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Camden Forest

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Aug 2019: It's great here. Nothing bad to complain about. I wish there was a better travel method to get to UNCW but that's not Camden's fault. Otherwise it is amazing. Review from Google
Jul 2019: If I could l could leave no stars I would. AC broke probably 30 times as well as our washer, bug issue, office not helpful, random extra hidden charges and fees!!, cheaply made apartments, the pool gets disgusting and the walls are paperr thinnn. Too expensive for all of these issues!! Look somewhere else!! Better options are everyywhere:) Review from Google
May 2019: I’ve had really great experiences with Camden Forest and the staff. For an all inclusive and furnished plan the rent is very reasonable. Brianna in the office has been very helpful, answering all questions and getting back to me in a timely manner. This place doesn’t get the praise it deserves. Also both Morgan’s have been great as well! Review from Google
May 2019: Living here was like living in hell. After Hurricane florence I was forced to live at this sad establishment. The management was never helpful or good at communicating, the staff was unhelpful, and the maintence staff was also sketchy and incompetent. Yes, the rooms bathrooms and closest are a good size, but the poor quality of the rest of the complex makes it very unimpressive in comparison. Overages are charged at a high rate with little proof as evidence of the numbers they make up. The pool was not ready for summer. The security gates never are closed, useless. And the gym is so small it’s embarassing to call it anything else than a treadmill and a few weights. I would never recommend living here to anyone. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I moved here from my dorm on campus after Hurricane Florence. Let me start of with the positives... the rooms are really big and the closet space is huge. The bathrooms are also really nice. Camden has some of the most spacious rooms in off campus living in general. BUT, I am moving out in May because I hate it. You pay for a “gated community with security” and I have seen little to no security my whole stay here. I also have a NIGHTMARE of a roommate who allowed her dog to urinate all in our unit for years.. so when I moved in it smelled so horrible and they knew that and did not tell me. I finally complained and they redid the flooring but never followed through with removing the dog.. so now it just smells again. The management here is extremely frustrating and will not get things done in a timely manner. My situation is sticky but they avoid calling and e mailing me back about it Review from Google
Mar 2019: Be Prepared for: Cheap furniture, Things breaking, Office staff that don't care, Gate ALWAYS being broken, my car was keyed and they said the Camera's don't work. Also be prepared to get fined for everything. Office staff is very unprofessional, the pool is DISGUSTING, and broken glass everywhere in the parking lot. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Positives: large room, closet, own bathroom, gated community, adequate parking, bus that runs to campus, free printing, things are fixed pretty quickly. Cons: 1. Apartment was dirty upon moving (the woman was still "cleaning" whenever we moved it so she just stopped. 2. I was misinformed about overages. I was told overages are never over 4 dollars. Well, we have had them every month. Last month was 26 dollars on top of $747 monthly, and the overage rates continue to go up. Basically, if price isn't a concern for you and you dont mind paying about 800/ month then you will love it here.
Jan 2019: Camden forest is a great, safe community. The apartments are amazing, I live in the three bedroom townhouse style and I love it. I rarely hear my neighbors and the staff are very nice. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: I have absolutely loved my time at Camden. The people in the office are super sweet and really helpful, and maintenance is almost always timely. My only complaints are 1. When the gates break down it always takes forever to fix them, and 2. It would be nice if the printer and pool table area were accessible 24/7 like the gym instead of just during office hours. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Morgan and Peyton are extremely rude!! I was hung up on after wanting an explanation as to why my son had to sign two leases. He is transferring to another North Carolina accredited University. He initially signed a six month lease and then was sent a twelve month lease to sign. They are charging him 85 percent of a month's rent for someone to take over his lease. I encourage upper management to employ customer service friendly employees. If you are going to employ the younger generation which I'm in support of, please teach them how to speak on a professional level as oppose to responding as if they are snap chatting with their friends. Very immature to say the least!!! What a shame!!!! Review from Google
Oct 2018: Terrible place to live, they come in your apartment without any warning at all i mean you could be naked and they would just barge right it with no respect at all.I guess they think we dont need our privacy. I forsure will not resign with them. O and if you have pets apparently you cant have any of their personal items in the common areas... guess they want you to lock your animals in the room like they are in a cage with no freedom. Review from Google
Oct 2018: 3 days of putting in maintenance requests and still our air conditioning isn’t working at all. They must really have better things to do. Review from Google
Aug 2018: This is the best student living place that I’ve lived in. They’re a little overpriced so I had to leave but overall I never had any bug problems and maintenance always makes sure to fix things in a timely manner. All of the furnishings are nice and the kitchen counters are really nice. Overall, I would definitely recommend living here! Review from Google
Aug 2018: The rooms and furnishings are nice, but not worth the ridiculous price you pay for them. It's mostly inhabited by loud, messy college kids, who are up partying until 2 a.m. on average. I had one roommate and several neighbors who did this every weekend and about 3 out of the other 5 nights of the week. The gate in this "gated community" is almost always broken, as is the one for the pool. The pool itself is usually disgusting and to top it all off, when I moved out they tried to charge me $250 to replace the carpet in my room due to "heavy black stains" which I'm 100% sure were not there when I moved out. There are much nicer places in Wilmington for the same price or less. 1/10 would not recommend living there. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Visited for the first time today just to take a tour of the place closets where huge and it looks like an amazing place to live staff was young and our guide for the tour was so sweet rooms are very nice although me personally would request to be on the top floor room Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have had a good experience with Camden so far, although I do have one complaint. The gate is not closed most of the time, and in light of recent events, I would feel more comfortable knowing non-residents cannot so easily access the community. Review from Google
May 2018: LET ME TELL YOU. I've lived in many apartments, and this was by far the worst. This story gets better and better as you read on. 1) As a senior transfer, they paired me with two freshman I had nothing in common with. 2) When one popped out halfway through, her friend whom I didn't know took over her room without prior warning. I told the staff and they just shrugged. Who is this person? We don't know. Did you do a BG check? Sign a lease? No. 3) Party Central Monday thru Sunday. Never once got a good night's sleep. Including in my own apartment. Strangers stole food (with my name on it) from my fridge, gum on the walls, and peed in the sink every morning. Told the staff, they just shrugged. 4) I'd signed a lease to stay the next year before any of this happened, when I tried to get out, they said no, go find someone to take over. So I did - I Review from Google
Mar 2018: Do not live here! They "Claim" that they have a gated community and security guard, however, the gate is wide open at ALL hours, not a single sign of a security guard in the area or complex. - ( I called the security company and spoke to the District Manager and they told me on the phone that they have NO monitoring logs for Camden Forest.) Yes, security companies have to log each time they monitor an area with a Date/ Time Stamp and Take notes. The front office is run by immature college students some who still haven't even graduated nor had experience running a property management company. They also think it's ok to bring pets to work, and have "Play Time" inside the office. Many of the office staff are drunk, or hungover at work, for example, Jamie N. has been not only seen by my own eyes but several other people drunk and blacked out at pa Review from Google
Mar 2018: Would not recommend this apartment complex to anyone looking for a place to stay! You are paying for a ‘gated’ community and a security system in unit, also the ‘security’ guard they claim is on site. The gates were broken for almost 2 months and when the front office was confronted about it their answer was they had someone out just about everyday trying to fix it, yet the gates stayed open 24/7 for anyone to come and go as they please. The front office is run by a bunch of young college students that obviously don’t know how to run a professional business. Oh and don’t bother contacting the regional manager she will not respond to any phone calls or emails that were sent to her and expects you to deal with the front office instead of resolving the problems on her own. Review from Google
Jan 2018: As a neighbor of this apartment complex I can assure you it is a dumping ground for unruly behavior and poor management. The gate is permanently broken allowing for free flowing traffic in and out at all hours of day and night. The "management team" is made up of untrained, inexperienced twenty somethings with not a clue as to how a residential community should be managed. If you want to teach your child how to be a disrespectful neighbor then this is a place for them... Otherwise stay away! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Do not live here! You pay money for a gated community and a security guard and you do not get it. There are always random people driving and walking around the complex. And it is EXTREMELY loud in the evening. I get woken up at least 3x a night. We had multiple cars get broken into last month and they still did not fix the gate. The management does not care about these issues and continues to false advertise for a gated “safe” community. I will not be living here again or recommending to anyone else!! Review from Google
Nov 2017: Camden is the best student living in Wilmington. The staff is extremely friendly and responsive to any concerns. All maintenance requests are completed within 24hrs. The rooms are great sizes. The closets are HUGE! I’ve loved every moment of living here. Bad roommates couldn’t make me love it any less. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Loved living here! It was my first semester in Wilmington and it was a great choice. The staff is super nice and helpful. Well maintained property. I highly recommend! Review from Google
Oct 2017: I originally wanted to rent a house with my three friends while studying at UNCW, however, I'm glad I chose Camden Forest. One of the employees, Matt, has always been my go-to guy when something needed fixing or if I ever had any questions, and he's never let me down. All of the Camden staff members are very friendly. The rooms and accommodations are great value for what you're paying, and the unlimited utility bill (with cap) is very appreciated. I would recommend the three story, three person apartments to anyone interested Review from Google
Oct 2017: The staff at Camden Forest are incredible! They're super helpful and always greet me by name. They answer all my questions in a timely manner and make me feel like they really care about me, not just my money! The pool is really fun to hang out at and they aren't Hardos like the nerds at Progress who limit you to having 2 friends at the pool. Review from Google

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