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The Woodlands of Knoxville

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Aug 2019: Management avoids rather than resolved issues and is dishonest or rude. Pay attention to the positive reviews. They were obviously written by people who do not live there. It is tragic that such a lovely setting has been defiled by such poor management. If the appeal of its amenities is irresistible then rent from a private landlord, not management. However keep in mind that any issues you have such as wasps nesting at your door or insufficient parking will not be taken care of because the exterior of the unit is maintained by management that is ineffective at best . Review from Google
Aug 2019: Very nice place with nice pools and amenities . Great for college kids looking for a fun place to Live Thats very affordable . Review from Google
Aug 2019: Recently renewed my contract for another year. Very pleased to call this place my second home. Noise complaints and maintenance issues are taken care of almost immediately by the wonderful and caring staff. This is in direct contrast to the horrible experience that I had previously with University Parks. Thumbs up, Woodlands Management! Review from Google
Jun 2019: Great place to live, many amenities included and all within walking distance! Plenty of parking any time of day, and staff are very friendly! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Woodlands is a high end student rental community near UT. I love this place. Nice pool, club house, and rental units. I highly recommend it! Review from Google
Apr 2019: A little unorganized. My roommate and I have both had the same issue of sending them an email, with a FEW questions, and they will only clarify on ONE, completely ignoring the other questions. This has happened to me about six times now? Also, they contacted me several months after move in saying they didn't have a record they needed, and were a little rude about it. I just resent the email I originally had sent, then it was fine. I never received a form documenting damage in the room the day I moved in, so now I'm pretty convinced they are going to try to peg me on a few minor scratches and the towel rack bar missing in my bathroom that was there before I moved in. Other than that the apartments are nice. The grounds are really, really well maintained. Air filters are changed consistently. Maintenance is quick to respond. The dog waste stations are nice (and they just put more in). Probably the best complex I've lived in are far as maintaining the units and grounds Review from Google
Mar 2019: Almost perfect, but certainly as good as you can get in Knox for that price, and the dude who cleans the place in that little go kart thing is like the nicest dude ever so that's a plus Review from Google
Mar 2019: Terrible management who takes advantage of their tenants. They will charge you ridiculous and unnecessary fees. I would never suggest anyone to live here. I did not have a good experience. --If you read the reply below they claim I did not return a key. I did not return a plastic *wristband to use the *swimming pool. The wristband is dated and provides no security risk at being lost. This was not a charge of safety, its a money grab. Just further proof of unnecessary charges and taking advantage of tenants.
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Feb 2019: I was interested. Not anymore. They're telling me they dont rent out their apartments to non married people. Judgemental much??? My statement isnt false, that's what I was told word by word. Sorry, but we do not rent out to non married couples. But it's okay there was plenty of Korean places that are not judgmental. Review from Google
Jan 2019: To woodlands! It's the best apartments you can find in Knoxville. Free internet,cable and shuttle to school. But could you guys please bring in some dumbbells for our gym?? That's the main thing that's lacking here. Love the stay! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I really enjoy my townhouse at The Woodlands. The new management is pleasant and easy to work with and you can't beat the location and price. Would definitely recommend to anyone who's looking for off campus housing at UT. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have been living here since August and can't find anything wrong with this place. All the older reviews about management being horrible and incapable are irrelevant now that the complex is under new management. Also the older reviews of not being safe and sketchy are also a thing of the past. If you want to live downtown but don't want the noise or traffic it's the perfect distance and offers many amenities for a very affordable rate. Overall the experience has been great and would recommend to anyone looking to live in the downtown area, without the downtown prices. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I’ve lived at the Woodlands for a year now and I love it! I live in a 3 bedroom townhouse which is very spacious and super affordable. I have a dog and she loves all the greenspace around the complex. The office staff is very friendly and always super helpful with any questions. They offer a free shuttle to campus everyday which is super convenient because parking is really bad at UT. I think the Woodlands is one of the best apartment complexes around campus and I plan on living here until I graduate! -Victoria Review from Google
Sep 2018: The Woodlands is an awesome community to live in and to be a part of! The townhouse that my brother and I live in is extremely nice and definitely worth the money. The location of the Woodlands is very convenient to other places in Knoxville and the facilities that are available there are excellent (pool, workout area, tanning beds, movie theater, etc). The staff is always very friendly and helpful at any time that we needed anything. We love the Woodlands! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I have many friends who live at the Woodlands and the buildings are always so nice. The bedrooms are huge and I love that everyone has their own bathroom too! The amenities are also great. I will definitely pick the Woodlands as my next apartment! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I am completely disappointed with the way the Woodlands has handled issues in the complex. Unprofessional management, violation of privacy, and a trash lady who rides around on her high horse thinking she can call the shots. I'm annoyed with living here and it's been three months. I'll do anything I can to get out of this lease. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Teresa is horrible. She has the nastiest attitude and is not professional in the least. My air conditioner has been out for MONTHS and when Teresa was made aware of the issue for the 2nd time, I was told that ”she wasn’t using her air in her home and that I would be just fine without it” My apartment is 81 degrees currently and I am supposed to live like this. I have offered to move, offered to pay to be let out of my lease, offered to pay less so that I can get somewhere else to stay while they make the renovations and they aren’t allowing any of that. DO NOT MOVE HERE. Worst apartment complex I’ve ever lived in. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Not only is the Woodlands a complete dump, the staff is incredibly rude. Below are some of the issues we've encountered over the last year: - The security gate was inoperative for the majority of the year and management would never address the problem with me. They said nowhere did they guarantee the security gate would be operative. Yet, they claim that as a security feature. - Our apartment is in shambles - the floor is missing boards, holes in the wall, mold in the bathtubs and management nor the owner of this unit will do anything to correct. - When we moved in, some of the rooms had inoperative fire alarms which still have not been replaced. In addition non-working fire alarms, some of the outlets did not have the cover plate on them exposing live wires. - They pressure you very heavily to resign the next year's lease 6-7 months before Review from Google
Jan 2018: I love living at The Woodlands! The office staff is always very friendly and helpful whenever I come in. Any time I have ever had a problem they have always solved it quickly. I would recommend living at the Woodlands to anyone! Review from Google
Jan 2018: This place is completely the worst. The houses are pretty nice, but the staff and the way it is run is horrid. I have even reported them to the BBB. Theresa is rude and unprofessional and very sarcastic on the phone. The apartment was FILTHY upon moving in in 2015 and there was even a bong (drug paraphernalia) in the utility closet. The carpets were filthy and full of paint drips. My carpet reaked of urine and smoke. Upon telling the staff this, they immediately hired a sub-par cleaning crew that barely did anything, brought their kids to the job site, and smoked cigarettes in the apartment. Flash Forward to the end of 2017. In late December, I received a collections notice for "extra pet damages to carpet". So basically, they wanted me to pay for them to replace the carpet that they didn't want to pay to fix themselves. NOT ONLY THAT, but Review from Google
Dec 2017: I've lived here for over a year now. Management is impossible to deal with and it takes ages to get them to communicate with you even about serious things. They almost never notify you if someone will be entering your apartment for maintenance or something. It's super loud so if you ever plan on sleeping then good luck. I've found I don't know how many roaches in my apartment. Internet isn't very reliable and that's been a huge problem since i'm a student. If maintenance does have to enter your apartment for whatever reason, they usually let themselves in without knocking and often leave a huge mess that you have to clean up and left our doors unlocked all day after numerous break ins had occurred in the area so that wasn't cool either. My overall experience here has been terrible and I can't wait to leave when my lease ends. Honestly, I preferred living on campus
Nov 2017: I would give this complex negative stars if possible. We recently got "new management" and they are some of the most rude and disrespectful people I have ever encountered. After living here for almost 6 months, I am counting down the days until I am out. The student workers are the only people who seem to know anything about what they are doing which is sad. If there is an issue with your unit, good luck getting anything done about it. I used to live at The Heights and although it was not my favorite place, The Woodlands management makes The Heights complex seems like a gated community in the Hamptons. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I moved to the Woodlands in August from another complex in Knoxville. I was attracted to what seemed like good rent and that it was a three bedroom townhouse. I loved that they were pet friendly and the guy who helped us sign our leases was super helpful. However, come to find out, every apartment complex has its downfalls and the Woodlands has plenty. Our washing machine has been broken for... going on 14 days. Initially, it took the apartment three days to even get back to us about scheduling a maintenance repair with the GE company because it's under warranty. When that technician didn't show up, we were told it would be four more days. Management has shown no interest in helping us problem solve, or involving us in the process. I was given a nine hour service time window -- which is completely unprofessional. For the mean time, I've res Review from Google
Nov 2017: I want to preface this by saying that new management came in about a month ago so this could change in the future, but we have had a disappointing experience with the property itself. The quality of the apartments is horrible. We have had so many issues and had to move out of our first apartment because of a leak that caused mold and a bunch of other problems. We were hopeful that our new apartment would be a lot better, but it has just as many problems as the first. My roommates tub has brown sitting water in it, the place was so dirty although it was “cleaned”, there are bugs everywhere, and the connections to the washer and dryer are leaking. Hopefully this new management can turn things around, but I would definitely not recommend living here. Review from Google
May 2017: I lived at the woodlands in Knoxville for 3 of my 4 years of undergraduate study at UT. It was an absolute blast!! The security is awesome the tenants are friendly (mostly Lol) I loved every second of it. The staff are friendly and helpful! It was always so easy to get help if needed. The shuttle drivers are absolutely awesome! They will go out of their way and job to make sure you have a ride. (...and a safe one) I loved it..and just a note that the more involved you are the more fun you'll have. Review from 5/30/17 on Google

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