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Progress 910

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Apr 2020: BEWARE. Loud parties, drug addicts, and useless management. Go somewhere else for your own good
Apr 2020: I'm amazed at how bad the living conditions are here. The manager recently got fired for how awful she is, but the parent company, phillips management is just as bad. The excessive crime here is not dealt with, numerous fees are applied to your account without any communication as to why, drugs are sold and used here regularly, police are present every weekend because of violence, and many other issues. Please do not sign a lease here
Apr 2020: If you care for your child's safety, please find a different place to live. We had to move my son out because of how much crime goes on here regularly. The prices aren't terrible, but the living conditions certainly are. Management offers no solution, only rude comments and shrugged shoulders. It's a scam out to get your money for sure
Apr 2020: Progress 910/Phillips management is the worst company I've ever dealt with. They are a small company in Plaza Midwood in charlotte nc, but try to make themselves seem like a big, established company. They advertise safe living conditions, but in their leases, they vehemently absolve themselves of any responsibility to the safety of their residents. And it shows. The crime here is out of control. Drug deals, prostitution, guns, etc. The cops are at the property every weekend because of how bad it is. I don't know how this place is still in business because management is aware of the crime, but does nothing about it.
Feb 2020: This is the worst place to live as a student in Wilmington. Management is always unavailable to help you, even when you want to report drug activity and violence on the property. I don't know how this place is in business
Dec 2019: Terrible. If you want to live in a drugged out, drunken part of town, this is the place for you
Dec 2019: Please do not live here. It is nasty, sketchy, and run down. During the hurricane, the door was blown off a few buildings and they took forever to replace them. It doesn't matter though, because even when the doors were in place, anybody could walk in. The FOB they give you to get in is not needed because the doors just open. Security here is a joke. Make sure to check public police records for Wilm before you move here. Progress has a history of crime that they don't do anything about.
Dec 2019: Awful. Bad management, nobody does anything to improve the property, the only thing nice is the pool. I feel like I'm going to get robbed living here though. It's very unsafe and in a bad part of town. Nobody really does anything about the crime here.
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Dec 2019: Wow! I don't have enough time to say all the bad things about Progress. They charge you a ton of 'fees' when you move out. Things like cleaning your ceiling fan? Boom, they charge you $20 to do that. Sweep the floor? Boom, another $20. I left the place spotless when I left. This place is a crime-ridden cash grab, that only cares about getting as much money out of you as they can. It's also very sketchy here. I've heard gunshots, the cops are at the place every week. Check public police reports of the place. There are a ton for progress. DO NOT LIVE HERE.
Nov 2019: This is no doubt the worst place to live in Wilmington. If you sign a lease here, get ready for excessive crime, extra fees tacked onto your bill each month, and unhelpful management. They know how bad the property is, but don't care.
Nov 2019: The slogan for this property is "live different". Well they have a jaded definition of that. Living different at progress 910 means you will get to see people get robbed, overdose, beaten, etc. Check public police records before signing a lease here. Lots of excessive crime.
Oct 2019: Great place to live and stay. It's beautiful outside by the pool and volleyball courts. Good medium-sized gym and club house. I still feel like I'm living at a resort sometimes. Shout-out to Hunter Dupree (an employee) for being so helpful and kind when my roommates and I have questions. Their staff is always willing to help in anyway they can. Only negative is that the hallways are a little bland compared to the vibrant outside. Other than that small detail, I love living here! Review from Google
Oct 2019: Progress was the worst living experience I have ever had. I don't know how this place is still in business. Terrible business practices. They try to charge you so much money when you move out for 'cleaning' fees
Oct 2019: The amenities and everything are really nice. The people in the office are always super friendly/helpful. I think that positive energy is essential in somewhere i frequent as often as my apartment. Review from Google
Oct 2019: I am not sure how this place has a 4.5 on google. My experience living here was awful. There is so much illegal activity going on here. This place is regularly featured on '24 hr PD', a Wilmington police show similar to cops or live PD. The management is piss poor. I would recommend looking into a different apartment complex.
Oct 2019: Shady management, office is run by students that have no idea what they're doing, and infested with drugs and delinquents. There is a good chance that you will get robbed or drugged at this property. That's not even an exaggeration. My apartment was broken into, and management does nothing to remedy.
Oct 2019: I love living at Progress! Not only are the amenities extremely nice, but the management and staff are very helpful whenever you need it. They are always willing to answer any questions you have, especially Hunter Dupree who I’ve talked to many times. I highly recommend living here. Review from Google
Sep 2019: I LOVE “living different” at progress 910! The staff is always so supportive and helpful with any issues I address with them. The pool is an awesome place to hang out with friends and play water volleyball, in-pool pool table, or just lay out and tan. A lot of times, my friends and I play sand volleyball and grill out (at the progress grills) for a chill evening. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. They even give out free cereal and coffee!!! Review from Google
Sep 2019: Progress is the worst place to live in Wilmington. During the time of my lease, there were 30 incidents reported on this property including assault with a deadly weapon, drug overdoses, possession with intent, and damage to personal property. Even my own apartment was broken into. To compare, a previous apartment I lived at, the Lofts at Randall, only had one incident reported during this time period. I would highly recommend finding someplace else to live if you are looking. Management is aware of the crime on this property and does not care. All of these reports are public record, and if you would like to see them for yourself, go to and type "discovery" under street name. I provided a screenshot of some of the incidents.
Sep 2019: Terrible place to live. Infested with crime, non students, and management is well aware of everything going on, but they do not care. Resident safety is of the lowest priority at this apartment. DO NOT rent here. There are way better places to live in Wilmington for students.
Sep 2019: This place is terrible. It's a shame because the apartments are actually decent. Under better management, it could be a really nice place to live. But management does nothing to prevent the drug activity going on at this place.
Sep 2019: Progress is one of the nicest apartment complexes in Wilmington. The office staff works hard to keep their residents happy. Daniel is always super helpful and super sweet. He knows everyone by name, which makes me feel at home since I do not know many people. He is always my favorite person to talk to when I go into the office. They are always on top of everything and are always there if a resident needs something. This wonderful apartment complex contains a pool, hammocks, 24-hour gym, study lounge, dog park, and more. As a resident of Progress 910, you also have the option to take the bus, drive, or bike to campus. This apartment offers so much to their residents and I am so blessed to be a part of the Live Different community. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I am planning to live at Progress 910 this fall, attending UNCW's nursing school. I can’t wait to live here!! I was very unsure at the beginning, yet Daniel was a huge asset to both my family and I. Daniel had an answer for every question, was extremely kind, and shared a positive attitude at all times. He allowed me to realize that Progress is the absolute best place for me to be this upcoming semester and without him, I would have been a mess. Progress is beautiful and has extremely nice amenities that I cannot wait to take advantage of! I am so excited, thanks again Daniel and Progress 910 for allowing me to call you home. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Everyone is always super welcoming at Progress and it really feels like home!! Plus the pool is amazing so you can’t go wrong here Review from Google
Jul 2019: Everyone is always super welcoming at Progress and it really feels like home!! Plus the pool is amazing so you can’t go wrong here Review from Google

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