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Hawthorne Commons Apartments

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Oct 2019: Bugs in my place. Trash all over the please rude people who live out here. Gym will be gone next year. New Yorker live arecording rude. Hate southern. Email pinterm trash on cat all over Review from Google
Mar 2019: rude people stay here. un safe. can t keep song down at night can t sleep. find bugs inside here. kids stay here who r rude. dog every where that could bite you. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I had such troubles beyond belief personally. The staff reached out in a time of need. The staff gave you every opportunity. They never give up when you explain yourself. It does take a battle, but they will listen. They change their rules often, but that is not their fault. It is a big corporate housing complex. So be prepared for that. But also, Jazmine and the manager are great people and they will work with you if you are in need or need help. You have to remember that people are destined for certain concepts beyond their capacity sometimes, and that is life, but Hawthorne Commons and I am willing to bet Hawthorne in general will always remain kicking ass by doing what they do to support the Wilmington, NC Region. BTW NOT STUDENT HOUSING! BONUS! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Amazing place with friendly neighbors and great staff! haven't had a single problem since moving in and I don't think I will! Review from Google
May 2018: The staff are the best part of living here! Love the property and living spaces. The community garden and gym bring me happiness. Review from Google
May 2018: Property is good, but the staff and community is AMAZING! Worth living here just for those two things combined. Pool and facilities (especially the gym I never use) are nice as well. Review from Google
May 2018: I had the best experience living here!! The staff was always available when I needed help and so friendly. It was an added bonus that there were always snacks and a working Starbucks machine in the office. I could not imagine a better place to live in Wilmington. Review from Google
May 2018: Super friendly and helpful staff! Great location and very well-maintained! They are a very accommodating and pet friendly! Review from Google
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May 2018: This is best place to be and good people work here Review from Google
Jun 2017: I have had a wonderful experience here at Hawthorne Commons. The staff is always friendly, and they are great about taking maintenance requests seriously. When I need something fixed, they get the job done ASAP. Review from 6/12/17 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2017: I am a military widow with a 10 yr. old and a 1 yr old. and have been living out here for about 3 yrs. without a doubt this community is like a second family to me.Safe and pleasant neighbors. I have never had any issues with getting problems resolved in a timely manner. The management and maintenance staff are friendly and go above and beyond to insure things are up to par. Couldn't ask for a better place to live. Review from 6/5/17 on Apartment Ratings
May 2017: Well I've only been living there for less than a week but it has been great so far. The staff are all friendly and accommodating. Rooms are beautiful and spacious. Nice amenities. Beautiful property. Affordable for college students. Review from 5/15/17 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2017: Very nice and helpful for everything I need done. The apartment is big and has enough space for two people. The area surrounding the apartment is nice and quiet and I never feel disturbed. It's also nice that the bus stop and uncw are close by. Review from 4/12/17 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2017: I've lived here for just a few weeks, and the experience has been phenomenal. The loft is beautiful and clean. I like how the light filters in from the windows when I wake up. The on-site gym is top-notch--I even stopped going to the one at my work! Why wake up early to get to that one when the gym at HC is open 24/7? It's just too good. The on-site staff are friendly and helpful. I like to visit the management office just to say hello and chat over coffee. Review from 4/1/17 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2017: Way too expensive for what you get. I originally moved in because the price was lower than competitors. That was ok, I can sacrifice all the extra eminities for a cheaper price. Now little by little, management and owner have built unnecessary rent hiking things. Instead of an exercise room, why not renovate the pool, or better yet, dryer and washer hook ups for all apartments. If HC continues to try to compete within price region they have to completely change how they are doing it. One more price hike and i'm out of here. Review from 3/8/17 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2016: I have had a wonderful experience living at Hawthorne commons. The staff is very helpful and prompt with any concerns my roommate and I have had over the past year living here. The residential area is very quiet and well kept. Review from 12/30/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2016: I love living here! I have lived here for 2 years, going on with my 3rd year. I've lived in both their loft and 2 bedroom units and both have their ups and downs. Little less insulation in the walls for the lofts, more for the 2 bedrooms. Very private for the lofts, less private for the 2 bedrooms. I will say the main thing that drove me away from the loft was the bathroom- shower is wayyyy too small, absolutely hated it, but overall it was a cute apartment. The two bedrooms, the worse thing I've experienced is less privacy, but not a complete loss of privacy. I am slightly happier with the 2 bedroom, but I would potentially go back to the loft if need be. Review from 11/16/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2016: Great Place; The noise cannot be controlled but only if neighbors choose to be quiet; The walls are thin, and this is not Hawthorne's Issue; 2 Items for suggestion are: 1. Post No Trespassing and No Soliciting Signs At all entrances 2. Post Quiet Hours from 1100 PM to 6AM if possible. Thank You Review from 8/29/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: I am a student at UNCW. Hawthorne is clean and safe. It is also convenient to campus. The swimming pool, exercise room, and laundry are all well kept and necessary for student life. A short bike ride or moderate walk will get you classes on UNCW Campus. Review from 5/26/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: The staff and friendly community in addition to the location makes this the perfect apartment complex to call home. The grounds are easily accessible and well maintained. I would highly suggest others to consider this property if considering moving to the area. Review from 5/13/16 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2016: The move-in process was rather unorganized. We were told we could move in on the 18th of April, but were unable to move into our apartment until the 25th due to procrastination on part of the staff. But, it has been great so far besides that part. Review from 4/27/16 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2015: Office staff is great, but since they have been doing all these upgrades, rent has jumped up quite a bit and the noise from all the college kids they are letting live here is making everyones life hell! Ive lived her for a few years and I am on wits end because of the noise. All hours of the night and day I hear blarring music, I am losing sleep because of all of this. I want out so bad i can't stand it, its honestly affecting my heath because of lack of sleep! I avoid coming home because of all of the headaches from the music. Beyond the music and a ton of college kids who want to party all hours of the night, its a decent place to live. Review from 10/31/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2015: This will be my 3rd year living here, and I love it! Ever since Hawthorne commons took over, they have done many things to try and help improve the property. I believe that they are doing a great job with everything, and the staff is also awesome! Review from 9/24/15 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2015: So far it has been a good experience for a starter apartment. I do believe there can be improvements but that is with every business. Most improvements this far have mostly been involved around the refreshing of the apartment. Maintenance has done a good job in cleaning up the mess Review from 9/09/15 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2015: I have lived here for going on three years! Very nice staff! Maintenance always on time! Problems and issues are fixed immediately! High recommend stopping by and checking out the complex! Very great location! Review from 1/27/15 on Apartment Ratings

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