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Oct 2019: I lived at Redpoint for 2 years. If i had left after the first year, my review would've been 4-5 stars without a doubt. Staff was fantastic, John and the rest of the maintenance crew were amazing and swift to fix any issue you had. (This held true for the entirety of my occupancy) However, recently after I resigned my lease the ownership group changed. Then a few months later management completely changed. Upon this new management coming we were told that inspections were going to be done on all units. Pretty standard stuff. We were given a 2-3 day window in which to expect these inspections to take place. Also fairly standard given the amount of units and rooms to be taken into account. A week passed by and nothing happened. Not a single knock on the door or anything. An email was sent out later than inspections were taking longer than anticipated. Not a big deal once again. Finally, about 2 Review from Google
Mar 2019: I renewed for next year and this place is hands down the best in Knoxville. At first I wanted to have a house somewhere in the Fort but decided to live here after finding out that they were stand alone cottages (so pretty much a house). They provide our cable and internet, they allow pets for the cheapest pet fee, the managers and staff are seriously so fun and if you need anything they respond so quickly, and honestly there are so many great things about living here. Bonfires here are the move, especially in the Fall. That's probably the best part of living here. This place really feels like our own home!!!! p.s. we live in a gated community
Mar 2019: I love living at Redpoint!! My roommates and I have all renewed to live here again next year and have loved everything about it. The cottages are so cute and it's comforting to know we live in a safe, gated neighborhood. The management is amazing and truly care about all of the residents here, always put on the best events in the clubhouse, and the maintenance staff is so friendly and fast. I can't say enough good things about this place! Love calling Redpoint my home :)
Mar 2019: Repoint Knoxville is the best place to live off-campus!! I literally have no complaints about living here. Management is so thoughtful and diligent about helping you with anything. Any time we have put in a maintenance order, they have come to help within 20 mins and even follows up to make sure everything is still working. Living here has been simple and it truly feels like home. The commute is easy and has never been stressful. I have friends over all the time and they all say they wish they could live here. The cottages are so nice and spacious. I'll be sad when I have to move out!
Feb 2019: I have lived at Redpoint for two years and I can't say enough great things about it! Paige and Arielle are super friendly and responsive to any issues that may come up. They even delivered coffee and a card to my house when they heard I'd been working night shifts! Maintenance is always very nice and on top of anything your cottage may need fixed. They also do fun resident events each month like Chickfila breakfast and grocery bingo. The staff does so much to make the community feel like a neighborhood, which is so different than other places I've lived in Knoxville. I have loved my experience so far living at Redpoint and would recommend it for anyone looking for a cottage close to campus!
Feb 2019: I’ve lived in a handful of housing complexes throughout my college career and RedPoint is hands down my favorite! Paige and Arielle have gone above and beyond to fix every issue I’ve had— their management is the reason I renewed for year two!!! Resident incentives, a short drive to campus and stress free parking!!! PS. Who ever keeps hitting the gate and breaking it, you ruin my life. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I just can't wait to move out. First the internet and cable suck. If it goes out be prepared for it not be fixed for a week or more. All the office does is sends and email for you to the company they source through and in return gives you highly inaccurate updates. The community is also "gated" and by gated there is an open gate installed that on the regular is just left open. I will say any maintenance issues you have besides things that involve comcast are solved timely. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Currently live here and love it and the way it feels so homey! The management is great and have yet to have any problems with living here! Review from Google
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Sep 2018: I used to love living here. I loved that you lived in a house and that it seemed so private. It was quiet and peaceful, then management changed over and the property was sold off. The new management is awful. If you have issues with your neighbors being too loud and you contact the office for help, they will tell you to speak with them instead of the office doing their job and contacting them for you. They randomly come into your apartment and charge you for things that are "damaged" and add the fees to your account without telling you until the fees are considered late. They have a $300 pet fee which I was told would take care of any damages that my pet would do but now I'm being charged $100 extra for "pet damages" and when I brought up that I paid a pet fee and that it should be taken out of that, I was then told that that is not what the pet fee is for.
Sep 2018: I have live here for 3 years and have loved every minute of it. It is so convenient to live in a house for the same price or cheaper as an apartment in college. I have a dog, so I love having lots of green space. The back porch on the houses are the best part. I can have a fire pit and have friends over to hangout in the yard with out going down to a pool like at an apartment. For sure one of the best places to live at UTK. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I love how Redpoint feels like home away from home! Maintenance and the office staff are always helpful and get things done in a timely manner. I would recommend Redpoint to anyone looking for housing in Knoxville! :) Review from Google
Jul 2018: I love how the apartments are created like mini homes. they property has character and beautiful designs as well as amazing amenities. I noticed the fitness center as well as the gorgeous pool, there is always more than enough layout chairs. Also the floor plans and pricing are fair as well. This would absolutely be a property I would love to reside at. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Absolutely loved the complex. It’s so beautiful, and so welcoming. Unfortunately I only got to live here for two years. However, I would live here for years longer if I didn’t have a job out of state. Keep up the great work y’all! Review from Google
May 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE! The management is awful. Not only are the houses cheaper quality, but the management is always looking for ways to scam its residents. I lived here for one year and we hardly ever had wifi and cable (seriously months at a time) because they had no urgency to contact the service provider and get it fixed. Along with this, they tried charging my roommates and I hundreds of dollars in "damages" that were there when we moved in. Quite a few of my neighbors had the same issues. This place is not worth the stress and they will scam you in the end. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Very nice new college apartment houses. Both the interior and exterior of the homes is fresh and clean. The vast majority of residents are college students, but I did not notice any excessive noise or activity even on a weekend night. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Would give them a zero star if I could. Awful management, outrageous rates, and the only good reviews are from employees that work in the office. Save your money and go somewhere else. Review from Google
Jul 2017: This review was a 5 star for my entire living experience until the last 2 weeks. The staff has turned over and the new management is extremely inflexible and uptight. This was always known as a fun place to live and have a good time. I would be very wary of it living up to that reputation if you move in for the 17-18 year. Review from Google
Sep 2016: Best massage I have ever received. She genuinely puts a lot of effort into the massage. I will definitely go back! Review from Google
Sep 2016: The retreat is awesome, best services and amenities, great quality housing and environment. definitely recommend if you can drive best student housing available. Review from Google
Aug 2016: I've loved the retreat ever since I've moved in. I've had no problems with the staff or the facility in the time that I have been here. It's been awesome. Review from Google
May 2016: I love the retreat!!! Hands down best place to live with awesome staff! Review from 5/2/16 on Google
Nov 2015: Best place I've lived in college!! All of the staff is very considerate of residents and super friendly! Any issues that have come up since we moved in have been taken care of immediately or at least within 24 hours. Review from 11/4/15 on Google
Mar 2015: The Retreat is awesome! The staff is so friendly and always helpful in a timely matter! There are also great amenities, such as free printing, computer use, coffee, and an awesome game and movie room. Review from Yelp on 03/11/15
Mar 2015: The retreat has helped with every problem we've ever had quickly and is always right on top of things. The awesome amenities at the club house are a great resource to have to. Review from Yelp on 03/10/2015

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