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Aug 2019: I love our new apartment. It's very spacious and nice, a great location that's easy to get to UNC by bus and easy to get elsewhere, being relatively close to the freeway. The office staff are very helpful and communicate well, and maintenance does a good job. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I moved in to one of the PineGate apartments two years ago while I was still attending UNC. They have great student packages! They are only 10 minutes away from campus and bus D passes right by them. The staff is very nice and professional. Big thank you to Nicole for always being on top of things. I personally like the maintenance team. They are very friendly and If they come to fix something, they interact with the resident if they are home and explain things to them as they are working. They also keep the property cleaned and well maintained. Their communication system is amazing. I like coming home to find that letters were left on my door handle. Overall, I had a great time living there. I highly recommend. Review from Google
Jul 2019: PineGate is my first apartment. For one person who lives a minimalist lifestyle, it's plenty of room, it's quiet. Insurance is actually cheaper here. So far it's been great. Brandy, Nicole, and Natasha have all been great, very warm, polite, accomodating, and helpful in getting me settled. They're great about responding to service requests, and so far there's been nothing major. The pool is great too. I'm happy. It's a great first apartment and much better than Raleigh where I was before. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Pinegate is a very nice community to live in. The renovated apartments are great, the landscaping is incredible, the staff is friendly and my neighbors were easygoing. I had to move due to a great job opportunity, but I truly enjoyed living in Pinegate Apartments. There are also several sidewalks outside of the community for running or walking when the weather is nice. Review from Google
Jun 2019: I lived at pinegate for 3 years I must say I am very happy here. The ladies in the office are very polite and professional. my maintenance issues are always handled in a prompt and efficient manner I would like to thank Nichole, Brandy, Joe, Emmanuel, Ron and the whole pinegate team above and beyond. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Had the pleasure of speaking with Nichole at Pine Gate. Super nice and professional! Review from Google
Apr 2019: I've been here a year and decided to stay one more. the place is great for someone single, my apartment is at the bottom and of course I hear noises from the people who lives above but that happens anywhere! maintenance is very quick when needed for my experience I haven't been in the need to call them but once. the ladies at the office Brandy & Nicole are great in terms of communication and very professional about their jobs. the cleaning of the community is great to me, I also enjoy the amenities of the apartment! I'm giving it 5 stars because when I moved in the apartment was in great condition from new carpet to new kitchen so it fits my needs at the moment & is very convenience because is close to work. give it a try out, in the end we make everything better! Review from Google
Feb 2019: So far my wife and I are coming up on a year here at Pine Gate Apartments and we love it. We looked at a lot for apartments in Chapel Hill that were close to the highway for me to go to work/school, and still quick for her to get to UNC and we stopped looking after we found Pine Gate. We've experienced very quick, kind maintenance when necessary and homely resident services in the office. Pine Gate is continually improving the community here; in the last year they have re-paved the roads, added bike lock-ups at each building, redone the roofs, and are always on top of resident feedback such as parking and how things can be improved. This is our first apartment experience but we are quite pleased with the experience and especially for the low prices here. Review from Google
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Feb 2019: I lived here for 10 months and loved it at first. But just like a new relationship it got old fast! They hardly ever answer the phone. Nicole is always left there by herself. I don’t even know the property manager name. But Brandy is a joke. Always going to check on things and never follow up. Maintenance takes FOREVER to respond to service requests. My faucet in my tub would not stop running, literally coming out at full speed. It took them FOUR days to fix the issue. And you do pay a water bill. They said they would adjust the bill but never did. This happened TWICE! In the summer months my AC would stop blowing cool air every month. All they did was put Freon in it. Obviously it’s leaking somewhere fix the leak. They never did. My shower head had low pressure I put in a service request took them a week to come. By that time I had my boyfriend fix it and replace the shower head with a $100 head Review from Google
Feb 2019: This community has really been a godsend to me! They respond to every maintenance issue with the speed of light. It is a quiet community. The Property management staff is AMAZING!!!!! (Kudos to Brandy especially) I just renewed my lease and will most likely renew again! Great Location. Review from Google
Feb 2019: We were nervous about moving into an apartment complex after only living in private houses and apartments before this but honestly, Pinegate has been SO GOOD. We had to move in sight unseen since we were moving from out of state (and only for 6 months) but everything has gone off without a hitch. It worked especially well for us because we were able to get the utilities and furnishings included in our base rent per month. It was EASILY the most cost-effective option and has been way better and way cheaper than any other corporate short-term housing we could find within a 20 mile radius of the RTP area. Review from Google
Jul 2018: So the other reviews about the towing of cars is really not the apartment managements fault. First, before you move in, you show them your registration and they give you a sticker. If you have more than two cars, you can get temp passes as long as you have a current registration. I lived at Pinegate 15 months and was very happy. It's not expensive, and it's decent. We had all new appliances, an awesome washer and dryer, and the whole time I was there I never saw a bug. Maintenance was always nice. I recommend touring the property with management so you can view each available space. We looked at about five, and found the one we really liked. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I like the place but for one thing. the swimming pool closing times depends on who is in the office that day. It is closed most Sundays and holidays. While it is posted to open 10am to 8pm, sometimes it closes at 6pm. So you need to be a stay home person for you to enjoy it. Other than this, I have no complaints. The management respond quickly to requests. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The staff at Pinegate were beyond helpful in helping me move into my new, lovely apartment. Among the craziness of my moving process, they were responsive and gracious. They even came in after hours to hand my keys to the apartment when I got stuck in traffic on the way down. I highly recommend this group when looking for a new apartment, especially when moving in from out of town! The absolute best! Review from Google
Apr 2018: PineGate is a great, quiet place. I have had a wonderful experience living here and to be able to send my child to a great school and live in a nice quiet and safe neighborhood makes it easier to sleep at night. I have told everyone I know about this place. Management is doing a great job of improving the property. It's not easy to find a place where they still have the best interests of the people at heart. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I love living at this community!! I have lived here for over 5 years. The staff is amazing and maintenance is always on point!!!! The upgrades are wonderful and so are the many things they have done around the property!!! It is in the most convenient location also. I would highly recommend living here. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review from Google
Feb 2018: I've only been a resident for a few weeks, but so far this place is almost a perfect fit for me! Love living here so far! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I ve been living in this apartment complex for about 3 years now it s an ok place to live cant really say anything bad about it the new property manager has done lots of improvements to this place there are 2 women at the office besides the property manager im not sure if they are the assistants s manager or what they re new people working there and they re very rude they re not polite at all nothing compare to the people working there before those people were nice to the residents Review from Google
Dec 2017: The worse, Dont come live here unless your ready to spend every penny picking your car up from the tow shop every week. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I am not a resident, but even as a visitor to my mother I've seen how terrible this apartment complex is. Upon first moving here, my mother had her car towed, for not having a parking pass when she wasnt informed that she needed to pick one up herself. Now that I've come to visit her on my holiday breaks, parking in a spot labeled "visitor" though slightly washed away or painted off, those still easily recognized as visitor - my car was towed the next morning. As a visitor apparently I need a visitor's pass. That was also not made aware to my mother in anyway, therefore how could I have known. Then I had many fellow residents explain to how much this apartment likes to SCAM their residents, and EXTRACT AS MUCH MONEY as possible. Towing the cars of residents so often, always justifying it as one way or another. They even explained how terrible Review from Google
Oct 2017: The place is good and safety but the aparments are like little, but it's a good place to live. Review from Google
Oct 2017: I love living here! I have no issues with bugs, the management is prompt to resolve issues and very friendly/helpful, my apartment is beautiful (much bigger than I thought, wooden floors, new appliances, stackable washer/dryer), and the community is peaceful on weekend nights! What more could you ask for? Review from Google
Jan 2017: I gave it one star because zero stars wasn't an option. The only postive thing i can say about this place is it's a roof over my head. I've lived here 6 months and was ready to break my lease at month 3. The grounds are disgusting, the pool has a brown ring around it, people play loud music all times of the night, my car was broken into, and i was sexually harassed by some Hispanic guy. Also there are gang members that live here. There is a reason why they have so many vacant apartments, this place is horrible. Review from 1/20/17 on Google
Nov 2016: I had relocated back to area came across Pinegate staff was friendly and helpful. The grounds are well kept. I like the fact that I got to choose which apartment I wanted to rent. I rented a 1 bedroom with den nice upright washer and dryer included. It was clean and nice. An if I had an issue which was few they responded in a timely manner. The location is convenient to I40 making my commute smooth and easy. Access to local shopping in both direction. I was single and worked somethings late at night very late and I always felt safe coming and going. Review from 11/7/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2016: Pinegate is the worst place I have ever lived in in my life. Had it not been an emergency situation when I moved in, I would've never even considered living there. The apartments are old, smell horrible, and their so-called "upgrades" are laughable. The walls are paper thin. There are no locks on the bed room doors nor the master bathroom. If I could rate this place in the negative I would. The management.. tuh! They tell you one thing and do another and then look at you like you're crazy when you remind them of what they said and will not honor it. Ridiculous! Stay far away from this place! Review from 8/12/16 on Apartment Ratings

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