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Steeplechase Apartments

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May 2019: I do not understand the bad reviews of the office staff that was on here. We worked with Bill, and he was an absolute pleasure. He was funny, straightforward, and helpful person. The amenities are great, and the community is beautiful. We almost ruled Steeplechase out because of the bad reviews, but he really dispelled all of the negative comments. I am very glad we didn’t. We are seriously considering moving here. If anything changes, I will update this review. I just feel like I had to share my experience because the wrap they received on here is nonsense. Review from Google
May 2019: We have lived at Steeplechase apt for over 3 years.. We love it here . Today we transferred into a spacious 3 bedroom townhouse. The new management is super helpful and professional. The maintenance is done in a timely manner. The pool has always been such a joy well maintained always kept clean. Love the grills in convenient locations around the property. Nice dog run. We can't say enough good things about it here ! Review from Google
May 2019: My husband and I are so pleased with Steeplechase! We just recently moved into one of the townhouses with our dogs. Not only is the townhouse spacious, but the vaulted ceilings and natural light completely won us over! The natural flow of the floor plan makes the whole house seem more like a home where we will be able to comfortably host family and friends. Although you are in a community, you feel a sense of privacy and seclusion with the layout of the property. Since we have our fur-babies, the dog park is an additional bonus! The dog park is the most spacious and well maintained dog parks we have seen at any apartment complexes in the Knoxville area! Aside from the lovely interior and exterior of the townhouse, we were mostly impressed with the incredible staff that make this complex even more enjoyable! Tiffany, Bill, and the rest of the staff are extremely down to earth and are always willing to make your experience that much better Review from Google
May 2019: I have lived here 10 months and love my apartment. I have hardly had any issues and when I do maintenance has been very helpful and quick to get it taken care of! The new office members are amazing and do everything they can to work with you. I highly recommend living here! Review from Google
May 2019: I have lived here a little over a month and a half now. I can’t say enough great things about it. The staff is so personable and friendly. The gentleman in the office was super informative and helpful while we were making our decision. I love that we have 2 pools, that’s a huge bonus to living here. I also love the gym (saves on membership fees elsewhere), and the dog park. I absolutely love the location. We are close to EVERYTHING! We had one issue with our shower head, and maintenance was quick to have it fixed. So far we are so very happy with our decision! Review from Google
May 2019: Listen to all the negative complaints. I've lived here for many years and have had nothing but issues with mold and insects in my apartment. I live on a bottom floor and the way these apartments are built at ground level allows moisture to get into the drywall and causes all kind of mold. The apartments don't care, they even have you sign a mold waiver when moving in so they can't be responsible for it. The apartments has yet again been bought by a new company because no one wants to move in because they are asking way to much for these out dated apartments and the one's that are updated are even more expensive. They claim fair market value but most if not all apartments in the area are 100 times nicer and don't have issues with crime like these do. I have people selling drugs around my apartment at all times of the day and cars get broken into all the time. The new management also act like they are in high school Review from Google
Jan 2019: Their property has a great location, which is the best thing that can be said about it. Rent is high, the appliances are old, and the maintenance has to come out for the same issues over and over again. The amenities are a joke. The pools are just wading pools, which are fine for kids but ignore people who may actually want to swim. I hope you don't want to use the office or workout room (2 treadmills, a bike, a weight machine, and some hand weights) on Sundays, because they only staff one worker, and if that person has to leave to show an apartment, they either lock you in or kick you out. Review from Google
Jan 2019: im going to write my review in text in know they can relate too. Okkurt, So Ashley she da trap queen of the lil ghetto, dis her hood and she run in like tha projex. Dis lil dump be nasty, like her attitude.She da ASSt. Manager, hood rad trap queen little ho. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: I'm looking at all the reviews and it's so sad how they're pinpointing Ashley. Ashley was the 3rd person I met in the office and she was amazing! She has the biggest smile and she seems to have a great personality. She and the residents I talk to, adore her. She's the assistant manager and she seems to do the "dirty" work that the "sweet lazy manager" (sweet is sarcasm). I have been late before and no, Ashley wasn't rude, but she was very straight to the point about needing the money for rent. She isn't responsible for the verbiage late letters. She told me it was approved by Corporate, and she's telling the truth. I'm sure the ones who are saying she's rude, is because she didn't give in to their request or stood her ground. The pregnant lady has been way more rude and many residents agree. Do not let the reviews about Ashley steer you awa Review from Google
Dec 2018: Steeplechase looked so welcome, but living there was nightmare. We lived at many places over years and never had problems with our previous landlords. Even we were never asked to move out, until this Steeplechase Apartment. We moved in August this year and had no problem for first two months before we received first eviction notice. We have children, and holidays approached. We talked with lady from office, we never got her name. Then next eviction notice the day after Thanksgiving Day, we talked with Ashley, an assistant property manager (at first we didn’t know she was an assistant). We knew something was wrong immediately. We became very careful and had few hearing people over (we are deaf). They said people in this whole building were really loud. That’s when we knew they took blames on us and took advantage of our inability hearing Review from Google
Nov 2018: It was a TERRIBLE experience. Maintenance answered when they wanted too. Tons of hidden fees in what you thought monthly rent would be. I wouldn’t want to raise my kids in this environment. Plus the tenants pay all this money just to have a barely modern apartment model, what you see in the advertisement pictures .... IS NOT what your getting. Ashley, “a manager” is not only RUDE, she’s unprofessional and I despise calling the office because she’s usually who answers. I wouldn’t recommend leasing at steeplechase to ANYONE. Review from Google
Oct 2018: This place was such a let down. They appear to look nice from a distance and in fact at one time this was a nice property. The fact that I moved to steeplechase last August I was initially happy, until... I was told upon moving in don’t worry about the rips and tears in your floor someone will come repair it, a vendor showed up one time and didn’t have a match and never came back... when I would follow up with the office they would act like it was a crime and was very rude. The outside of the buildings are very poorly maintained I asked several times for brush and dead falling limbs to be trimmed and was only fussed at every time I ask. A dead tree fell through my neighbors window it was so neglected. The last time I ask was last month which was 8 months from when I first ask if any maintenance was going to be done to the overgrown rear of Review from Google
Oct 2018: I had no problems at all with Steeplechase, until it came time for my lease to end. My roommate and I absolutely loved our apartment, and the staff had always been extremely polite and gracious with us. The apartments aren't anything special, but we were comfy and had a great time living there. After they decided to charge us an extra month of rent, and an exuberant cleaning fee for an already spotless apartment, the professionalism of the staff (particularly the associate Ashley) was completely non-existent. Ashley was not only rude to my roommate and myself over the phone, she repeatedly delivered wrong information to us through emails and over the phone. We made sure to let management know of her disrespect and lack of professionalism. As great of a time as we had living there, the actions of this one individual completely tarnished the exc Review from Google
Aug 2018: My boyfriend and I toured Steeplechase in April of this year, upon our arrival we immediately knew it had to be our home. The apartment we toured is currently the apartment we live in now; a renovated 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment. After moving in everything went well for a total of about one week before we began to notice many things going wrong. To start my boyfriend and I are both extremely cleanly & sanitary people which helps tremendously with the discomfort I have toward crawling insects, which we began to notice a plethora of. In one day we counted we had killed a total of 7 fairly large spiders and 3 miscellaneous large bugs. We proceeded to call the office to put in a maintenance report to have it taken care of and since have called back 6 times have them consistently come and spray(In a four month period). In addition to that it seems to us as they renova
Jun 2018: My family moved in last week and we’ve loved it so far! We love the pools! The residents are all super nice and friendly. The staff are also really helpful and friendly! I love the location it’s pretty close to everything! I love the ceiling in our living room and the shape of the bedrooms! Also I love the windows! We do have a few silverfish pop up sometimes we’ve seen maybe 5 or 6 but it’s not awful. Also when you report an issue someone always fixes it within a day or so. We recently lived at The Park at Fountain City and we had awful mold and no one wanted to fix it. I do have a few minor issues like my bathroom drawer falling but I don’t use it really haha. Review from Google
Jun 2018: It is 10:55pm and I am currently sitting in an apartment that has no air for the second time in one year. It is 86 degrees F in my apartment and I have been told I have to wait until the morning. I am not going to continue my stay here and would really advise you, the reader, not to move here. This place is terrible. I have placed anywhere between 12-15 work orders. There is one maintenance man here (supervisor) who is awesome, but that is the only person I like in the staff. I received a call asking if I was going to continue my lease and when I stated no I was pretty much told too bad. They had called me 30 days before my lease ended asking if I would continue instead of calling me 60 days (which they say is required per lease agreement) they said I will be switched over to a month to month lease that would cost me double what I am currentl Review from Google
Jun 2018: I moved into the apartments in June of 2017. The office staff was friendly and helped me with all of my initial needs. Let's get heavy hitting questions out of the way first: how is the community? Well, it's average. There are a lot of great residents around us, and a lot of not so great ones, too. The complex feels moderately safe. Parking can be ridiculous though, because there are no enforced permits or rules. What are the quality of the apartments? The apartments are clearly aged and typically not that clean. However, there don't appear to be any major mold or bug problems that can't be addressed yourself. Appliances are old but do (typically) work. The apartments are overall worth what they cost. However, the complex is aged and it will cause lots of issues that cannot be avoided. Since I have lived here, my dishwasher has stopped work Review from Google
Mar 2018: Funny thing all I see on here is people bashing this place and all of their problems is exactly what occurred to me as well. I had several massive bugs that were in my closet, living room, dishwasher and it was never fully resolved. Several times my neighbors would smoke and it would completely fill up my apartment. On top of this when I moved out I was told that they wouldn't ding us with clean up fees because we didn't walk 30 feet to throw away our TV and they did. In total i had to pay 500 dollars in fees after I had moved out which was completely unnecessary. I had read before I moved out here to stay away from this place and I didn't listen, so I advise if you're thinking about living here then DONT. Trash place. Review from Google
Mar 2018: NEVER EVER EVER EVER move here. If I could give it negative stars I would. I have been harassed by a man on the maintenance crew in my own home, belittled by the management and felt my life threatened a neighbors random visitor. In addition to the multiple drug dealers living around me and my apartment (specifically my closet) smelling of illegal substances. And the management "couldn't do anything without smelling it for themselves." Seriously, worst place for college, recent grads, small families, older folks, and anyone in between. Dont just drive, SPEED to the next nearest apartment complex. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I tried to give this place the benefit of the doubt. However, I cant sit silent on a few things. First, this place gets a 1 star rating. Ive had problems with this place since 2015, and im finally ready to pack up and go. My apartment was trash when I got it. I have documentation and a video showcasing this. They tried to fix the situation by having cleaners come in and clean it. Their definition of cleaners was 2 girls ultimately telling me that my apartment looked like that because thats just the way it is. Moreover, one of the girls used her personal situation to downplay mine. Next, is maintenance. Recently they came in to do a required spraying for pests. But, why is it that I am sleep in my room, and when I wake up for class I have note on my table saying service completed. I have a problem with that. They should give a time window, Review from Google
Feb 2018: Very disappointed. This apartment complex will do everything they can to take your money. The appliances are out of date, the management is rude, and the rent is high. Waste. Of. Money. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Their property has a great location, which is the best thing that can be said about it. Rent is high, the appliances are old, and the maintenance has to come out for the same issues over and over again. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Terrible experience but I should have learned that from living here 8 years ago. If you're thinking about living here, run. The apartment will not be cleaned when you move in (raw meat and eggs left in my garbage disposal), somehow you'll have additional fees added on to your rent almost everything and the office staff are the most unhelpful staff I've ever encountered. If I could give it no stars, I would. Also, please save your generic response about stopping by the office so you can help. I've yet to see anyone that you've really helped or solved their problem. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Terrible apartment living. From the time that I moved in and had over 10 work orders placed in the first week. To what is currently happening where I will be able to pay one day after rent is considered late, even though this Monday was considered a holiday and shouldn't be counted, I will have to pay a late fee. I called to see if there was anything they could do, considering I can't control the days in which I am paid. And they said there was nothing, I will just have to pay the late fee. This is ridiculous! I will not be signing another lease, and I hope that you don't get tricked into signing one either. From the outside this place looks nice, but once you live here you'll realize it is a complete opposite. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Nothing but issue after issue since moving here. Today I came home to a letter on my door stating they will be charging for sewer issues and the cost will be divided by the number of units in the building. How is it our fault your too cheap to replace things after 30 years???????? Review from Google

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