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Campus Evolution Villages - Wilmington

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Apr 2021: I love cev it's a cool place to live and the staff are so nice and friendly
Feb 2020: Worst place in the city of Wilmington to live. Office could care less about their to property, neighbors, and happiness of their clients
Jan 2020: I moved out back in July 2019. Turned in my key. Paid all fees. It was all well and good. So I thought. I had been selected for an internship that required moving and getting a new job, so I provided a formal written 60 day notice (more than what is legally required in NC) of my intent to vacate. Only to discover, MONTHS after the fact, that I am still being charged for rent. After I had already turned in my key. If that apartment was left sitting empty for that long, it is not because I failed my obligations as a tenant. They could have EASILY been collecting rent money from someone else almost immediately. The fact that they weren't is not my responsibility. Contacting an attorney should have never been necessary to begin with. And neither should this review have been. I refuse to be bullied out of 2.6K due to the greed and incompetence of pre
Oct 2019: I have lived here for months and i have not came across any issues or problems. It's quiet, when i moved into my apartment everything is clean and working. No bugs or insects. I would recommend living here. Review from Google
Oct 2019: Honest Review: So I’ve been living in CEV since August 1st, and there has been more negatives than positives within my experience here. First and foremost, when I moved in here, our dishwasher wasn’t even working and I contacted the front desk about it and they said they would put a work order in, and exactly after two weeks, someone finally decides to come fix it. Secondly, I have requested to get my room key which locks my door from the outside since August, and it’s now currently October, and they still don’t have my key, and they keep making the excuse “we will have a new one made soon”, and keep in mind, I’ve been told this for two months straight and requesting it multiple times. Third, our A/C has been out since last week!!! Once again they say the same thing over and over, “we will put a work order in for you”. But guess what? Me and my roommates are having to sleep in an apartment for the past week in an 80 degree room, waking up in our sweat Review from Google
Oct 2019: Beware to any parents with young adults wanting to move into these apartments. I just recently learned that my daughter is being charged $225.00 for her lease at this apartment complex which was over 2 and 1/2 years ago. CEV Wilmington has charged her for a dirty bedroom. dirty bathroom , and broken blinds which is not true! Beware of getting told to send emails to assistant managers with hopes they will reach out to you , because they will not. Instead, you are told to reach out to a collection agency whose not helpful at all. Then to find out from the collection agency that correspondence by mail was sent 2 an 1/2 years ago to that apartment address only. Please be careful leasing from here for your young adults and make sure to complete a walk through with them when moving out, or you will be next in line for paying money in collections and not even know it!!! CEV Wilmington... Rest assured my daughter did not receive these emails as well as myself, the parent Review from Google
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Aug 2019: zero stars. They don’t answer calls for weeks and then send an email saying their phones are down but ask how they can help me. I respond, and receive no response for 3 days. I call them asking if there is availability and am told “I don’t think so but I can add you to a waitlist” which pissed me off because they didn’t even know. So I got my boyfriend to call and he talked to another lady who told him there are 2 rooms available. Disgusting customer service. Review from Google
Aug 2019: This place deserves zero stars; honestly just read all the other reviews and you'll know everything you need to. When I moved in we were paying an extra $25/month to have furniture provided in our apartment, but we had absolutely zero furniture for the first three weeks living at CEV. I absolutely loved sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the first two weeks of living in a place I'm paying over $700/month for. Maintenance will barge into your apartment at all hours of the day/night and I couldn't even count the number of times I was woken up by a lawn mower or weed whacker at 5:30 in the morning there. Have noisy neighbors? Get used to it because any noise or trash complaints get completed ignored. Any positive review they might have on this or any other site is from a worker that was told to post it to boost their image. The apartments are disgusting (not to mention mine wasn't even cleaned before we moved in!) and infested with bugs and spiders Review from Google
Jul 2019: Honestly CEV does not deserve any stars. I have lived here for 2 years and the first year and a half I had to deal with roaches in my one bedroom, and they were not caused by me. Overall it is not worth the money you spend. It is not even worth half the price that people pay. It is way over priced, the apartment complex is not the best neighbor hood(I've gotten 2 bikes stollen which were locked and my car broken into). I would not recommend living here. Go to other places in town that are cheaper and nicer too. On top of that the people who work here are very unorganized and forced me to live in a roach invested apartment for a year and a half! And any "promises" they say they do not live up to. I am not one to just go post rude comments online, but I just felt like people need to know. DO NOT LIVE HERE. It's not worth it at all. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Absolutely terrible place to live. I can’t believe I wasted money living here. My rating is 0 stars. They don’t even deserve 1. The apartment quality is TERRIBLE! not worth the price they charge. The back of the complex was always full of trash. Management didn’t enforce rules like leaving trash/cigarette butts in the stairwell. When I moved in in 2016 there was evidence of bugs, the counters were crooked, water stains on the ceiling that hadn’t been dealt with, my shower drain was backed up, so the apartment clearly hadn’t been cleaned. The furniture was not AT ALL what I was told it would be. My dog got JUMPED by another dog that was OFF LEASH, and when I reported it to the office, they tried to turn it back on me saying I wasn’t supposed to have a dog. I had given them her papers as an emotional support animals on 3 separate occasions! Every time I was told that it would be “added to my file,” but that never happened because I kept having to resend it Review from Google
Jun 2019: Living at CEV Wilmington was not a problem for me until recently. I lived in a one bedroom apartment from August 2016 - July 2018. The room was comfy, quiet, and I was mostly satisfied. The only consistent issue throughout the two years was the continuous presence of bugs/roaches in the apartment. The property claims to treat each room quarterly, but there is no evidence to suggest that this is true. The issue is so prevalent that a professional extermination company should be called in. That is not my main issue, however. It is now almost a year since I moved out that I am having issues. On November 16, 2018, I received a third-party notice that I was turned over to collections. It turns out that charges were uploaded to my CEV account after move-out but were otherwise not communicated directly to me. I paid the outstanding charges on November 19, 2018, and now, seven months after that as I am trying to rent elsewhere, I was told that I am STILL in collections with an open account Review from Google
Jun 2019: Do not live here! I've been charged fees on multiple occasions for unknown reasons. Any time I've tried to talk to them about it they just threaten that the fees must be paid or my account will be delinquent. I wish they would be professional about it and at least explain the fees instead of surprising them with me when rent is due. can't wait to be far away from this complex once I've moved. DO NOT LIVE HERE! Review from Google
May 2019: I haven't moved in yet. My move in date is June 1st I still don't know my apartment number when I call no one ever answers and I just stopped by the office I stood there 10 minutes before being helped and was told by general manager she could help me of I made it quick she had to get on the phone. Sorry not a good impression on a new resident!! Review from Google
May 2019: ** Revised** After the hurricane I was placed "temporarily" in another apartment, which was a downgrade for what I am paying (non-furnished and without a television). Now that the renovations on my contracted apartment are finished, they have moved other residents into it. While this is frustrating, I realize they are under new management and there was a lack of communication that resulted in our agreement not being adhered to. The general manager is friendly and seems to want to do her job well, and the assistant manager seems to have made a particularly strong effort to improve CEV. The biggest challenge facing these apartments is the fact that the apartment complex directly across from CEV is a hive of criminal activity which from time to time bleeds over into CEV. It is not condoned by the management, but can be unsettling. Rated 3 of 5 because being within walking distance of campus is nice and now that they are fully staffed again things seem to be improving. Review from Google
May 2019: Worse don’t live here specially you want to sublease your room, they will not help bec they want to make double give them another vacant room
Apr 2019: I wish i never signed my lease here. I’ve lived here since August and will definitely be moving out in July. I tried to give this apartment complex a chance multiple times however it’s nothing but problems. First, During the hurricane, I wasn’t inside my apartment for almost an entire month however my electricity bill for that month was $100+ (For a tiny one bedroom) And when I told them they said “that isn’t our problem” and to deal with it myself when they are supposed to “help”. I was promised $600 when I moved in here and never received it and when I kept coming in every few days to ask about the money they would usually reply with an attitude when THEY told me to come in every few days to check. The washers and dryers are almost $2 for one load and they usually never work, the washers won’t drain so your clothes will be soaked and I paid $14 to dry all my clothes once and not one dryer applied heat Review from Google
Apr 2019: Management is glacier slow to respond to issues. The apartment wasn't anywhere near ready on our move in day. Probably not the worst in Wilmington, but definitely not in contention for any awards. Short walk to class is the one shining star. Even the management hasn't been able to screw that up somehow. Very poor communication during the recent hurricane. Your experience will probably be in relation to you expections. Think really low bar and you should be pleasantly surprised. Review from Google
Mar 2019: My son lived in this community for one year. There is no management. The entire community was without WiFi for months and no concessions were given. I found dead bugs on move in date inside kitchen cabinets and was told they are beach bugs. We paid rent on auto pay so we were never late but six months after my son moved out, we received a call from a very aggressive collection agent that we owed $470. I asked him why we owed money and he said he didn’t have to tell me anything - I immediately called the rental office and was told that they didn’t know why it had gone to Collection - and that the fee was for last month utilities, turnover fee and replacing carpet in the bedroom - mind you the carpet wasn’t even dirry so not sure why it needed to be changed. We never got a call, notice, or any mail regarding this past due balance. I was told notice was given but we had to go into their rental portal to get it Review from Google
Mar 2019: My son rented a unit from 6/17-6/18 three months after moving out a collection agency started calling me , as im the guarantor of the lease. We were told we owed over $300 in repairs and utilities. The collection agency would not let me know the breakdown of costs until I agreed to pay. This was the FIRST time we heard of it. I was given reasons that they had no forwarding address, etc. They had no problem emailing me monthly for the rent, but apparently didn't with these charges. As per CEV Wilmington request, we emailed our concerns/questions on 9/28/18, no response. Again on 10/29, 11/8 and 11/30., no response. I actually visited their office on 2/8/19 (I live 600 miles away) and was told no manager was available and would call me back, no call. We called again yesterday 3/19/19 and today, no return call. The collection agency still calls and now my son is having issues renting another apartment Review from Google
Mar 2019: If I could give 0 stars I would. I moved out last spring and have been dealing with this poorly run business for months now as they refuse to answer my phone calls. Not only was the complex incredibly loud at all hours of the day and night regardless of what day it was, but the CEV staff has refused to answer my phone calls and emails regarding fees that have yet to explain. They claimed that I damaged the apartment and decided to charge me for damages without notifying me of those charges. The first I heard of them was months later when a collection agency called my out of the blue. I have tried to contact CEV countless times to no avail. Every single time I get a person on the line I am promised that I will receive a call from management. I have yet to hear from anyone in that CEV office that is actually able to answer my questions. Instead, I get low level employees who provide false promises of future phone calls Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have many, many issues with the CEV in Wilmington but I am livid about this current issue. Staff is very friendly but my washer in my unit has been broken since DECEMBER. It is now mid March. Maintenance came by one time in December and said they were ordering a part. A month later my roommate went to the office and they were nice about it saying they would talk directly to maintenance and print out our maintenance request and put it directly in maintenances hands. Three weeks go by and my roommate and I both go to the office. Word for word the man at the front desk tells us the same thing. They said they were short on maintenance and that’s why it’s taking so long and that they would directly print out our request and hand it to maintenance. Should it take 3 and a half months long to check our washer? Where’s the “part” that was ordered? I am not going to pay my quarters for months washing clothes in the public laundry room at CEV Review from Google
Mar 2019: Thought was important to share my experience and what I witnessed. At beginning of month went without appointment to lease office to get info. At office were appr. 10 people complaining about surcharges and utility bills. One young woman was close to tears about $400.— utility bill. One father discussing his son lived already over one week in motel due to plumbing issue. He suggested he would pay for plumber. Phone was ringing off hook. Guy at reception never lost his cool and was friendly to everyone. But had for everybody same answer: “This is a third party issue call 1-800”. One middle aged woman was sitting on sofa next to General Manager office and talking on cell saying the problems are worse than we thought, people are complaining about bills, maintenance... Suddenly woman from GM office ran to her took phone out of her hands and screamed: leave immediately or I will call security! Woman answered she’s happy to wait for security Review from Google
Mar 2019: We have been renting at this complex the last three years (2 kids). All the problems started a year ago: 1) Roaches: When my kids are coming home over vacation with laundry - there is most of time hiding one in laundry basket. 2) August no air condition for over one week at 95 F. 3) One of my kids locked himself out. As instructed he called emergency number and was told somebody will come to let him in. After FOUR hours he was told that nobody will come. He had to get a motel room. Next day he complained at office was told "not our problem". 4) Electronic keys don't work. It took one week to fix lock. 5) Accounting: 3 years no problems, but NOW: First of month you get total of payment including utility bill - not earlier - it is on FIRST of month. You cannot pay online without extra fees. They are only excepting checks. If you are not in town on this date they charge you $35.-- late fees Review from Google

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