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University Park

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Jun 2019: Fantastic apartment and staff, lived here for 2 years! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Was pretty excited to live here until I saw my actual unit. The model unit you see is not at all what the actual units looked like. We have extremely worn carpet (stinky, stained and moldy) and disgusting linoleum tile (very stained) floors. The "updated units" are a myth, at least for us. When we moved in, the place reeked of smoke, incense, and mold and it still does because nothing has been done about it despite several requests. They keep telling us that they cant just pull up the carpet even though they have done it in several of the updated units. But hey, at least there aren't bugs, right? Wrong actually. When the weather gets even a little warm, prepare to kill 3-5 bugs per day, even on the third floor. Sure its cheaper than most other places, but what you save for on monthly rent is quickly made up for in your utilities bill. My roommates and I are very good about conserving water and energy, but we still rack up a utility bill of nearly 200 dollars most months due to the extremely inefficient appliances and god awful insulation and windows (they are so thin I can hear conversations in the parking lot from the third floor) Review from Google
Apr 2019: It’s good for the price. There could be some improvements but nothing major. Just getting some maintainence done faster and stuff like that. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I currently live here and I have had every problem in the book. When first signing the lease the process was smooth and I was super excited to move into an apartment. HOWEVER, on move in day I got there for them to tell me about a $130 fee that was NEVER mentioned to me before. I also had to have a money order for first months rent which I was again NEVER told about. I am a college student and this is my first apartment so I assumed I could pay with my card. Also when I arrived on move in day my keys were not ready and after they finally made them they didn't work so that was an additional process. When I moved into the apartment it looked like it had Never been cleaned- there was an earring left in the closet (how could they have vacuumed or had the carpet cleaned if this was still there). Also WARNING there is NO 24 HOUR EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE!!! Our apartment flooded and since the phone number for the person we had didn't respond we had to clean up approximately 3 inches of water by ourselves using our money to buy the cleaning supplies Review from Google
Mar 2019: I’ve lived here for about a year and a half now. The first step I took in my apartment I noticed little paint chippings on the ground and the apartment wasn’t fully clean. I was consistently going back and forth to the office for help and questions about things of that nature my first couple months here but I eventually gave up because they seem like they didn’t want to help. They also finessed me out my referral bonus but again .. no biggie. The WiFi here is probably as bad as it can get. Maybe every other week it’ll go out for a substantial amount of time and there’s no one that can fix it .. mind you we are college students. All in all experience hasn’t been good The only part that is , is that it’s close to campus.
Feb 2019: I have lived here for about year. Comes home relax and enough space. Full kitchen that allows me to cook for myself and roommates, and a room that is quiet and great for studying/doing homework. The location is nice as well. I love coffee. Review from Google
Dec 2018: My daughter moved here in August. Pretty good place for the price. She has not really had any issues. Everyone who works there was really nice and helpful on move-in day. I like how she is on her own individual lease for her bedroom so we do not have to worry about anyone else not paying their bills. Review from Google
Nov 2018: This place is decent for the price, however you will have to put up with a lot of negatives. There are constantly spiders and other bugs (uncleared by spraying for them). The appliances and drawers are cheap. The washer tore up many, many loads of mine and my roommates clothing and stained others. There's 24/7 noise with thin walls and huge parties. They falsely stated when the coffee station would be open (previously stating 24/7), then started only having it open during office hours 6 days a week. Stepped on glass at the pool area. Finally, upon moving out I was told it didn't look like there would be any fees and then 6 months later got an invoice for 24 dollar light bulbs. The customer service was pristine when I got there, but managers changed shortly into my stay and they seem to have moved away from caring much about their clients and m Review from Google
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Nov 2018: I moved in back in the summer of 2017 and my experience hasn't been anything less than great. I was stuck in an apartment with girls I can now call life-long friends. My apartment was clean and the staff at the time were nice. The current staff are just as pleasurable to work with too. I spend my summers out at the beautiful pool or playing badminton on our volleyball court with my roommates. The apartments hold nice resident events to kind of get everyone who chooses to interacting. I've not had any serious issues in the year and a half I've lived here and would genuinely recommend it to others. Review from Google
Oct 2018: More than positive all the 5 star reviews are from the ones who work in the office. You will find LAYERS of paint over mold and animal hair. The paint chips everywhere! When you move in they never clean them so they are dirty from previous renters. The carpet in the rooms are filthy!! The air vents are rusty and moldy the windows can not even open due to so much residue on them. Obnoxious college students will throw trash on the road daily. The wifi here is advertised as the best yet it's awful. They show you the 'show room' which looks marvelous but not like the actual apartment you move into. Paint all over the floor and chipped floors. The only good thing is it's cheap to live here. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I have lived here for about a year now and I can say by far it is one of the best values for student apartments in the area. The apartments come with enough space to relax after a long day of work or classes, a full kitchen that allows me to cook for myself and roommates, and a room that is quiet and great for studying/doing homework. The location is nice as well. Coming from on campus housing located on the fort, it is a definite upgrade from the noise and space while not giving up being close to the University of Tennessee or downtown Knoxville. would recommend to anyone moving out of dorms and looking for their first apartment. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Lived here for a year. wasn't terrible, wasn't great. Super close to campus which was cool. Good for a cheap place to shower, cook, and sleep but not really much else. When I moved in, the floor was dirty and we basically had to clean the entire apartment ourselves. Maintenance was usually pretty good. They say that utilities are included but they'll always overcharge you over the limit that they give you. The layout of the apartment is not the best, in my opinion. There were a couple charges on my account after I moved out, and I questioned the office staff about them and they were helpful about discussing what these were. Review from Google
Jun 2018: don't believe all the 5-star and most of 4-star comments! Take a LOOK AT THE PROFILE OF ALL THE USERS WHO GIVE 5-STAR! You’ll find out surprise!How could an apartment have so many comments on Google Maps? They pay people to give 5-star comments to keep average over 4 stars! They are horrible! Everything is horrible. The kitchen has many roaches, German Cockroach, to be specific. They come in to check your places so many times that can make you really really angry. no privacy! The employees is friendly when you want to check in. However, they are terrible when you ask for extra help and when you moving out. They also charge you a lot when you moving out for ridiculous reason like $50 for a bag of garbage! And also they charge you for replacing carpet, which they didn’t do! They also make a lot of advertisement in town! You can imagine how Review from Google
May 2018: Great community and real nice people. Makes you feel at home away from home! #UniversityLyfe Review from Google
Apr 2018: don't believe all the 5-star comments. They are horrible! Everything is horrible. Never consider this place as your choice, ESPECIALLY the INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. You can find a lot better places in Knoxville. Review from Google
Apr 2018: The destination for all Grad students wanting some peaceful place to live in a part from their tech labs. Seriously I love this place, I had to move out just because I was graduating from college! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Really enjoyed my time here at University Park! Great rooms and awesome staff! Super convenient student living! Review from Google
Apr 2018: University Park is a nice, short commute to campus! Also, the maintenance staff is very friendly and helpful. They usually always have fun, free giveaways! I would definitely recommend checking them out. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Good things- Everything good they advertise i.e. its a cheap place to live, have good facilities. I think the maintenance is awesome. They usually fix stuff on the same day as reported. Bad things: Terrible terrible Staff. If you have a problem, deal on your own. $1000 bucks were stolen from my locked apartment. Only people to come in the apartment were painters who were authorized by the management/staff to come. After talking to the staff (i got to talk to the property manager after visiting 5-6 times), the response i got was we cant do anything. My roommate was assaulting my dog, I filed a police complaint with a video proof. I showed the proof to the management, still took them one and a half month to through him out. Also, I think the things are pretty downhill from here . l have lived here for a while now and seen how they operate. It Review from Google
Mar 2018: So far don’t have any issue with emities the UP provide like carpet,furniture etc but only things piss me off is they don’t take any action about issues related with roommates it obvious that here everyone is mature enough and educated knows how to behave with fellow roommates but we had issue with our roommate that moron never clean the dishes and dump all of them in sinks for weeks it smells so bad that me and My neighbor roommate stop hanging out in living room and when we notice this issue with management they says it not there problem nor they don’t interfere inside room issue what kind of logic is that when u sign the lease term they mention to keep clean and show courtesy to fellow roommates and charge are applied for maintenance and cleaning issue but it’s different when u reach to staff and 2 ladies are totally rude if they d Review from Google
Mar 2018: Although there have been some improvements, the management transition has been a roller coaster. On one hand, it is nice to get all these renovations, but it isn't without all the bumps that come with it. The communication between staff doesn't seem great. Each of them will tell you a different answer, but in the end you're the one who gets screwed. Some information and updates aren't being sent efficiently since some info gets to some residents and some are left without notice. It'd be great if there were updates when you sign into their site. Another issue we've had before are cockroaches. They only appeared once contractors went to replace our microwave and we had a huge hole in our kitchen for about a week before they installed the new one. Now that apartment and surrounding apartments are infested. It was a bit confusing as to how we ar Review from Google
Feb 2018: I really like living here. The office is very helpful and nice. The maintenance team is quick to help and fix any problems that is going on in your apartment. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Fair rent and has spacious living quarters. Contains full washer and dryer. Very nice staff. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Nice staff members. Great tour with plenty of information. would recommend visiting to anyone searching for a place to live! Review from Google
Jan 2018: The staff was very friendly and helpful. Love the apartments. Very nice inside and out and free parking is really cool! I’ll definitely be thinking about living here! Review from Google

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