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The Reserve at Forest Hills and Annexe at The Reserve

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Jul 2019: Lived here for a year and a half. Served me very well. All inclusive package was very helpful as I lived here when I was in college. Price was very reasonable considering that was incldued. Never had an issue with parking. Not too much noise (some dogs barking and couples fighting). Only a few bugs (which, you can't avoid them all). Staff was communicative. would recommend. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Application process was smooth at first, however I have now applied for an apartment (with a move-in date that is now less than 2 weeks away) and I have not heard back from them yet. I have called at least 4x every day for the past week and a half and have heard nothing. I have now spent a lot of money applying for an apartment here and cannot get in contact with them despite numerous calls from both my roommate and I. Not a very good way to start out a lease with them. **update 6/25: they have sorted everything out now and have apologized for being understaffed which was appreciated. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Application process was smooth at first, however I have now applied for an apartment (with a move-in date that is now less than 2 weeks away) and I have not heard back from them yet. I have called at least 4x every day for the past week and a half and have heard nothing. I have now spent a lot of money applying for an apartment here and cannot get in contact with them despite numerous calls from both my roommate and I. Not a very good way to start out a lease with them. **update 6/25: they have sorted everything out now and have apologized for being understaffed which was appreciated. Review from Google
Jun 2019: After many attempts thru email and calling with no response, I would be very hesitant to rent an apartment here. Their non-response is unprofessional so I'm assuming that's how they run the property. I would give it zero stars if Google would let me. Review from Google
May 2019: I have enjoyed living here; the apartment has served me very well. The staff was overwhelmed during Florence (just like everyone) but they did a good job under those tough circumstances. I am appreciative of the condition of my living space and I would recommend this community to others! Review from Google
May 2019: So excited to move here in the upcoming month. Nancy was really helpful today and turned my attitude around completely. I was given all the information I needed and more. This place is a perfect match for what I am looking for. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Let me give you a rundown of this place. Welcome to forest hills where the lease information changes monthly and maintenance takes 3 months to clean up a mess they've made. On top of it all maintenance almost never knocks we've had several situations where me and my partner have been walked in on nude. All maintenance visits are NOT announced, they have told us twice out of the ten times they've been here. And as for working with you with damages from a hurricane? Forget about it they'll waive late fees but that's it. You have to pay everything rent included if you have to evacuate town. So my recommendation? stay away, never live here. Other than maintenance tho the apartments are pretty nice.
Sep 2018: Moved into the new side of the apartments, all new construction so there was lots of issues at first. Staff did respond to calls pretty timely. Office team was friendly but I found every time I had a question each person answered differently. I found only one staff member, danni ,was most helpful and knowledgeable. Other than that you can almost guarantee your paperwork will get lost, or you will be given the wrong info.Most my neighbors were younger/college aged, it was pretty loud at night/weekends. The rent was high for the area, but the apartment was relatively spacious. Moving out wasn't a great experience. Review from Google
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Jul 2018: Had an amazing 1 and a half years here. Heather, Brian, and the entire staff actually cares about their residents. Super understanding and willing to make you happy. Best apartment experience in Wilmington by far!!! Review from Google
Jul 2018: Just recently moved to the area and this complex. We found the move and transition simple compared to other relocations we have been through. We appreciated how management accommodated our move in date and needs. We had a few minor maintenance issues we wanted corrected and response time and workmanship was exceptional. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I don’t even want to get into the nonsense I had to go through with this place. Trust me on this one, it isn’t worth your money. Heather needs an attitude check and Brian never sticks to the same story, but Dani is a sweetheart and if it wasn’t for her we would’ve been in a temporary apartment for much more than the two months that we were. I heard gunshots almost every night of the week, had two different run-ins with total creeps while taking my dog out or even just returning from the grocery store, and our apartment was infested with those nasty centipedes and cockroaches since the building was built so fast that the molding doesn’t even touch the floor. If the office treated their residents with the slightest bit of decency, I’d probably hold back from being so frank. But our experience was awful and that is as simple as anyone Review from Google
Jul 2018: My entire experience with this apartment complex was a nightmare. Starting from the very beginning to the day my roommate and I moved out, it was horrible. This is very long, but worth reading. My roommate and I contacted The Reserve asking about their new apartments that they were building across the street at The Annexe. They were currently still under construction, so we were wary to apply to live there because our current leases were ending soon and we would need a place to live very soon after. The leasing agents in the office repeatedly assured us that the buildings would be done in plenty of time for us to move in. We applied for a first floor apartment and were set to move in mid-July to the Annexe. Few days later we get a call from the office saying our first floor apartment wouldn't be ready by our move-in date, but we had already s Review from Google
Jun 2018: Loved living in The Annexe (a part of the Reserve), but management is ridiculous and shady. Moving out has been a pain, and my roommates and I truly feel we have been swindled out of hundreds of dollars. Our lease should have ended two months ago and we indeed vacated our apartment and turned in our keys. But management claims this wasn’t enough notice that we were moving out by the date that we contracted in the lease. (What on earth? We signed saying we were leaving by a certain date. Of course that is the date.) we were forced to pay for another month of rent even though we don’t even have access to the apartment any more. We were told by two different people that that would be the extent of the extra money we would owe management. Fine. But then, to be super technical, they still charged us for another 9 days that our “new” contrac Review from Google
Jun 2018: Very clean campus. The apartments are nice sizes and very comfortable. Has a pool for the residents. Review from Google
Jun 2018: People don't clean there dog poop and some the the rooms flooded do NOT go here. Review from Google
May 2018: If safety, quality, and well-kept grounds are important to you, look elsewhere. I will say that the leasing staff is friendly, but that’s about the only benefit of living here. They are an awesome (but small) crew and I have no doubts it’s Blue Ridge Companies that must have some crazy low budget for staffing and ground care. I live in the Annexe, which are the newer apartments that opened up last year. The apartments are supposed to be upscale, but let my review speak for what the experience living here is like. Safety: There have been a ton of gun shots and crime right next door to Annexe (Market North Apartments). Google “gun shot on Darlington Ave” and you’ll be shocked to see all the hits you get from just the last year. Hearing someone outside threaten another person that they have a gun at 5am while trying to enjoy coffe Review from Google
Apr 2018: Some of the tenants can be quite inconsiderate.... but the staff is awesome!!! Review from Google
Mar 2018: Cheap place for a roof over your head. The amenities are a sugar coating ontop of a terd. The so called Internet that is included with rent (you can't get it removed as they have an all inclusive account) is absolute trash. There is no hard wire option so even if you own a desktop for buisness reasons you are forced to use wifi which is garbage. Having constant connection issues and have had mutiple calls to the company and nothing has changed. if you get home any later that 4pm good luck finding parking because you'll most likely have to park a qtr mile away in a seperate parking area from your building. Their appliances are constantly breaking, oven, garbage disposal, and don't get me started about my refridgerator. I had 2 service calls saying they fixed it and again the fridge portion stopped working and only the freezer worked. I got fe Review from Google
Oct 2017: We lived here 2 1/2 years. The rent is very high considering not all units are updated. There is no playground on site. Security in the parking lot is lack luster, our car tires were stabbed flat along with 16 other people's car tires and nothing was done except for notifying the police. On the plus side, the pool is in pristine sparkling condition, the gym is very well equipped, there is a dog park and multiple walkways on the older side of the complex lined with trees and you can sit by the lake and enjoy viewing wildlife. They offer recycling bins by the trash dumps. Their landscaping is beautiful. The club house can be used for entertaining your friends and hosting parties whenever you want to. The people there are friendly for the most part, the staff and maintenance crew are responsive and professional. This place has a newer campus acro Review from Google
Sep 2017: Good amenities. Friendly staff. Nice apartment layout. Lots of bugs around the hallways. Parking is a nightmare. Review from Google
Jun 2017: not worth the money. Several complaints about maintenance. The most recent one being our dryer breaking. Maintenance came to look at it, but did not communicate what they were going to do to fix it. Instead, left, and we didn't hear back from them for a couple days, so I called the office and the representative just said they "might" have had to order a new part. They came back a couple days later with another dryer, an older, smaller one. It doesn't even dry our clothes unless we put a very small amount of clothes in it. not worth complaining about at this point, our lease is up later this month and we're definitely not resigning. Review from Google
May 2017: Living at the Reserve at Forest Hills this past year hasn't been enjoyable. There have been multiple occasions where we haven't had wifi access. There are many students living here and I also have to use the internet for my job. I understand this isn't the office's fault, but they aren't even there to help you when you need it. They have charged us incorrectly on our rent and they would've gladly taken the extra money had I not contacted them about it. The front office always seems to have different people working in there, and few of them are helpful. Review from 5/19/17 on Google
May 2017: I've lived here going on 3 years and I have the same problem as listed below with my toilet, as well as problems with my sink draining, and my refrigerator breaking...again. I've had my refrigerator, washer, and dryer replaced SEVERAL times. I'm sick of putting in service requests at this point. Right after its replaced , it breaks. Review from 5/10/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Loved the layout of my 2 bedroom apartment. Perfect for roommates and the all inclusive is great. But it's still not worth dealing with the office. While living there THEY misread a check and took it for $60 something dollars instead of $600 something even though it clearly said 600. After multiple times of me and my roommate going into the office about what needed to be done to correct the charges still on my account because THEY took the check for the wrong amount I was told they were "looking into it". Review from 2/22/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Absolutely love the staff, and our apartment. We relocated from out of state, and couldn't haven't been luckier to find such a great place. My mom grandma are even moving here, to this complex, in January! So many outdoor activities here, two seconds from the mall, parks, grocery stores, downtown and the beach! Review from 12/9/16 on Apartment Ratings

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