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414 Flats

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Jan 2020: Since moving here 5 months ago there have been several problems that management has completely ignored. The fire alarm has falsely gone off 3 separate times due to a faulty sprinkler system. Apparently this is not a new problem and has been going on for years. This is not only a safety hazard but extremely inconvenient as the alarms have gone off at 2 AM, 6 AM and another at 10 AM. When the alarm went off at 6 AM, we sat outside for about 15 minutes and the fire truck still had not shown up. I decided to call it in myself because clearly the alarm system at this apartment complex does not even alert a fire station nearby. I keep an extremely clean apartment and would not expect any bugs to be in the apartment and yet I have found several cockroaches. I am assuming they are coming through the vents, as the vents are absolutely disgusting and most likely have no
Oct 2019: I moved in here July 2019 and I must say Michelle and Anthony were wonderful. They were very helpful at getting us moved in quickly. We immediately fell in love with 414 Flats and have been well pleased in these first few months. They work hard to keep the grounds and the complex maintained with someone once a week on each and every floor cleaning. I also see them in the lobby cleaning several times a week. If we've ever had an issue with something needing repaired in our apartment, Anthony or Michelle one usually has Brad (our excellent maintenance guy) up that day or the next to address the issue. More importantly than anything, I believe Anthony does his utmost to see that we have a safe environment to live in. That is very important to me. I would highly recommend 414 Flats as a place to live. It is a friendly/family like atmosphere with amazing management!!! Review from Google
Oct 2019: We love this place! My wife and I had to find a place due to selling our house and then she was in a car wreck and knocked us out of buying a house for now...we pulled in after a long few days of looking at many other places. The office manager (Michelle) greeted us so warmly and then we told her our story about wifes wreck and never renting before after 34 years of mirrage. The property manager heard us talking and came out of his office to hear our story with much sympathy. We truly felt they cared way before anything else. They took much time with us and even worked out a way to help us get in with our budget. And they have always been there for us if we had an issue...always trying to make our experience here the best possible. I have also watched them do over and above to help everyone here. (Anthony) the manager has his heart in this place. He makes sure everyone is safe here and he make sure this place is kept nice and clean inside and out Review from Google
Jul 2019: New management team is difficult to work with. Do not understand basic customer service skills. They closed the pool on 4th of July weekend without providing any explanation to residents.
Jun 2019: The roof top pool is amazing, perfect location and the Manager Anthony is awesome! When you have a good Community Manager it begins to show through out the property and more smiling faces from the Residents. Review from Google
May 2019: I toured with Michelle and she was so sweet and knowledgeable about the property! I fell in love with the 1x1 unit, it’s incredibly spacious and comforting. Michelle helped me get my application, payments, and move in day all in order. I also met Anthony, the property manager, who was incredibly welcoming and friendly! I was impressed with their organization and how on top of things they were, definitely a great team! I can’t wait to move in! Review from Google
May 2019: I toured with Michelle and she was so sweet and knowledgeable about the property! I fell in love with the 1x1 unit, it’s incredibly spacious and comforting. Michelle helped me get my application, payments, and move in day all in order. I also met Anthony, the property manager, who was incredibly welcoming and friendly! I was impressed with their organization and how on top of things they were, definitely a great team! I can’t wait to move in! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Wow dude! I'm really glad I didn't read any of the reviews for this place before we moved in. We truly love this place. From what I can tell, April, Josh, and the rest of the staff have worked their butts off to make this place as awesome as it is. We moved in about two weeks ago, did some light painting (that's a lie, we went nuts with paint), and haven't been happier. Thank you to the entire staff on making this place awesome!
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Mar 2019: There’s been a lot of changes in the ten years we’ve lived here. Goldelm made a fantastic decision on placing April here!! She’s turned around all the craziness that was left by the previous management and we couldn’t be happier!! I have not had any issues with the maintenance staff or with any rent issues that went unresolved. Electronic mistakes can happen. I also have not seen any bugs and have seen the pest control man monthly. The office staff treats my son like the young adult he is and not like an interruption as previous staff had. That says a lot about the people Goldelm employ. Change is always hard and you can never please all of the people all of the time... but this woman is on a mission and it shows. We love being here!! Thanks April & Josh!!
Jan 2019: I just love my new home and the convenience of the location. Management is very resident oriented and you call tell the difference from previous management. The changes are like night and day. Keep it up April and Josh! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Beautiful new updates and the best location in town. Super impressed with the manager and maintenance team. Their customer service is second to none! And did I mention the pool on the roof?? Review from Google
Oct 2018: That 414 is looking good! April has been great for the property. A rooftop pool? heck yea! Review from Google
Oct 2018: I toured 414 Flats about three years ago and it was horrible. Flash forward to last week - I toured the apartments again and it has made a complete 180. The renovations are beautiful - all new washer/dryers, flooring, counter tops, microwaves, refrigerator..etc. The new management company seems much more attentive. Although I decided to stay at my current complex, because my roommate decided to not leave Knoxville, I would have signed with 414 Flats in a heartbeat. April, the property manager, is wonderful and very knowledgeable. I rated the property 4 stars because April is the only person who works in office other than a leasing assistant a few times a week, so if she is giving tours, responding to residents...etc., the office is briefly closed and you will have to wait. Other than that, I will definitely keep 414 Flats in mind when I search Review from Google
Sep 2018: Been here one month, and I think this place has improved a lot since a lot of the negative reviews in 2017 and earlier this year. April at the front desk is awesome, and I think a lot of the negativity came from several managers rotated through in a short period before they landed on her, but I cant say enough good things about her; knowledgeable, worked with me on getting the apartment I wanted, loves everyone's dogs, and is organizing apartment events helping people get to know each other. full disclosure on anything that could have been wrong. This building is not new, and for the most part the renovations have been done well. There are a few things that will stick out; some rough surfaces on the bathroom corners, some of the door frames still have remnants of the old attachments, but this is not at all anything that compromises the look. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Since April took over, there have been numerous improvements to this community. She is one that is responsive, attentive and really tries to build a sense of community. She has hosted waffle bars, cook-outs and been very thorough with resident communication. Some of the cleanliness is still an issue, specifically the parking lot, hallways and stairwells. Overall, I give a solid 3-stars only because from March 2018 - July 2018 was a brutal stretch. All in all, if April remains the Community Manager here, this place has a lot of potential and is worth it given the rooftop pool, access to Kingston Pike, the freeway and convenience to campus/downtown. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The building and all amenities of the 414 Flats resemble that of a project community! This is NOT a nice, safe community. It has a nasty, dirty feel and the building smells. We were blown away by the amenities and photos on the website and the descriptions given to us by the leasing agents. Boy, were we shocked when move in day came. The apartment was NOT cleaned and looked as if it had been sitting for many months. The minute we walked in there was musty, mildew-y smell. Air conditioner vents were full of thick lint/dust, the counters and cabinets were dirty, as well as the bathroom floors and tub. Upon bringing it to the attention of the previous management, they came and looked at the apartment and agreed it was nasty. They did not offer to remedy the problems. Fast forward several months…management has changed 3 times. The current company is Goldelm
Jun 2018: Do NOT rent from the 414 Flats....check the google reviews
Jun 2018: I do not recommend living at this apartment complex. The management has changed a couple of times in the past two years due to how poorly the building is run, and the new management, Goldelm, is not any better. You are simply not getting what you pay for here: 1. Maintenance requests have to be submitted four or five times before anyone comes to look at the issue. When maintenance does show up, there is a tendency to not complete the job, meaning you have to submit the request another four or five times before someone comes back to the apartment. I have had maintenance ask me if I wanted him to stay and clean up his mess when the kitchen sink and dishwasher had a black liquid residue from a clogged drain. 2. Routine maintenance that is included in rent is not being completed, such as pest control, trash, replacing air filters, etc. There is Review from Google
Jun 2018: Horrendous place to live. Please let me spare you the horrific experience I have had and continue to have. My son was originally shown a model apartment and was assured that the apartment that he was moving into would be the same. It is totally the opposite of what they original showed him. He went to talk to the leasing agent and he said "that is what I was told to do." The AC hasn't worked since the day he moved in in spite of numerous in person and phone calls asking for it to be repaired. I even called the maintenance number (I had to research on Craig's list ) and still no AC! The leasing office hours advertise they are open on Saturdays when in fact they are not! They don't even answer the phone when you call. The rooftop pool? Ha! What a joke. It hasn't been opened at all. Now let's discuss the elevator or should I say te Review from Google
Jun 2018: RESIDENT 2017 - 2018 not recommended Reviewed Save yourself the time and money and do not live here. I wish it would have allowed me to give 0 stars for some categories. I moved into a dirty apartment (cleaners never came), so I had to clean it as I moved furniture in. I then had several maintenance issues where I received an email saying maintenance was complete but then I got home and nothing was even somewhat fixed. This happened at least 5 times. The elevators are complete garbage so plan 10 mins ahead of when you need to leave to accomodate for the outdated, slow elevators. The management is not good. I have had 3 owners in 1 year of living here...yes 3 different owners in less than a year. No one knows what they're doing. Parking is awful. I got towed from my own apartment and the office never reimbursed me or credited my rent or anythin Review from Google
Jun 2018: management does not address maintenance issues in a timely way, or even acknowledge that they exist. We moved in during the winter and the thermostat was broken. It was reported on move-in day, but took weeks to get attended to, during which time the apartment was freezing. Now, during warm weather, it is humid and warm inside the apartment. My washer/dryer shakes violently when in use and the kitchen sink fills with water. Shower faucet leaks. Window screens torn and not repaired. One of the amenities that tenants would use most in summer - the rooftop pool - was left in horrible condition, just recently drained and cleaned and it will be at least a month before it's repaired and read to be used. Most of the issues we have with our apartment are easily fixed, but on-site management seems to be overwhelmed and doesn't have enough assistance to get to them.
May 2018: Please do not live here if you are looking for a place to live. I have lived here for the past year and I had a great experience when I first moved in and the first couple months that followed as well. The apartment complex is now owned by a new owner, and to be blunt, the place is horrendous now. I have had multiple multiple issues now. I won’t say everything because there simply isn’t enough time to sit and type this. 1. Over priced for what it is. The biggest reason I came here was because of the rooftop pool. I thought that was the coolest thing they could have done and what a great use of money to invest in. About two weeks ago that beautiful pool was full of mold and had so much green in it that someone wrote their name in it. It was so disgusting I could throw up. Now they are redoing the entire pool including the tile which I guar Review from Google
May 2018: I have lived here for 9 years and did not have any major issues until approximately 1 1/2 years ago when management of the property transitioned to Brookside, and the two property management groups that have followed in that short time. Spencer’s review echos my experience, so I’ll avoid redundancies and refer the reader to his review. Maintenance requests are not completed in a timely manner, and sometimes will be outright ignored. Our most recent and current issue is that the light switch in our bathroom broke and we put in a maintenance request by telephone on a Monday morning...we did not receive acknowledgment of the request so we contacted the office again that evening...still no acknowledgment of the request...we went in person on Tuesday and were assured the request would be taken care of on Wednesday. We left town on Wednesday mor Review from Google
May 2018: The leasing manager was very helpful when I came over to learn more about 414 Flats. However, I had negative experiences in the parking lot, both today and yesterday. Today there were four or five people shouting in the parking lot, first inside their vehicle and then outside their vehicle on the pavement, where one or two people were lying down. When I asked what was going on, someone in the group responded, "They were playing too hard." WHAT?!? Overall, they seemed extremely amused by their behavior. I was not, considering that the building is supposed to be one of the safest in town. Also, the rent here is extremely high. Yesterday as I was pulling out, a vehicle did not allow me the space to do so. Those experiences and some of the other reviews have left me feeling that I wouldn't be happy at 414 Flats. Review from Google
May 2018: Amazing property! Ben in the leasing office is completely knowledgeable and a genuine human being! You will also love the layouts and pool atop the building! Review from Google

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