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Nov 2018: Lots of amenities and located near UT. The main complaint as the "model" room (bedroom) I was shown was nothing like my actual bedroom (I was told that my bed would have storage drawers underneath) Review from Google
Nov 2018: Avoid living here AT ALL COSTS. Management seems to have no clue what they are doing and they treat the residents like GARBAGE. I have been treated so poorly that I felt obligated to write this review as a current resident in order to keep others from making the same mistake that I did. I created this google account with the sole purpose of remaining anonymous so that I am not discriminated against during the remainder of my lease. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Moving into The Towers at Morgan Hill was the worst decision I have made. At first it seemed like a decent choice, the location & cost were fair. But one problem after another kept coming up and the office staff just seemed to blow it off. Our apartment when we first moved in looked like a party was thrown in it the night before. The parking garage will probably take another 2 years to complete even though they will tell you "It will be done soon." They treat the tenants like crap and patronize you when you are voicing a complaint. They have absolutely no sort of security! The doors are unlocked all hours of the night so anyone can come strolling on through and go to whichever floor they please. When voiced a concern about a random man that followed me up to my apartment, the office staff just said "I'm sorry that happened, and we will look into it." So unless you
Sep 2018: DO NOT MOVE HERE! You will get your money's worth elsewhere like University Park or literally any other apartment in Knoxville. Management Staff is never available so with any concern the student workers will reply with "I'm not sure" or "I can pass along the message...", which rarely is followed up on. The student aspect of this student housing is a joke. During construction, they took away all study spaces!!! Also, the resident's convenience is literally their last priority. This apartment is TRASH, thank me later! Review from Google
Aug 2018: We were initially excited about this location for our son. They were very kind during our tour and very responsive initially. However, we've been trying to reach the management office for three weeks. I've emailed two different email accounts given to me by their answering service and I've left at least two messages with that answering service. One would think a message that we're reaching out to pre-pay rent and coordinate move in would be a priority for a landlord. Apparently not. It appears that communication is not their strength. That does not bode well for the next year. We are already planning to find another location for next year and our son hasn't even moved in yet. A simple return phone call or email saying, "we received your message and will get back to you soon" would have been enough to satisfy me for awhile. It's a shame that so Review from Google
Jun 2018: $75, 7 hours of work, for some woman to spend 5 minutes letting you back into your own apartment. Scam artists trying to make money off of some kid’s parents. Response: If you take it seriously then stop the extortion. Give residents 1 or 2 freebies and reduce the charge to $30 or something. $75 for 5 mins of work is ridiculous. I wish I could get paid $900 an hour to do something as simple as opening a door. Review from Google
May 2018: A little bit expensive. But it is safer in this area. Review from Google
May 2018: Good location, by UT campus, on strip, Walmart is 7mins walk, pool tables, table tennis, movie room, small gym, small outdoor pool by the road, sometimes we get free tacos, muffins or fruits. Best way to move between the tower and campus is on a bike ... Lease is quite high tho, rooms are not that furnished as in the pictures, i hate the rooms are without ceiling lights, extra 30$ a month for parking is a joke (now a year later it's 50 😅). If you want to sublease your place for the summer there is one-time fee of 300$!!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I went to this place in Knoxville to look for an apartment for my son. A lady who was in charge that day, gave me information about the leasing (prices, leasing conditions). She told me that the application fee might be waived in front of somebody who supposedly was a manger.The next day I went to submit my application, and: 1) had to pay the application fee, 2) she increased the rent by adding $20 per month without any reason, 3) she assured me that, depending on the moving day, the rent will be prorated and I did not have to be worried. About 2 days after, the manager called me saying; 1) I had to pay the whole month because those were the company's policies, and she did not care what the other employee said, 2) she has to trust her employees and not her clients. When I offered her to move my son's moving date for the beginning of the next Review from Google
Jun 2017: Sub par place. Only pro is location. Cons: Staff feel bothered when are asked a question, just overall unfriendly. Above average rent (pays $665/month) for below average units. A/C unit stuck on one temperature, yet immediately rises when the oven is used (the oven has poor ventilation and excess heat escapes into the kitchen). And a final con that really irritated me: I had walked out of my room, and as the door was closing, I remembered I didn't have my key. I couldn't make it to my door in time to save it from closing. This wouldn't be a big deal had it not cost $75 for an employee to walk down to the office, grab a master key, and let me in my room. Absolutely nothing needed replacing. No replacement keys made, no overhead costs to account for whatsoever. Never seen an employee treat a customer so badly either. wasn't even empathetic with Review from Google
Mar 2017: I had an excellent three years at the Tower while attending UT and would highly recommend it to any student/young professional. The facilities are all an elevator ride away (very convenient), and the staff is a courteous bunch. I did admittedly have problems with neighbor noise, but the staff attempted to alleviate it whenever possible: the bed above me was perpetually squeaky--sometimes to the point I couldn't sleep--and they replaced its entire frame! All in all, if you're looking for a nice place to live that's close to UT, the Tower is a safe bet. Review from 3/9/17 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2017: Muffin Monday. Taco Tuesday. Waffle Wednesday. Parking garage that you have your own space in. TRASH CHUTES. Low-ish prices (best you're probably going to get around campus). Pool. Comcast included. Right beside sorority village. Packages brought up to your room. Overall, pretty awesome place to call home. Review from 2/24/17 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2017: This place is horrible. while the locations is semi convinent i have had nothing but problems since the day i moved in. the office girls are always rude and never want to help. i got locked out of my room and they refused to help me unless i paid 75 for someone to walk up a flight of stairs and put a key in a hole, not to mention i have seeing a surgeon in the morning. this was the last thing i needed. second, their plumbing backs up all the time. my last roommate and i were required to pay 400 each to replace a carpet that was ruined by their messed up plumbing. not to mention they did nothing when we reported it. Review from 2/2/17 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2016: First I want to say place is convenient close to campus making it a plus for me as I don't have a vehicle and I didn't utilize the parking so I don't know how parking is. Secondly the people were friendly,very helpful. Third thing is it very safe, you use hotel key to enter anything. Last thing I had a lot problems with my toilet and air conditioner. They sent a female staff member to fix even though the man who repairs things was sitting in office talking. The female tried to fix my air conditioner, I asked her if she certified and trained she stated she was "shown" all while the man who repairs things sat in the office with the rest of female staff talking. Review from 9/16/16 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2016: Initially, I believed the Tower At Morgan Hill was a nice find. I was impressed with the visual amenities and cleanliness of the 1st floor and felt my college student would be in a good location with a secure front door key system. Upon moving in, there were several issues regarding the bathroom tub not draining, the dishwasher not working, dirty carpet that had not been cleaned prior to moving in and a section of the kitchen floor that needed repair. Several of the above problems were ongoing throughout the lease. We also found that if the front door keycard was temporally misplaced or accidentally locked in the apartment, management was very quick to charge $50 a pop just to allow residents to enter. Parking is not close and it's a hike to the front door. If residents have a load of groceries or items, there are a dozen or so parking spac Review from Google
Sep 2016: I have lived at The Towers since August 2015 and my experience has been very good. I have had a couple maintenance issues here and there but they have all been handled/taken care of completely within 24-48 hours. All of the staff members are happy to help and are very welcoming. Many times I have passed them in the lobby or been in the elevator with one of them and they always say hello and strike up lively conversations. XXXX, one of the managers, is extremely friendly and willing to answer any questions I've had. One of my favorite things is the feeling of safety I get throughout the whole building and property. Review from 9/2/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2016: Pretty nice. The employees there are straightforward and the maintenance is pretty standard, and they even have emergency maintenance. I also like the unlimited utility that is already included in the rent. The only thing is that the building is old. Even though it has been renovated 6 years ago, the bathrooms do not have fans and some appliances have been broken several times by themselves. Also, the bathrooms do not have enough drawers to fit everything and it is awkward. Review from Google
Aug 2016: I have lived at the tower for about 2-3 years and absolutely loved it, so I was sad to move. The office staff was very friendly and helpful. Maintenance was very quick to correct any issues if they're were any & housekeeping was wonderful, very clean through out the building. They offer muffin Monday's, taco Tuesday's, waffle wednsday's, hot chocolate was offered in the lobby for the cold days and lemonade for the hotter days. Assigned parking, great friendly safe environment & Very close to campus. Review from 8/9/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2016: The experience of living at Morgan Hill is not worth the proximity to campus. The problems began before I even moved in. Being a UT grad student moving from out-of-state, I requested to be matched with a roommate through their roommate matching process. I filled out a lifestyle form and was glad to see that I could request my roommate be a fellow grad student, who I assumed would have a similar schedule. As my move-in date got closer, I requested contact information for my roommate so we could coordinate. Though Morgan Hill will deem a future roommate suitable enough for you to live with, they refuse to release any type of contact information about that person (and in retrospect, I believe that’s so the potential roommates don’t get to talking and realize the Tower did a horrible job matching). I overlooked it and simply requested confirma Review from Google
Jun 2016: The Tower at Morgan Hill is great for student living. It's got a great location close to campus, the Strip, and Downtown, the rent is all-inclusive, it's furnished, and you have assigned parking. The staff is also friendly and helpful. On the other hand, the pricing is a bit ridiculous, and the building has occasional bug problems (even if you are a clean freak like me). The pest control guys are paid to only spray on carpeted areas (seriously) so if you have a pest problem you have to take matters into your own hands. I have lived here two years and my roommate and I each pay $640 for a two-bedroom apartment. Almost all housing near campus is very expensive, so I guess this is to be expected, but that's why I said that this housing is great FOR STUDENTS. Once you graduate, the price starts to outweigh the location. Review from Google
Dec 2015: I absolutely love The Tower at Morgan Hill. Management is awesome, security is tight and it is upscale living with the interior design and amenities. Love the creative ways they make it special too... Review from 12/8/15 on Google
Jun 2015: I have lived at the Tower for about a year now, and I have found it to be a great choice. I have a spacious, furnished one bedroom with TONS of closet space. The kitchen is a little small, but I cook a lot and I manage just fine! The gas range, stainless appliances, and granite counter tops are a plus! I love the look of the building, THE VIEW, the location, and the convenience of an assigned parking space. I also like that my internet and cable are included in my one check/month. The staff tries very hard to assist with any of my needs and are very nice and prompt in accommodating them. Moving to a new city alone, I wanted somewhere I felt safe, and the Tower definitely is that. There are cameras everywhere and everything requires key card access! Review from 6/22/15 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2014: The Tower at Morgan Hill is an exceptional apartment complex. The facilities are clean and safe, with multiple levels of security. The amenities including the pool, theater, workout facilities, as well as the social events supported by the management foster a real sense of community. Any repair work was attended to without delay. I have recommended this complex to a colleague and will continue to do so should the opportunity arise. Review from 06/24/14 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2014: I lived here for about one year and I had a great time. The staff members are professional and very concerned about your experience while living here. They are also very willing to help you find an assignee if you need to leave for some reason. The manager, Mrs. Wender, is very kind and courteous; you can go to her for anything and she will try to help you, regardless of how busy she is. I give this place 5 stars. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an apartment in Knoxville, TN. Review from 06/17/14 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2014: I have lived here about 9 months. Overall, I have really enjoyed it. Much better than other places I have lived around Knoxville. The staff is great. Only complaint I have is that you can hear doors slamming constantly, but I think you learn to ignore it. Review from 01/22/14 on Apartment Ratings

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