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Quarry Trail

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Jul 2019: Quarry Trail is a great place for college students. We love the emergency button in the bedroom and living room, we have always felt safe on the property. The furniture in the units are not cheap and flimsy. Quarry Trail was accommodating to us but took some work to do so. would recommend for your first college apartment. Rent might seem expensive but if you take into account all the amenities, it’s a pretty good deal. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Quarry Trail is a great place for college students. We love the emergency button in the bedroom and living room, we have always felt safe on the property. The furniture in the units are not cheap and flimsy. Quarry Trail was accommodating to us but took some work to do so. would recommend for your first college apartment. Rent might seem expensive but if you take into account all the amenities, it’s a pretty good deal. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Currently at the end of my second and last year here. I rarely had issues living here my first year. The management changed and that's when everything went downhill. I had it set up so my rent would be paid automatically every month, so I wouldn't have to take a check or deal with late fees. Very soon after new management came in, I was logged out and couldn't log back in. When I talked to the manager, she basically said "try changing your password". Once I did finally get logged in, there were MULTIPLE months where they took the portal down for various reasons and then they changed the portal altogether. They gave us little notice of these changes. ON TOP OF THAT, per my contract, I am supposed to receive a notice that my rent is due on the first of every month. I don't. And when I was most recently charged with a late fee AND realized I would be charged over $600 for my $520 rent (I have been charged with multiple under the new management) I called to tell them my situation Review from Google
May 2019: The new leasing agents in the office are SO great! Cody, Megan, and Alex were so helpful and made the process so easy! I already know I can come to them with future comments and concerns and they’ll be taken care of in a timely manner and correctly! Review from Google
Apr 2019: The apartments here are nice for the price. The location for students is also in a good spot. The complex provides a shuttle which is supper convenient. The complex provides a lot of activities each month for residents which is super fun. Management can be rough to work with sometimes, but are also decently fast with work requests usually. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Quarry Trail and its amenities are really nice for the the price you pay. The office staff is usually nice and helpful, and they have some fun events and giveaways! The bathrooms mold a lot, and things break or wear/tear pretty easily. But all in all it's a good place to live as college apartments go. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have been living in QT since Aug 2018, and the experience has been very positive. The apartments are well built, and amenities adquate. They have a really nice clubhouse with a swimming pool. Biggest pro, they have free Starbucks coffee in the clubhouse. The staff in the office (Love Julia, Paige, McKenzie, Hannah, Cole, Austin, and Alicia) are super helpful and are always attentive to the need. There’s always plenty of parking available, and it’s only 20$ a year. The only thing I would have changed is more pantry space in the apartment kitchen area (There’s hardly any). Overall, great place to live if you are a college student in the area! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I highly recommend Quarry Trails. From the quiet area, beautiful pool and gym, to the many fun activities held in the clubhouse. The apartments are very spacious and clean. The staff is awesome and always helpful. Great location. I do not regret my decision of living here. Review from Google
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Mar 2019: I love living at quarry trail! The staff and services are very high quality, the parking is good, and all maintenance or other requests have been addressed very quickly and efficiently in my experience. I have recommended it to several people for the coming school year. Review from Google
Mar 2019: If you want to live in a place that sends maintenance to your apartment at least once a month to "fix" the same two things repeatedly, or one that tells you that the mold problem in your apartment isn't bad and if it were "mold would be growing on every wall" and that they don't know what you want them to do to fix it. Then Quarry Trail is the place for you. Because everyone loves spending $545+ a month for random maintenance inspections and mold. Honestly for a complex with "Love where you live" posted in multiple spots on property, they really make you hate where you live. Review from Google
Jan 2019: If you are a student looking for apartments near the UTK campus, DO NOT live here!!! This apartment complex has a huge mold problem, and no matter how many times you clean them, it will come right back into your showers, toilets, and faucets. My roommate put in maintenance requests about the mold, but nobody ever came to inspect it. Three months after we moved out of the apartment, my two roommates and I each received excessive cleaning bills, charging absurd amounts for items that did not even need to be replaced, and charging 50+ dollars for each “dirty” bathroom appliance, including the bathroom mirror. Even after scrubbing the tub clean, I still got charged for a dirty bathtub because since I had moved out, the mold had started growing back (as it did when I left for winter and spring break). My roommate even requested a copy of her le Review from Google
Jan 2019: I’ve lived at Quarry Trail for almost 2.5 years . I have not had any issues while living here. The staff is always helpful when a need or concern arises as well as maintenance. Everything you need to know regarding charges/fee is clearly laid out and they will always let you know before hand if you will be charged for anything. What I love most is the shuttle that we have. It’s very convenient for anyone who does not have a car, University parking pass, or anyone who just struggles to find parking on campus. Quarry Trail really caters to their residents and it shows. I highly recommend QT to anyone looking to live at a place where you get the most out of your dollar. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Greedy. Money-hungry. You lose, they win. Period. I do not recommend. My daughter transferred schools, so they told us they would put her room on the list of rooms available to be rent, but then placed someone in a different room in her apartment that had only been open for a month. We ended up paying for an empty room for 8 months! When we returned the keys, they claimed to not receive them and charged us $68 dollars for missing keys. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Great facilities and very accommodating!! We knew we wanted to move in nearly 20 minutes in! Very large rooms and spacious living areas, can’t wait to move in! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Brandy Grissom is a very rude and very dramatic person. She has no right to talk to students the way she does and should be reprimanded. She has no care for the students. This property is charging so much money for “cleaning” when students are cleaning their rooms before hand. I wouldn’t advise living here. Review from Google
Dec 2018: THIS PLACE IS A SLUM DO NOT LIVE HERE moved into my apartment and nothing worked not one light in the kitchen or living room worked day one once I moved in here. I’ve had maintenance orders since I’ve moved in and today I found mold in my room reported around 11:30am it is now 4:10pm and I’ve been “at the top of the list” for 2 hours these people don’t not care about your living experience. If you care about where you lay your head do not live here. Animals at the Knoxville zoo are living better. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I’ve had a great experience at Quarry Trail. If I ever have maintenance comes immediately if I ever have any issues. The location is close to campus and the shuttle is always convenient! Review from Google
Nov 2018: if you ever want to live somewhere and go to school, don’t ever live here. This is the worst, college-town, frat boy bullshit Ive ever seen. The office people/manager are rude as hell. My car was broken into, people yell in the parking lot and play music at all times of the night, it’s located in an awful part of town in south Knoxville, sketchy people live in the neighborhoods surrounding it, and I was assaulted by my roommate, and they nor Knoxville police did a damn thing. Not to mention she was asked to leave the premises for only 24 hours when she should have been arrested for domestic violence. Rent is overpriced and they charge out the ass for “cleaning” which consists of cleaning the bathtub and vacuuming, 3 months after move out and like to pretend they tried to contact you. They want 275$ for VACUUMING. I will never say anything good about this p
Nov 2018: MOLD, FEES, NOISE, TRASH. I was overcharged for cleaning fees 3 months after move out. I was charged for dust accumulation and a couple of items my roommates left. The apartment wasn't even fully cleaned by their cleaning crew before I moved in. My roommate's boyfriend was on the cleaning team and our building was neglected in the cleaning cycle. My father is a landlord in another city and has been for 39 years also believes them to be unreasonable. Overall, my year living here was mediocre. People would throw trash on our porch, landscaping, and pipework was done outside late at night (distracting my studying). There was pet poop all over the landscape. Trash in the parking lot. MOLD in my shower.MOLD surrounding and underneath the shower frame and sink. MOLD in the laundry closet. So in summary, DO NOT LIVE HERE.You'll save money living somewhere more expensive.
Oct 2018: Quarry Trail should be utterly ashamed of themselves. I have never in my life experienced a worse apartment complex. This place is a scam; they are stealing money from college students and are trying to justify it with their so called "cleaning fees." First off, they promise you all these "wonderful amenities" but don't be fooled, almost always the gym is closed or there is no access to the clubhouse after office hours, which are very short hours. The theft and car break ins were at an absolute high during my time living there; I constantly was receiving emails of car break ins and knew other people living there, whose apartments were broken in and Quarry Trail didn't help one bit nor had the security cameras to help identify anyone. Not to mention, the apartments themselves look nice on the outside, but once you live in them, it becomes clear Review from Google
Sep 2018: Willing to help but a little behind on in-office communication. I got all my paperwork and everything in line ahead of time to make sure I didn’t have to have a guarantor, but still would receive personal/specific emails that I needed “my guarantor” to sign a document for me. Maintenance a little slower to get to things than they tell you it will be, but over all great for the price!!! LOVE having water for a flat rate each month. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I've lived at QT for a month now and thoroughly enjoy my experience. They are very helpful if you ever get locked out of your apartment, have a maintenance issue, or need assistance with your pet. They are pet friendly and supportive of service and emotional support animals. (Although picking up after your pet could be monitored better in my opinion.) All together, I would definitely recommend the apartments and live here again! Review from Google
Aug 2018: I have lived here for 2 years and about to be going on 3 years. I have enjoyed my experience here and have loved the community at Quarry Trail. The rooms are spacious and the bathrooms as well. Makes living in college apartments feel more at home. Being able to have all the amenities etc. and having a pool is a plus. Honestly there is always something to do when a study break is needed. The shuttle is a plus, especially for game days. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else during my time in college and feel that this standard of living is accommodating for a college student. Review from Google
May 2018: Living at Quarry Trail has been a pleasant experience for the last two years. I have participated in roommate matching both years I lived here and Quarry Trail has done a wonderful job facilitating that. The amenities they offer are nice to have even though I didn't always use them. They also host resident events that help unify the community and help you get to know students that are living in the community (or at least those students that actually participate in them). The shuttle is nice because you can ride it over to campus and not spend gas money as well as for the 8 am's when you aren't really functioning or alert enough to drive, you can ride it and get there safely. The apartments themselves are nice and having a furnished apartment is very easy with moving because you don't have to worry about hauling your own stuff in. The maint Review from Google
May 2018: Pros: furnished, they complete maintenance requests fairly quickly, shuttle bus to campus Cons: FILTHY, mold in bathrooms and kitchen that they call “iron build up,” you can hear absolutely everything, random families w/kids show up at the pool all the time even though this is student housing and the pool is supposed to be private, maintenance comes in whenever they want (a guy came in my room when I was taking a nap) I’ve lived here for 3 years and I cannot express how excited I am to get out. It’s a decent place when you’re young and just need somewhere cheap to live while in school. It’s basically just a bunch of college kids partying and breaking things, so expect noisy and dirty neighbors. You get what you pay for. They don’t really take noise complaints seriously, you’re better off just heading to the library to study. Review from Google

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