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Highland Terrace

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Sep 2019: "Awesome so far!! The office staff are very helpful and so far the apartment is great , no problems at all. The location could not be better either." Review from Google
Aug 2019: It's in a great location, love being able to see the sun sphere from my apartment windows, makes it perfect for viewing fireworks on July 4th. The staff is nothing but friendly and kind. I've never had any problems with the apartment other than a water leak that was fixed quickly by the maintenance guys. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I enjoy Highland Terrace. I just moved here not too long ago, but I can already see that the office staff is great and maintenance is very nice. Everything was clean when I moved in. The people in my building are very nice. There were a few maintenance issues when I moved in, but they were taken care of almost immediately after I reported them. Review from Google
Jun 2019: I’ve lived in my unit for 3 yrs. Great proximity to campus and downtown. Buildings are a bit dated but maintained. Management is responsive and they have good office hours. Great pool right behind the 13th st market and a cute little “bark park” beside the office. The main office offers snacks, coffee, and often plans special events for residents. My only real complaint is about the late-night noise level but that just comes with living in The Fort. Review from Google
Jun 2019: I’ve lived in my unit for 3 yrs. Great proximity to campus and downtown. Buildings are a bit dated but maintained. Management is responsive and they have good office hours. Great pool right behind the 13th st market and a cute little “bark park” beside the office. The main office offers snacks, coffee, and often plans special events for residents. My only real complaint is about the late-night noise level but that just comes with living in The Fort. Review from Google
May 2019: Too expensive and waited too long time just to ask the transfer progress. The person, who works there, is not capable of explaining what to do. I heard there is cockroach problems. Anyway, I didn’t apply the apartment. For the person who wants to stay here, choose your place wisely. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I enjoy living here. It's pretty much what you expect when living by a university with primarily student around. There will be noise and some party's but I don't mind it. The price isn't unreasonable and maintenance is always timely. I wouldn't get your hopes up for anything special but it's best thought of as a place to live temporarily before moving on to better. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I had to move in quickly after another apartment fell through and the staff were so helpful and understanding. If something ever comes up they are quick to respond and go out of their way to be helpful. I've lived here for a year and have loved it here. Review from Google
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Apr 2019: I have lived here for about 2 years and have really enjoyed it. The office staff is always friendly, helpful, and promptly returns emails. Anytime I’ve needed maintenance they have come and fixed whatever very quickly and made sure I was happy with the end results. Lastly, the pool is a great place to spend weekends and meet others living in the complex! Review from Google
Feb 2019: I’ve lived here for two years and the staff, maintenance crew are professional and respond quickly. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I'm a resident of about 5 months. What can I say? It's the Fort. I have no complaints about management. They're very helpful and understanding. The buildings are also clean, and maintained well enough. The location is primo; it's within walking distance of Cumberland, campus, and downtown. The neighborhood convenience store is down the street. And the pool's sweet. It's a great place to meet new people, because everyone this side of the Fort swims there. That being said, the buildings are old and kind of shoddy; the walls are paper thin, and the circulation is really poor (the AC units are wall-mounted). You're gonna need several fans to keep your unit from getting too hot or too stuffy, and to mask the muffled bass from your neighbor's subwoofer. But hey, it's the Fort. What's also nice is that your parking is pretty much guaranteed duri Review from Google
Sep 2018: Thanks to these sorry assed people I won't ever get another apartment me and my estranged husband was renting from them a little over five years ago we got into an argument over him cheating on me and he beat me up throwed my things over the balcony my made me leave the office downstairs knew about this I had to leave because I was afraid for my life and these awful people still expected me to continue to live there with him I begged and pleaded with them to help me and they refused and they also refused to take me off the lease even though I wasn't allowed back on the premises and know my credit is ruined can't never rent a place again thanks highland terrace for ruining my life Review from Google
Aug 2018: Parents/Students be careful with this apartment complex. Our son was here the past year and the upstairs apartment had a long term plumbing leak that got into his carpet and walls. The complex placed fans in his apartment to remove water no dehumidifiers and we paid the power bill. We moved him due to health concerns with mold in walls and carpet (foul odor) and to add insult to injury they charged us fee to clean their carpet from their leak. They also charged a water disconnect fee when water was not in our name as the entire complex is on one meter and divide total usage among all renters (one bedroom one person averages $70/month). We had liability insurance the entire time of his stay and they charged a "forced coverage" and we provided an email proving continued coverage (they even acknowledge receipt). They are still holding our d Review from Google
Aug 2018: I just moved into a two bedroom at Highland Terrace and I am already beyond amazed at the staff. Sam's Club delivered my mattress onto the street which wasn't correct protocol for the apartment. I couldn't get it up to my room alone. When I called and asked for someone from maintenance to come help, I was told they were already gone. That's when a staff member by the name of Kasey walked over to try and help. Without it being within her duty to do so, Kasey came and helped me lift my unbelievably heavy mattress and put it into my apartment. It's those sort of kind actions by the staff that made me realize I picked the right place to live. Thankful that I'll get to live here for a while. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I get tired of being bullied by my neighbors when I live here. I have one more month here and I can't wait to get out. They know I am sensitive to noise and will do things to purposely raise my stress level like talk outside for hours loudly, set off small fireworks on the balcony above me, stomp on the balcony, or send ashes or cigarette buds down. I talked to management and they send notes or something. But the neighbors keep doing things to make my living space horrible. I wish I could just cut my lease and have it over with. I feel like I want to run away and am miserable and would rather be killed or something. Cause I'm doing all the right things to make it better, but these neighbors keep retaliating. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Unfortunately, the manager and the maintenance guys are awesome, but the way the business runs is absolutely about robbing your money. When signing the contract I paid $200 for background check! and $50 for application, which is too pricey for a city like Knoxville. One important thing to consider before living there is you’re looking to pay $50 average for water bill for the 12 months no matter how less you use your water, and that’s because the buildings are too old that there are no meters for each individual apartment. There’s only one for the whole building and what they do afterwards is divide it by the number of apartments. Another important thing is a new tenant is responsible for the water bill from the previous one, and they won’t tell you that until your lease is up and they send you the move-out statement. They’ll mesmeri Review from Google
Nov 2017: I was a little late looking for apartments my senior year (the week before school started). Highland Terrace was literally the last option that was (at the time I thought) reasonably priced. I had heard rumors about turning on the showers and roaches coming out, and while that didn't happen to me, I don't doubt that it happened as many bugs as there are. Homeless people live behind it in a shelter by the dumpster. In January, I had my car hot wired and stolen from the lot literally outside my door. The police caught him, and he turned out to be one of the homeless people living near the apartment. I raised my concerns to Highland Terrace for better watch over the premises, but they did nothing. Because the car thief (now convicted of a felony), lived outside before his trial, I was scared walking out all the time, and every homeless person Review from Google
Sep 2017: Great location. Super helpful and understanding management. If anything goes wrong there's always maintenance ready to help. Thank you guys😊 Review from Google
Jul 2017: Pros: helpful and friendly management staff, great maintenance team, very safe, no bugs whatsoever Cons: rent is expensive, rooms are dark and kind of sad, hard to find a parking space when you get home late Review from Google
Nov 2016: Water bill is over $70/month for a one bedroom apartment because they prorate against the whole building...buyer beware! Review from Google
Oct 2016: can't beat the location and the Manager and maintenance supervisor are beyond amazing! don't let all the new "shiny and new" student housing fool you! If you want the best service in the business then live at Highland Terrace!! Review from 10/30/16 on Google
Aug 2016: I just moved out after living here two years. It's a small space, and I'm moving in part because I wanted something bigger, but I'm giving it 5 stars because I think it's fairly priced and I don't know of any place better to live if you want to be walking distance to campus. Pros: Rent is cheap and I was never charged for anything extra (I've read horrible reviews about other places in the fort that tack on bizarre extra charges all the time). It's extremely close to campus, so you don't have to pay for those ridiculous UT parking passes or worry about not being able to get to class when it snows. There's a convenient store right next to the apartments and it's open late. Maintenance is literally amazing- I hardly had any trouble but if there was anything trivial that needed to be fixed they were there before the day was up. Everything was cl Review from Google
Jul 2014: I have been living here for four month, and I really enjoy the life here. There are play grounds and swimming pool for my kid, and it is very convenient for me to go to my office at UT. Moreover the service of the leasing office is highly appreciated . Review from 07/27/14 on Apartment Ratings
May 2014: I have been here for about one month. The location is very convenient for me to take classes at UT campus and go to the downtown. The apartment is very close to World Fairs' Park and Ford Kid, it is extremely suitable for kids to play. The apartment is very clean and cozy. I like the on-line payment most. Cause I can pay my rent in my apartment without going to the office. The staffs here are always nice and patient. About the maintenance, once I just called the office about my electricity problem, and just 10 minutes later, they showed up. All in all, I am satisfied living here. In addition, swimming pool and parking are free. Review from 05/27/14 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2011: First off, the staff are extremely friendly and like others have said, will bend over backwards to make sure everything is ok. Anissa, is the property manager. She actually will listen to you if you have a problem or concern. She's wants your to be happy. She's the best! The apartments are very clean. Right before I moved in, they had installed new carpet and just painted walls. This will be my second year at Highland Terrace. I LOVE IT!!! I love that Highland Terrace is only four short block to the UT campus. I love that Highland Terrace is only one mile to downtown Knoxville. I love that Highland Terrace has an outdoor swimming pool. I've met a lot new friends at HT. So, I would recommend Highland Terrace Apartment's to any student that's looking for a very nice, clean and fun apartment complex. Review from 01/17/11 on Apartment Ratings

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