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Timber Hollow Apartments

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Feb 2020: Timber hollow was fine for the first year I lived there. I had a renovated unit, but the buildings are definitely old and run down. No bathroom ventilation, only 2 windows in the whole unit despite only having 1 shared wall, spots on the floor that were squishy as if there was nothing under the laminate, paint drips all over the cabinets, etc. Lots of cockroaches. Constantly had issues with appliances, but maintenance took care of them pretty quickly. Just annoying mostly. Gym had a lot of old and broken equipment. They never plowed or salted the parking lot so even once the roads were clear, I’d be iced into the lot. The rent was not that bad, but they also didn’t advertise that the amenity package is mandatory and you can’t opt out. It includes internet and tv- fine, but also valet trash (they often missed my trash anyway), on demand orkin service, etc. Not things I cared to pay for Review from Google
Feb 2020: Building 103 is in a hazardous state. Many parts of the building show exposed insulation, sheathing, and framework. This building is unfit to be inhabited. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Lived here over two years. Each year more college kids start moving in. Never had a problem with maintenance they always fixed the issues with in two days. They have same renovated apartments that are good but more pricey, old regular apartments are really old all the cabinets are crooked and falls apart, floor is also crooked and loose. First time in my life (almost 40) i had bathroom without air outlet, yep no little window no air fan nothing. This apartment complex was cheaper compared to neighborhood but they followed the others later like adding valet trash etc. which price gone up immediately. Moved out without any problem, got back my full deposit. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I have lived at Timber Hollow for a year and five months. It is a great community with a wonderful staff. The Office Manager Lisa speaks to me by name every time I see her.The technicians always wave as they drive by. They are friendly and hopeful whenever I need anything. Review from Google
Mar 2018: This is a AWESOME place!! The great friendly office staff and wonderful maintenance team make this place HOME. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Hands down Timber Hollow is the worst apartment complex I've lived in. I moved from Boston to Chapel Hill in June 2016 and lived at Timber Hollow from June 2016 - August 2017 and it was just one disaster after another. Right from the start they did not disclose that the apartment I had rented was built specifically for someone in a wheelchair, so everything was super low and awkward for a 6'2" individual. From that rocky start things continued to get worse. Our apartment was ransacked with mold within about a month or two of us living there. We saw mold in the closet, in the pantry, it constantly grew on our shower curtain, and we found some growing under the carpet as well. We purchased DampRid about once a month which helped some but didn't solve the problem. The maintenance people did show up quickly when we had problems which was n Review from Google
Aug 2017: Okay place to live, but the manager there is really rude and unprofessional Review from Google
Aug 2017: Lived here over two years. Each year more college kids start moving here therefore more problems like clogged sewer, dog poops everywhere because they won't clean after themselves, more noises during come and go.. But never had a problem with maintenance they always fixed the issues with in two days. They have same renovated apartments that are good but more pricey, old regular apartments are really old all the cabinets are crooked and falls apart, floor is also crooked and loose. This apartment complex was cheaper compared to neighborhood but they followed the others later like adding valet trash etc. which price gone up immediately. Review from Google
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Aug 2017: Worse place I have ever rented from. Charged me an extra cleaning fee when I moved out saying it was "extra dirty" which is nonsense because me and my wife cleaned before we left and it was cleaner when we left then when we moved in. The apartment complex does not care about their tenants just about their money. They don't scrape the parking lot during the winter they just let the parking lot ice over. So we are unable to get to work. Sidewalks were never cleared after landscaping (which was mediocre) was done and also not scraped during winter either. You give them a complaint about the apartment (i.e. something needs to be fixed) they take over a week to come over and fix it no matter if it's a minor or major thing. I asked if they could remove a bee hive from behind the apartment. They said they took care of it and never actually did. I m Review from Google
Oct 2016: I lived here for a little over 4 years and had a pretty good experience. Ultimately I left because they stopped targeting the affordable housing market and got into the luxury market. The complex was sold twice in the time I lived there and the new owners renovated a lot of units (which was a total nightmare to live through). They also added a mandatory amenity package that cost $125 a month which covered cable television, cable internet, and valet trash. While it was nice to have HBO, it's impossible to cancel the plan, so if you hit any hard times financially and want to cancel your cable television to save money, sorry, you can't! Review from 10/8/16 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2016: I lived there for 2 years. Just to make sure. They change their words every single time. So make sure to document every discussion with the office or it may cost you couple of hundreds dollars when you move out. I'm serious. If you just talked to them without any paper document, they will say they never have told. Watch out from this apartment office if you don't want to waste your money for what you have never done. Review from Google
Jun 2016: Timber Hollow is one of the best apartment complexes in Chapel Hill. It may look a bit old outside but the newly renovated units are phenomenal. The rooms are a great size and there is plenty of storage throughout the unit. The location is ideal for students or families searching for a place near supermarkets, shopping centers, dinning, etc. Moreover, you can rest assure that this location is safe because the police department is down the road so no shenanigans- guaranteed. The gym is fantastic with more than enough equipment needed to get a full body workout. One of the main things I enjoy about this complex is the customer service. Vanessa Caro is an outstanding property manager. She will meet ALL of your needs and answer ANY questions you may have. Review from 06/02/16 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2016: I have been living here for about six months. Just wanted to say that Holly is always helpful and cheerful--every time I speak with her. Also, wanted to add a MUCH belated thanks for the UNC football tickets that were given out this past fall. Great game and seats--thanks so much! Review from 3/18/16 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2015: The leasing manager took me to my prospective first floor 1BR apt and mentioned being a former occupant of this unit. Since moving in, have been plagued by insomnia from 6 noisy HVAC units located directly outside my bedroom window that screech on and off around the clock. I suggested that the leasing company reinforce or replace the window to soundproof the unit but they refused, saying that if they replaced my window, they'd have to replace everyone's window. I voiced my concerns to the management company and the person told me that they don't mention the flaws of a place because it's bad for sales. Review from 10/27/15 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2014: I've lived here for about a year. Mostly positive experience Pro: -Good location. Close to downtown, I-40 and right by a bus-line -Quiet. -Safe. Well-lit parking lots and stairwells -Swanky top floor apts. Skylights and super high ceilings. The updated apts have nice looking carpet and cabinets too Cons: -Staff. Super unresponsive and kind of rude. Never respond to emails. Holly is nice, everyone else is terrible. -Pricey for the area -Drafty doors and windows I've seen the other reviews that complain about the water bill. I haven't really had an issue with it. I have a 1 bedroom with two people in it and the bill is about $40 a month. Higher than other places I've lived, but nothing absurd like $100+ a month. Tip: Wash clothes in cold water! Review from 10/31/14 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2014: Currently live here, moving out soon. Meh. Quick pro con: Pro: - Right on bus line onto campus. Very very convenient. - OK workout facility. Could definitely be worse. - Mostly graduate students, so it's generally nice and quiet. - Parking isn't an issue that I've seen. Con: - The management was a pain. - The water bill is absolutely insane. - The apartments are kind of old, and aren't insulted well.- Bugs tend to be a problem - Finally, the price. In conclusion, not awful. But there are definitely better places in Chapel Hill, and I would suggest renting from those places instead. Review from 3/17/14 on Apartment Ratings

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