promise" just horrible. So dishonest and it just makes me wonder what actually living there would be like with the management and all. UPDATE: I've since contacted corporate and they were SO SWEET & UNDERSTANDING of the situation. They talked the situation over with the local management, and have since reassigned me to a unit I was promised. Review from Google
Apr 2017: I have complained about cockroaches on two or three different occasions and filed work orders, but they never seem to go away, even after they "spray" for them. Apartments are fairly nice, but it is clear they rushed to finish them. There are paint spots on the floors, and the drawers are hard to open. The fire alarm NEVER ceases to stop going off. It goes off in the middle of the night constantly, and it is absolutely deafening. Review from 4/19/17 on Google
Mar 2017: University Walk is a great place to live and is within walking distance from campus. Its management entails a wonderful group of staff members. They are very friendly and do an outstanding job ensuring requests are fulfilled within a timely manner. The property is maintained and kept clean at all times. I would highly recommend University Walk! Review from 3/20/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I love living here! The staff is really nice and I haven't had any maintenance problems. Only thing I don't like is the price of reserved parking. It's $50/month which is $25 more dollars from last year. I haven't had a problem finding parking in the overflow lots, though. Review from 2/23/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I loved living at the U-walk for about the first 24 hours and the new wore off fast. Things are always breaking and maintenance usually takes almost a week to fix things. The train shakes the whole building and knocks things off the walls and cabinets. The front desk and maintenance are very rude. I have to study in the library because of all the noise from all the parties going on and the train and it's whistle. The walls are paper thin. Save yourself all the stress and move ANYWHERE else!!
Feb 2017: As a current resident, I have nothing but positive things to say. The staff is amazing and is always going above and beyond to make sure all of the residents are happy. The property is very well taken care of and it shows. The apartments come furnished and have quality appliances. The gym and the pool are also very nice additions. The location is also great as campus is only a short walk away. I would highly recommend to anyone considering moving in. Review from 2/15/17 on Google
Jan 2017: Wonderful living experience thus far. I have lived here for a year and have resigned my lease for next year. The staff is wonderful, maintenance is always prompt, and the apartment amenities are always very well kept. definitely recommend living here. Review from 1/4/17 on Google
Jan 2017: This is the perfect apartment for a UT student that wants to be close to campus while not being on campus. My roommate and I have only been here since August, but so far, we have very few complaints about the quality of the apartment and the staff. Dealing with other resident's noise is the only problem, but you would have that anywhere near campus. While the apartments are a little expensive, they are completely worth it. Review from 1/3/17 on Google
Apr 2016: University Walk is the most poorly managed property I have ever had experience with.I pay $630/month to live in an apartment in which I do not feel safe. My upstairs neighbors have been harassing my roommate and I for almost a year now. Every weekend from Thursday night to Sunday morning, they cause absurd amounts of noise. When a security officer addresses the issue, we experience retaliation which includes jumping up and down repetitively to no end. We have filed numerous noise complaints, called Knoxville Police, and UT Police. Citations have been issued, however, the management looks the other way when we bring the problems to their attention. My roommate and I have to leave because the noise is so bad and no one will do anything about it.
Apr 2016: Little black stink bugs in the summer~ no exterminator. Trains constantly making noise, even at very late hours. I don't know how they manage to fill these rooms up. Oh, and if you want to leave, you better have someone to fill your spot because you'll be paying for an empty room until it is filled... Even if you "break" the lease. I thought breaking a lease was like breaking a contract, isn't the point to pay a fee so you don't have to continue paying rent? It's just crap. Review from 4/15/16 on Google
Dec 2015: University Walk has been a great experience for me. Although, it isn't the cheapest... It's one of the cheapest newest apartments. In other words, you get what you pay for....!!! The train isn't the funniest to live right beside but you get used to it. The maintenance has always fixed everything in the same day I sent a request in. The worst thing about living there are the little black bugs that come out whenever the weather changes. They are terrible and are found inside the apartments. Other than that it's one of my favorite places to live and I just signed a lease for another year. Review from 12/20/15 on Google

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