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Knox Ridge

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Mar 2019: NOTE: Check the reviews with thumbs ups for real reviews. I will fully admit that for the price, you get some good space. That's where the positives stop. The apartments were thrown up way too quickly. The shortcuts made during construction range from how things are mounted into the walls, to the AC unit not working OFTEN. Maintenance requests will not be taken seriously unless you hound management. I personally had equipment nearly ruined because of a leak in the living room from the AC in the room above. When I asked for assistance they told me to just turn off the AC (it was 95 degrees outside). This did not fix the issue and leaks continued. Expect rent to end up being around $780 a month on average. They raise rent even if you extend your contract.
Feb 2019: Perfect place to spend the summer The neighbors are all very nice It's close to the school Lazy river life It's very close to the smoky mountain
Jan 2019: This is my second year living here and overall the experience has been very poor. The houses are spacious and the furniture is great, but the management is unreliable and unprofessional. Recently, there was a shooting that occurred on the property and the property manager, Cheryl, did not inform residents of the incident until a week later. She has been known to cover up several similar incidents in order to keep the public unaware and hide the criminal activities taking place. There has been several car break ins and a previous shooting before. As a young college student, I feel very unsafe living here and extremely taken advantage of. The communication and trust is terrible between management and residents. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I would not recommend this place to anyone. The manager Cheryl will tell you anything you want to hear just so she won't have to deal with anything. She allows people outside of the lease to live there without paying anything and without the consent of the residents. She is very inconsiderate and a consistent liar. If you have any issues at all you are just out of luck because nothing will be done about it. I, along with many others, had a very bad experience living here and the poor management only made it worse. The apartments were built extremely fast so be prepared to have many maintenance requests that will take a while to get taken care of. I would live literally anywhere else before I would ever consider living here again. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Save your money and live somewhere else. Layout and the apartment is great, but they were cheaply and quickly built. Our cabinets weren’t even properly aligned, paint peeling off cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms peeling, we had paint on our furniture when we moved in. We have random holes in our wall from the builders messing up the plumbing
May 2018: I recently put in a maintenance request and it took 4 days and still was not complete. We also had issues with our dry wall for 10 months before they were fixed and the property manager promised us they would be fixed by Christmas. I love the layout of the apartment but the staff (property manager specifically) is the worst I have ever dealt with. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I’ve lived here for two years now and have nothing but great things to say. There is not a better student living complex in Knoxville. The management are extremely easy to talk to and work with. 10/10 highly recommend. Review from Google
Mar 2018: My buddies and I have lived here for almost three years.. I did the double occcupancy option with my best friend so my rent was even more affordable! I loved taking the late night shuttle to the bars instead of buying Uber's.I really loved Knox Ridge & the staff. Review from Google
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Mar 2018: My favorite part of living here was when I got to rent out the Jumbotron for the season premiere of the bachelor by the lazy river.. Cheryl is so nice & understanding! When my girlfriends and I moved out she gave us paint and putty so our move out chargers wouldn't be so high. I actually cried when I moved out. 2245 FOREVER! Review from Google
Mar 2018: My 3 best friends and I just signed leases to live here and we are super excited..We searched around to almost every apartment place in Knoxville near campus and this was by far the most reasonable price along with amentites. I can't wait to be here officially! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I have lived in a 4 BR for two years now & I am so sad to be graduating & leaving. Cheryl & her staff have always taken care of me and my friends. My mom always felt safe with me staying here and my ork orders get finished very quickly! Highly suggest living here if you attend UTK. Review from Google
Feb 2018: You honestly can’t beat the price of this complex considering what you’re getting. Very spacious living spaces that are all fully furnished and really nice. We live in a 5 bedroom house with an oversized bonus room. We’ve had problems with out A/C and other appliances in the past, but whenever we call they usually send a guy to fix it on the same day which is really nice. Only problem is parking can be a nightmare sometimes on the weekends. Other than that, great place Review from Google
Feb 2018: The appliances suck and so does the service. They just want all your money and don't really care about satisfying you Review from Google
Dec 2017: This place is nice and they do a good job responding to work orders. That being said just make sure you get your problems taken care of because the costs of anything at move out are very high. Make sure you pay your rent on time because you are looking at a hefty 10-12% late fee. If you get the 5 bedroom layout your second living room is very hard to get furniture into them. Power bills are set up weird with every building with a a few units in them have the power bill divided between each unit in the building then from each unit then divided between each tenant. This means power usage of your neighbors will affect your bill and vise versa. Cherol, the administrator is nice but can be a little pushy. The rest of her staff are mostly people in their 20's and easy to talk to. The amenities are nice and the hot tub as well as the pool are expert Review from Google
Sep 2017: Definitely a great place to live! The townhouses are brand new and have plenty of space. The lazy river is a blast, and the fitness center at the clubhouse is convenient, especially since the Rec center on campus is always packed. It's a luxurious lifestyle with stainless steel appliances, full walk in closets and a full bathroom in ever bedroom- all with provided transportation to and from campus. Knox Ridge is a definite upgrade from my apartment last year. Review from Google
Sep 2017: The houses are awesome and the parking is really good! Definitely would recommend living here! Review from Google
Jul 2017: This apartment complex is a nightmare. First week here, no one in my unit had consistent hot water for two weeks and the ceiling was leaking. The neighbors' basement flooded with sewage only a couple months in. These buildings were thrown up way too fast and the quality of the construction is poor, and the clubhouse has a ton of cracks in the walls from being built on a flipping mountainside. don't even get me started on the furniture. My building alone has gone through three sets of dining chairs, and eventually management just stopped replacing them. The chairs were just glued together like they came from a dollar store. The beds are rubbish, and everything has a habit of falling apart when you sit on them. The parking was not planned at all. There wasn't enough space for all the tenants in front of their apartments, not even considering Review from Google
May 2017: All the crap we had to deal with is not worth 600+ dollars. We were the first individuals in this unit. Tear them down and start over. Also, the workers are rude and do not conduct business well. Review from 5/12/17 on Google
Nov 2016: Knox Ridge is an amazing place to live. I am currently a resident here and I feel 100% safe. The staff and maintenance are always on top of their game. They have exquisite 4 and 5 bedrooms with over 3,000 sq ft. It's perfect for college kids and I highly recommend for parents to take a tour as well. Review from 11/22/16 on Google
Nov 2016: Seriously, don't believe any of these very obviously fake reviews. This buildings were thrown up way too fast, and they are completely shoddy and unreliable. Me, along with several other friends who have lived in several other units, have had continuous problems that have not been fixed speedily or at all by a very rude staff. In less than half of my lease, we have had our comcast not work, our dryer break, our A/C go out, furniture be missing or broken, and most recently an ant infestation. When this was brought up to the management to see if they could spray, they basically said it wasn't their problem. Review from 11/10/16 on Google

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