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🌄 Pictures List⚡ Reset🔑 Apartments near UTK Subleases/Relets1 2 3 45+ Bedroom Layout
Apartment Name Price RangeBedroomsGrade Pets Shuttle Gated Pool Gym Wa/Dry Furnished Utilities
The Heights$529 to $6592, 3ANoYes YesYesYes Yes
University Walk$586 to $8271 to 4ANo YesYesYesYes Yes
Knox Ridge$619 to $6994, 5+AYesYes YesYes
The Commons at Knoxville$555 to $7801, 2, 4BNoYes Yes YesYes
Highland Terrace$562 to $6511, 2BYes Yes
University Park$449 to $6802, 4BYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Quarry Trail$499 to $6051 to 4ANoYes YesYesYesYesYes
The Knox$699 to $8053, 4, 5+ No Pool Wa/DryFurnishedUtilities
Society 865$575 to $8551, 2, 3AYesYes YesYesYes Yes
The Social$594 to $10111, 2BNo YesYes Yes Yes
Sequoyah Village 1, 2 No Yes Yes
414 Flats 1, 2, 3BYesYes YesYes Yes
Cross Creek Apartments 1, 2AYesYes YesYesYes
The Henley 1, 2BYes YesYesYes
West Towne Manor 1, 2BYes YesYesYes
Elevation Knoxville B YesYesYes
The Orchard at Knoxville 2 Yes Yes Yes
The Hammond 1, 2BPets Pool Wa/Dry
The Hive Apartments$481 to $5951, 2, 3 YesYes Yes
Deane Hill Apartments$437 to $5181, 2, 3BYes YesYes
The Commons on Bridge 2, 3CYes Yes
Carriage Hill 2BYes Yes
Papermill Square 1, 2A+Yes Yes
Barclay House Apartments$550 to $6381, 2 Yes
TENN Knoxville$701 to $8433, 4, 5+AYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
303 Flats$530 to $6161 to 4AYesYes YesYesYesYesYes
Slate at 901$650 to $7442, 3, 4BNo YesYesYesYes
The Woodlands of Knoxvill 2, 3, 4BPetsShuttleGatedPool Utilities
Grand Forest Apartments$312 to $4052, 3, 4ANoYes Yes YesYes
Fountain Place 2 NoYes Yes Yes
The Standard$750 to $9941 to 5+BNo Yes Yes
Redpoint$435 to $6373, 4, 5+A+Yes YesYesYes
Waterford Village 1, 2, 3AYes YesYesYes
Sutters Mill YesYesYes
Steeplechase Apartments 1, 2, 3CYes YesYesYes
The Metropolitan 1, 2AYes YesYesYes
West Gate Terrace 1, 2BYes YesYes Yes
Sutherland Flats 2 Pets Pool Wa/Dry
Brendon Park B Yes Yes
Laurel Station Condominiu 1, 2, 3 No Yes
Lake Plaza Condominiums$525 to $6053 Yes
West Hill Village A YesYes
Sterchi Lofts 1 to 4AYes Yes Yes
Sequoyah Square Yes Yes
Cambridge Arms Apartments 1, 2BYes Yes
Windsor Court A Yes
Renaissance II 3 Yes
The Hive on Bridge 1BPetsShuttle

*Prices are usually for the current year so the next year might often be 5-10% higher but sometimes lower.

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