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May 2018: Living at Quarry Trail has been a pleasant experience for the last two years. I have participated in roommate matching both years I lived here and Quarry Trail has done a wonderful job facilitating that. The amenities they offer are nice to have even though I didn't always use them. They also host resident events that help unify the community and help you get to know students that are living in the community (or at least those students that actually participate in them). The shuttle is nice because you can ride it over to campus and not spend gas money as well as for the 8 am's when you aren't really functioning or alert enough to drive, you can ride it and get there safely. The apartments themselves are nice and having a furnished apartment is very easy with moving because you don't have to worry about hauling your own stuff in. The maint Review from Google
May 2018: Pros: furnished, they complete maintenance requests fairly quickly, shuttle bus to campus Cons: FILTHY, mold in bathrooms and kitchen that they call “iron build up,” you can hear absolutely everything, random families w/kids show up at the pool all the time even though this is student housing and the pool is supposed to be private, maintenance comes in whenever they want (a guy came in my room when I was taking a nap) I’ve lived here for 3 years and I cannot express how excited I am to get out. It’s a decent place when you’re young and just need somewhere cheap to live while in school. It’s basically just a bunch of college kids partying and breaking things, so expect noisy and dirty neighbors. You get what you pay for. They don’t really take noise complaints seriously, you’re better off just heading to the library to study. Review from Google
May 2018: The prices are very reasonable considering how close the apartments are to campus and that they are fully furnished. Quarry Trail also offers many amenities such as a workout room, free printing, and a free shuttle to campus. Great value for the price! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have lived here for the past 3 years. I enjoy Quarry Trail and the distance from campus since the strip and campus are usually super busy and has lots of traffic. They replaced our carpet with hardwood, and we have loved that. The only complaint I have is if you have noisy neighbors, you'll be able to hear it pretty clearly. Maintenance is very attentive and quick to fix things you need fixed, haven't had any issues with the office staff either. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I’ve lived at QT for 2 years (in July) and I really love everything about this apartment complex. It’s a great place for student living with all of the included amenities: 3 pools, sand volleyball, tanning, theatre, gym, entertainment, and more! The only issue I had was the drive, which I didn’t even have issue with the first year living here. Now that I’m older, go out and have my niche of friends (who all live in the fort) it’s just sometimes difficult to drive back and forth to campus/fort. Over all I love QT. If my roommates next year wanted to live here again I would sign again in a heartbeat. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have lived here for 2 years now and it has overall been a nice place to live. The amenities are great, especially the pool and printers. The only complaint I have is that every apartment in my building has had the carpet replaced with hardwood except mine. There are numerous tears and stains left by previous owners on the carpet but management has refused to replace it because they say it’s still in “good condition”. They also say that it is because we haven’t moved out and they are only replacing bad carpet in empty units over the summers. I have offered to leave for a few days so this could be done but they still say no. I just want my apartment to be as updated as the other ones because I’m paying the same price as people with updated floors. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have lived here for the last year and I think it is pretty great for a college apartment! I love being away from campus sometimes and it is still really easy to get to campus. The bus drivers are all great! I also enjoy the workout room and pool. Plus, they have fun events each month and a ton of free food. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I truly love where I live! The staff and maintenance are extremely helpful and accommodating, the amenities are fantastic, and my neighbors are wonderful! I am so excited to be living here for another year! Review from Google
Mar 2018: The staff is very flexible and nice ! Also, they are very good at their job. I had an issue with selecting my room and they responded back within a day with a perfect solution ! I can’t wait to move into my new upgraded room with new appliances, wooden floors, etc. Quarry Trails allow you to get more bang for your buck as a college student . Review from Google
Feb 2018: Quarry trail is a great place to live. The staff are always very nice and helpful and maintenance is always quick to fixing an issue if you have one! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I personally love Quarry Trail. The staff is really helpful, the apartments are affordable and really nice! You really get a lot for what you pay. The clubhouse is a really great amenity. They always really try to involve the residents in activities and there’s also a lot of options as far as rooms go. I really glad I chose to live at Quarry Trail. Review from Google
Jan 2018: This is a lovely apartment complex where I have lived for the past 3 years. I have changed 3 different buildings within the complex due to personal reasons however I love the complex and would suggest anybody to live here. The staff is very helpful and remembers your name as well as accommodates you as best as possible. Just give them a call and they will direct your call to the person that can best help you. There is a Starbucks coffee machine with fully stocked creamers, syrup, and many types of tea for everyone's taste. Printing is great as well and is available 24 hours a day and that is ideal if you don't want to buy a printer. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have already left one review but wanted to send another updated one. Quarry Trail is the absolute WORST place to live. DO NOT LIVE THERE! They do not care about their residents. They have been through several leasing agencies because no one wants to keep their property. Not only is the staff unprofessional, but they do not even know the basic state laws of property management. They will charge you for literally anything (I was charged $50 for leaving clothing tag in my dresser drawer). The apartments themselves are decent, minus the fact that things fall apart and break constantly. I moved out on Dec 26th and was told I was good to go and everything was done, just to be contacted a week later saying I have less than 24 hours to pay a random $211 fee before my subleasor could move in. Overall worst experience I have ever encountered. Not sure Review from Google
Dec 2017: Quarry Trail is really a good place. They have every amenity you can want. Staff is friendly. Maintenance is timely. The only thing I have to dislike (the one star drop) is that occasionally the water will be turned off for hours, and I'm someone that can't go without brushing my teeth or showering. Other than that, QT is a great place to live! So great, I signed a lease for another year. Review from Google
Jul 2017: ONLY WORTH IT IF YOU GET SUB-550 PRICING BUT GETTING VASTLY MORE EXPENSIVE EVERY YEAR! Everything was okay until mid-lease.They sent promos about getting the same price as you are currently paying if renewed by a certain date. I went to renew before this date and they changed the story, offered higher pricing instead of what they had claimed in writing on promos. Gave me the run-around when I questioned. I started talking to people about it and turns out it they're known to pull BS like this. Also after-hours phone system is awful; 5 min wait before listing options for redirecting call, and you leave a message for the emergency officer and don't actually talk. Awful system for if you need help ASAP but it's not 911-level EG if bathroom floods. Write down any direct phone #s they give you bc they are NOWHERE on the website. don't live unless you snag rent at >550.
May 2017: My daughter attends UT and and lives at Quarry Trail Student Apartments. One of her roommates throws pot and booze parties on a regular basis and smokes pot in her room. My daughter and her friend cannot take it anymore and can't get her to stop. We have spoken to the resident doing all of this repeatedly and asked her to stop. She continues with no respect nor regard for others. We have called Quarry Trails management on many occasions and they say they are powerless. We have even called the police twice and they cannot seem to help. Review from 5/18/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Extremely expensive for what you get. READ THE LEASE BEFORE YOU MOVE IN. They are so rude if you need to study abroad or transfer schools they will not let you out of a lease. The amenities are nice and so is the clubhouse. If you plan on even considering any sort of moving don't even mention it to the office because they say they will help and they don't. Review from 4/9/17 on Google
Mar 2017: I have lived here for 3 years now and I love it. The only negative thing I have to say is that you do have to drive to campus or take the shuttle to go to class. I used to live on campus so it was great being able to walk to class. That being said, this place is way more spacious and homey than the other communities near campus. I have a dog and she loves to walk around and play in the grassy areas located throughout the property. Maintenance is the absolute BEST. I will put in a maintenance request and they usually come out that same day to fix whatever is broken. Review from 3/26/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Worst experience ever. I will be so glad when my lease is up and I can finally leave this place. I'm not going to go into a long detailed explanation of all of my many, many issues with QT because I have had too many to even count. Issues with my apartment being dirty, with multiple bug infestations, with maintenance people walking in on me naked, with half their "amenities" not even working, with noisy neighbors, with gross roommates, with no parking (good luck finding a spot near your own apt) and every issue I had the management was completely unhelpful. Review from 2/16/17 on Google
Aug 2016: I would give this place no stars if i could. If I could sum Quarry Trail up in a few words, those words would be cheap, snakey, unaccommodating, and greedy. When you first arrive at quarry trail hoping to find your new home, everything looks great. Buildings are nice, club house and pool are beautiful. And this is what they want you to see. They highlight their tanning beds (which dont work), their gym (full of broken equipment), and the movie theatre (more of a hassle to rent, then its even worth). But all that is besides the point. What I want anyone that reads this review to be COMPLETELY aware of is that QUARRY TRAIL IS THE KING OF HIDDEN FEES. When college students come in to sign a lease this is all they will notice is the things i talked about above, all the ammenities they offer, and the greedy executives at QT know that these kids will be quick to sign a
May 2016: Affordable housing, average internet,responsive maintenance, terrible insulation so you'll be forced to spend tons not to freeze or sweat to death. you'll eventually hate the location and the administration. you'll realize that they will try to nickle and dime you and charge you fees here and there just because they can. Also if you dislike frequent power outages, there have been around 5 in the 8 months I've been living here. And any 5 star review you see is most likely faked by the administration. Review from 5/16/16 on Google
Mar 2016: I lived at Quarry Trail for three years and absolutely loved my time there! I will always cherish the years that I lived at QT. It is a beautiful community and the staff was always very helpful. I loved the resident events that the community has each month and loved how friendly the staff was when I stopped by the clubhouse. I highly recommend calling QT your home while you're in college! Review from 3/17/16 on Google
Mar 2016: Do not live at Quarry Trail. All they are after is your money. They do not care about their residents. If they did, they would strive to be accommodating with their residents. (Of course they spew a bunch of BS about how they do "strive to give their residents an exceptional place to live")--LIES. Here is some evidence to support my claim that they are simply after money and do not care: There is not enough parking for all of the tenants, plus guests. There will always, in any apartment complex, be guests. So when guests began to come and the lot filled up, people improvised because there was NOWHERE else to park. Review from 3/2/16 on Google
Dec 2015: The rooms are decent sized and good quality. The neighborhood is primarily college students, but it is still very peaceful given that it's located in one of the less developed areas of Knoxville. They have a sizable exercise room, a pool, an excellent coffee machine in the office, and offer a shuttle to UTK campus every weekday. The only issue is the slow WiFi. It's surprisingly slow given its proximity to available quality services. Besides the WiFi issue, there is not much to complain about. Review from 12/13/15 on Google
Nov 2015: I love living here, the complex is extremely nice! I love how there is enough parking behind each building. They offer fun activities and have a lot of amenities. The office staff is always willing to help. Also, maintenance gets the job done quickly!! Review from 11/21/15 on Google

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