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Maplehurst Park Apartments

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Jun 2019: Close enough to campus but far enough away from the "party houses" that are typical to the fort. Maintenance very responsive! Review from Google
Feb 2019: STAY AWAY! Based on the way the treat guests and fail to maintain signage regarding booting, not the kind of place you want to sign a one year commitment with. I stopped by to pick a friend up for midday lunch today, according to my google maps, I arrived at 1:11p. Most parking spots are labeled 'resident only,' but some are not; of course, the spot I parked in was one not marked as resident only or anything else. My friend had to finish getting ready, 20 minutes at most, but it didn't matter, because my car had a sign on it saying it was booted at 1:20p, less than 10 minutes after arriving. Apparently they have ZERO guest parking or pickup parking, and no signs stating your car will be booted anytime you enter the property.
Nov 2018: I lived in this community for 4 years so far. This community has a new manager, Sara. I just contacted her to renew my lease and ask for the price of renewals. She did not have the renewal price and she was asking me to decide without knowing the price. This is how they manage this place, you have to either renew or not without knowing the monthly rent. On game days they will rent the majority of the parking spots to strangers, so good luck with finding a parking spot for residents. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Awesome community garden, new laundry machines, quick 10 minute walk to school and downtown and theres always a parking spot Review from Google
Jun 2018: Lived here for a few years and in two different units and really enjoy it. Walking distance to both downtown and campus. Always had maintenance requests addressed in a timely manner. They are hardcore with the parking enforcement which I see as a positive. If it wasn’t enforced, it’d be impossible to find parking. Review from Google
Mar 2018: one star is for the front office staff and maintenance group, great people. Maintenance requests are promptly responded to and addressed. Second is for the view and location. But, paying for of the newer apartments for the past two years, I don't believe the value matches the price. Like I said the people who work here do there jobs well but can only work with what they're given, the problem comes from a higher level management. First, when I moved in there were ants, not acceptable for the cost of rent. I put in over 4 maintenance requests over the first year, all promptly responded to and a second party came for treatments multiple times. Literally had ants covering counters, bathroom, and coffee table on multiple occasions. Second issue I have is that the laundry room is bad. Only one machine out of twenty would wash with warm water and t Review from Google
Aug 2017: Ants, bugs, roaches, and more. Stay away from Maplehurst. The water heater above my apartment started gushing water in the middle of the night. Management handled extremely poorly. Review from Google
Jun 2017: Maplehurst is terrible. Several facts support this. There is a serious roach infestation & problems with mold. They will make you sign a waiver of liability for health issues contracted from mold exposure that says you have inspected the apartment for mold BEFORE you see the place. Several apartments have windows or ceilings with severe leaks that flood the living rooms. The laundry room looks like a basement in a Frat house, but filthier. The management will trap you in any way possible. Once you sign a lease, they automatically increase the rent whenever possible. I subleased an apartment and 2 months later when I decided to stay for the full year they increased the rent by $40. The same occurred each year after that. Thus the choice becomes pay more (every year) or move. When leaving they are also completely self centered. I decided to leave 1 month early for a
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Jun 2017: I decided to leave 1 month early for a new job and when I tried to sublease for that month they did not advertise it. They simply advertised it as available 1 month later (the end of my lease), rented it starting that month without notifying me, and made it all but impossible to find a subletter because any new tenant could no longer stay afterwards. The people that wanted the apartment ran for the hills once they found this out. The opposite was true when I moved in. There were several apartments available that I wished to sublet for 1 month because they would not start the lease for my current place until August. Instead of allowing us to stay in an un-rented apartment next door for one month (paying rent), I had to move across town for a month only to move back 4 weeks later.
Jun 2017: When I moved in the apartment still had not been cleaned, the current tenant had not even fully moved out, & the former tenant was a HUGE smoker. It took months to get the smell out. This exemplifies the back handed tactics that Maplehurst uses. One of their more interesting tricks is not allowing renters to see the apartments beforehand. This is because they are hiding things. They will tell you they don't wish to disturb tenants, however, this is a complete lie. I decided to move & told them they could show my apartment at any time. Later I decided to stay but they told me the place was already rented. They never even asked to show the apartment, they just rented without telling me. In sum, Maplehurst is a sneaky company & as back handed as any slum lord in town. The only difference is the slumlord is more honest and you will pay less than at Maplehurst.
Feb 2017: Perfect location in between UT and Downtown, without being in the middle of downtown. It is quite and hidden. The apartments are not luxurious compared to many other apartments in the area, but they are nice. Review from Google
Jul 2015: Possibly the worst staff of anywhere I have lived. They will rip you off every chance you get. $75 boot on your car every chance they get. don't even think about having a friend over. They screwed us on the damage deposit. I don't like these people and I don't trust them. can't tell you how glad I am to be gone. Review from Google
Jun 2015: My wife and I lived in a studio apartment in the Christopher building (830 Maplehurst Ct.) for two years (2011-2014), and it was wonderful. The building is between 90-100 years old, but had so much character. There was a foldout dining room table, a leftover phone in the wall from pre-WWII, and other little details. Every place we've lived since we compare to this. Excellent staff. They remembered both our names, even after only seeing us once every few months. They accommodated every request we had and were almost always available. The historic buildings are full of character, though I have no knowledge of the larger, more common-looking buildings they manage. Review from Apartment Ratings on 06/21/15
Jun 2014: Our time at Maplehurst was a great overall experience. There are many perks: 1. Conveniently located to Market Square, World's Fair Park & the Greenways 2. An amazing river view 3. An unbeatable maintenance and office staff that will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy! 4. All the buildings have lots of character and the landscaping is kept up very nice 5. They are dog (and cat) friendly! 6. Did I mention the office staff is amazing?! In giving an honest review, I must also state the negatives: 1. During UT football games, it's difficult to get in and out of the complex due to tailgating and road closures. Not a big downside, as there are only a few home games. 2. Noise! If you don't mind late night parties next door, or a few disrespectful tenants, then you should be fine. 3. Parking: Each tenant is allowed only 1 parking pass, Review from Google

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