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Grand Forest Apartments

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May 2019: haven't experienced anything negative and the rates are as good as you'll find in Knoxville. The convenient store next to the building is also very convenient. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I lived here from 2008-2010. I lived in the huge 6 bedroom apt up at the top with 5 other dudes. It was serviceable. My only complaints would come from the roommates. I never felt afraid of the area or used by the landlord. But remember, I lived with 5 other dudes way high up. We would look down and see all the parties from our deluxe apartment in the sky. No one would mess with us, like at all. They did not want to climb the stairs. The maintenance people took care of us pretty well. This isn't a 5 star resort, but it's not a slum either. The carpet sucked but the water worked, the appliances worked and you could walk to the strip and to class. Review from Google
Sep 2018: If you want a slumlord and enjoy dealing with terrible maintenance men walking in your room whenever they want, then this trashbin is the place for you! Review from Google
May 2017: Living here has been great. The staff is really nice and helpful. I moved here from a different state and Scott went above and beyond to help set me up with great roommates. It's cheap, so you get what you pay for, but its really not bad. The apartments are old, but cute and kept up pretty nicely. I've never had an unsafe experience here, even though its closer to the sketchier part of town. It can be noisy and people party, but its not too bad. I would definitely recommend Grand Forest. Review from 5/24/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Overall, this isn't the best place to live. Scott, the landlord, is always super nice and helpful. The maintenance staff are quick and efficient at repairing anything that needs to be fixed. For the most part, I feel pretty safe in my apartment as well. However, that's pretty much where the perks stop. The couch is beyond annoying. It's built into the wall, it's carpeted, and the cushions are removable. Very uncomfortable. Yes, there's free laundry, but there are only FOUR washers and dryers to share between four apartment buildings. You can't do laundry without someone taking your things out of the dryer before they're done, and don't expect to sit and wait with your laundry, because the laundry room standing space is about 3 square feet total. Review from 12/13/16 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2016: I have lived at Grand Forest for 3 years and have really enjoyed my time here. The landlord is great and all of the maintenance staff have been helpful and very quick to respond. When compared to other student living communities in Knoxville, Grand Forest is one of the best bargains.
May 2016: I lived here for a year. One of the worst places to live in Knoxville. The unit was infested with roaches, there were 2 shootings a block away while I was there, the landlord would randomly barge in unexpectedly (once while I was in the shower!), and a myriad of other problems... It may be the cheapest place around, but you're paying TOO MUCH for what you get. Avoid it like the plague! Review from Google
Apr 2016: If you are planning to live in the Fort, stay away from Grand Forest. They are over-priced, nasty, and noisy. If you don't like having mold, roaches, and standing water in your apartment, then I would not pay to live here. If I did choose to live here again, I would have to pay $100 more (750 total per month) for an unfurnished apartment that has mold problems (which the landlord failed to mention, I only know due to experience and old neighbors that could not live here because there was mold growing in the entire apartment). Also, anytime it rains, prepare for a puddle in your apartment (that was apparently fixed). Review from 4/6/16 on Apartment Ratings
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Jun 2015: You know what you're getting in to with this place. It's the fort. Loud noisy neighbors, and for football season don't even think about getting out of the parking lot. The actual adjustments are a little old, but for the price you really can't go wrong. Keep your place clean or you will get cockroaches. The management (Scott) and the maintenance team are the best. always willing to help, and maintenance is done on time. For the price you pay, you know what you're getting. Review from Google
Jan 2014: This apartment isn't the most fancy in the Fort, but it is a GREAT value. Maintenance and office staff are wonderful, and they will fix any problems right away (although I haven't had many). Parking spots are assigned and street parking is usually available for visitors. My only complaint is that it can get noisy on weekends, but that's the price you pay for living near campus. I would definitely recommend this apartment complex. Review 01/23/14 on Apartment Ratings.
Nov 2012: If you choose to live here, invest in a firearm or two. Arguably the most dangerous area of the fort to live in. Review from Google
Dec 2011: As a UT student I had a great time at Grand Forest. Yes there are a lot of parties here; it's UT after all. Maintenance guys were good. The new manager is very helpful. Plus you can't beat free laundry and internet. My only gripe is the homeless people trolling through here. They go through the dumpsters looking for your beer cans, but they aren't violent. I don't understand why they don't go to Crown down the street; that's where the rich kids live anyway. Overall a very fun place to live for my junior and senior year. Review from 12/03/11 on Apartment Ratings.
Mar 2010: Grand forest is an awesome place to stay at for a college student. Of course it is going to be loud at times (its Rocky Top) and the apartments are not going to be luxurious but for the price that you pay you definitely get your moneys worth. the Landlord (Linda) is a doll and definitely looks out for you. I was not able to pay my rent for a month because it was the summer time and I had some things going on and she worked with me and never threatened to put me out and was just so nice. The maintenance is very quick as well and try there best to keep you happy. Oh yeah free cable, free laundry, free water and free parking. Review from 03/28/10 on Apartment Ratings.
Oct 2007: I've been here for almost a semester, and I love it. Yes, it can be a party place. I don't party. My advice? Buy earplugs or a loud fan. And don't leave stuff outside overnight on the weekends. People near campus party and do stupid things. I think that buildings 2 and 3 are known for partying more than the others. What do you expect next to campus? It's cheap, Linda is an amazing manager, and I've never had problems with the homeless (it is creepy to see them digging through the garbage bins, but they never say anything to me). The worst problem is the limited parking spots, but you can buy more or park on the street (I've never had a problem--just don't try to move it on a football Saturday. I'm pretty picky about housing, but I love the natural light in these apartments, the brick walls, spiral staircase. don't like the noise? Review from Google

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