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Lark Chapel Hill

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Mar 2016: Management took a little while to get their sea legs but at this point I would say they are doing a great job. Rooms are look great, but are a bit cheaply made. The walls are thin. Because the place is so new I don't think this will be an issue for a while though. I love having my own bathroom and the 24 hour weight room is awesome. Kitchen is great, and having my own washing and drying is great. The shuttles to and from campus are incredibly convenient. Review from 3/27/16 on Google
Dec 2015: Lux is pretty baller, I must say. It took a while to move in because the rooms weren't ready, but we were well compensated. At first I was a little unsure of all the cool stuff downstairs for us to use. I'm a simple guy and don't need an 80" TV in the lobby. However, once I discovered how much girls love it, I was okay with it. Seriously, it makes girls think, "this guy is super sophisticated and enjoys the finer things in life." Every friend I have had visit has been very impressed and wished that they lived in Lux. It's only a short stumble from Franklin Street as well. Review from 12/1/15 on Google
Jul 2015: The good: Clean, new, spacious. 24 hour gym and a lovely pool. Fantastic location. Love the bus driver lady. I feel very safe. I love my kitchen. The bad: move in date is the day before classes. We pay a month's rent and are only allowed to live in our rooms for half that month. Much ethical. so convenient. Called office- no flexibility. In the end, I would say Lux is a great place to live. But it isn't a community with character; it's a business. Review from 7/12/15 on Google
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May 2015: I can't really speak more highly of Lux... the apartment complex is second to none. I'm living in a huge room in a 4-bed apartment, fully furnished with a wardrobe and complete private ensuite - full kitchen with all appliances, cable tv in lounge room and bedroom, aircon, balcony etc. AND i'm paying less than they are in dorms/Odem!?!?!? You'd think there would be a catch but there honestly isn't. The building amenities are also great - huge pool, basketball and volleyball court, fully decked out gym, computer lab, community kitchen and study rooms, and two shuttles to and from campus that run every 15 mins - I couldn't ask for more. Review from 5/30/15 on Google

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