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University Commons

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Nov 2018: This such a beautiful place. I had a very good experience. The houses are very pretty. Not far from university main campus. Quite near to lots of famous streets and markets in chapel Hill. The houses are well maintained. The society is quite clean. They too have bus stops just outside the society with two buses running at every 15 and 30 mins of gap only. It's quite good. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Good place to live in general but be careful of landlords- they will walk all over you. You might run into a situation like mine where mine used his daughter as a pawn so we couldn't seek help from Campus Legal Services when he completely changed the flooring and painted all the walls mid-semester and took several weeks to do so. Half my roommates had to live out of the apartment for a month and I only stayed because I had nowhere else to go. I came home from work at 8:30 one night and half of my belongings were thrown in the front yard with nobody watching them. Note to wise: If you hear of a 'Treasure' STEER CLEAR. He will break the law and hurt you and when you inform him of this he will threaten to evict you. Awful landlord and I hope nobody ever has to deal with him again. Review from Google
Dec 2017: The best place for graduate and undergrad students to live. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Good enough for the most part. Each apartment has its own quirks from mildly entertaining to frustrating. But livable and ok for the price Review from Google
Sep 2017: I had a decent experience living here despite the other reviews. For the price, it’s good Review from Google
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Where are water, TPs, and sanitizers? Please help others. Hi everyone, To help minimize people driving to stores and it already sold out, if you or more

Who finds the person to sublease my apartment? The general idea is you must find the person who is going to sublease your apartment. Your apartment community may help, but this depends heavily on how full the community is. If they are full, you may get a few people refered, if they are not more

Sep 2017: This apartment is bad. Lack of maintenance and the owner is not responsible to your need. good luck if someone would live here. Review from Google

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