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Lark Chapel Hill

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Jan 2021: Lark is a great location and environment but they take the cheapest way to do everything. The internet sucks and we’ve reached out to Scion themselves about it. The staff is very nice but we spent half the year w a giant microwave taking up half our counter space bc it took that long for them to get a new one for over the oven, and now we’ve been without a washer for 2 weeks since it broke and they are too cheap to replace it without trying several different parts first. Not paying crazy rent to have to tote my laundry like I live in a dorm.
Mar 2020: Lark is the perfect place for UNC Chapel Hill Students. They have a shuttle that takes you to and from campus. The apartments are spacious and its nice having your own private bathroom that you don't have to share with roommates. Personally my favorite part of living at lark is the pool and the gym. The only thing I wish was better was the parking but with the campus shuttle It doesn't really bother me.
Sep 2019: not worth the cost, wish I would have lived somewhere else! The shuttle is completely unreliable and has made me late to class or work several times. The staff never communicates to their residents that the shuttle isn't running and then occasionally gives Uber codes that only cover a fraction of the price. On top of that the management is HORRIBLE. They are not willing to help their residents and I have sent numerous emails without ever receiving a response. It took numerous complaints to get them to acknowledge my complaint that COCKROACHES were in our apartment. Bottom line this apartment complex does not meet the standards it should for the price it charges!!!
Jul 2019: Great off campus living for Juniors and Seniors; clean with a helpful staff, and good amenities (pool, weight rooms). A bit pricey but well worth the experience. Review from Google
Jul 2019: My time at Lark was nothing short of spectacular. From the shuttle to the pool, Lark succeed in providing me with a home away from home. Special shout out Rachel Emerson for making brightening up people's day a part of her job as a housing consultant! Review from Google
Jul 2019: Although lark isn’t perfect, I haven’t had too many problems. The people who work at lark are very kind and always ready to help. Hunter is one of the newest and sweetest at the front desk! Always friendly and helpful! Dwayne is the best maintenance guy anyone can ask for and is always willing to help even when he isn’t on the clock or requires to...he goes above and beyond! Review from Google
May 2019: Lark tricks people into living here by hyping up the shuttle when in reality the shuttle is useless. One of the drivers is reckless and off schedule to the point that residents are afraid to ride with her. It’s easier to take UNC buses and get off at the stop in front of University apartments. It “breaks down” multiple days a week also and leaves students without a ride to class in the morning. They will respond to this review saying they offer uber codes when the shuttle is down, but the codes never get sent out until 9:30. The shuttle should start at 7 am, so that’s 2.5 hours unaccounted for. Parking is a huge issue at Lark. I find it funny that this apartment complex has nowhere near enough parking spots for its residents. Probably because they enjoy ripping people off. They have cramped as many residents into a small building in order to make as much money as possible. Lark provides a portion of their residents parking for $115/month while others have to pay for off-site parking spots at sketchy unlit locations Review from Google
Mar 2019: DONT LIVE HERE!! So overpriced and you get THE worst customer service of all time not sure what is worse the DMV or Lark. They do not care about their residents AT ALL. They continuously jack up their prices and are not much less expensive than carolina square despite the fact that you are 25/30 minute walk from the Pit. The “amenities” that they provide are basically non existent. The shuttle has never worked consistently for at least a week. Totally unreliable and they will send you uber codes at 1030 (doesn’t help when you got up for your 8am and there was no bus) that don’t even work!!!!! To continue on this lovely trend parking is an extra $100 a month!!!!! It’s absolutely insane!!!! There’s a new apartment complex being built next door (yay for all the noise that starts at all hours of the day) but as soon as that’s built you best believe half of Lark’s residents will leave. #bringluxback Review from Google
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Aug 2018: They charge you crazy fees for no reason. In the middle of the year they charged each of my 4 roommates a $90 carpet cleaning fee and they just cleaned the living room. Our carpet wasn't even dirty so This was just ridiculous. They misplaced many of my packages which were eventually found, but still very stressful and annoying. Lark is not worth the price. don't live here. I regret living here. Review from Google
Jul 2018: don't waste your money on these apartments. Completely unprofessional management team. We pay obscenely high rent with little return in customer service or professionalism. I recently had a very large limb fall on my vehicle after living at this facility for 2 years. I was offered no assistance at the time, even with the 24-hour on-call staff that is paid for with our rent. The individual on-call did not assist in removing the 500 lb.+ limb, instead I was left alone in the parking lot to solve the problem myself. The management then lied and told me the tree was not owned by them and therefore not their responsibility. This proved false as I spoke with multiple sources confirming their ownership. This reflects the shady practices of the management that would continue throughout my communication with their staff. Additionally, when the damages Review from Google
May 2018: The amenities are great! Love the gym and pool. The gym has everything you need! Rooms are very spacious and love the private bathroom per room. Kitchen has great appliances. Same goes for the washing machine and dryer! The lux shuttle is also very convenient when going to class. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Too much and not enough--- Lux wants residents to enjoy the amenities, but if you need a parking spot or a response from their office, that's not included in the rent. Rent is drafted as are the various fees, and there are fees---- for everything - please know that there will be duplicate drafts from your account that you must monitor and manage - because they will not catch them or correct as quickly as you'd expect. I see why students love the place....but most of them are not paying the tab.... Review from Google
Mar 2018:
Mar 2018: Great amenities including shuttle to campus (super convenient), pool, tanning, gym, basketball and volleyball courts. Parking can be difficult and guest passes often run out. Walls are thin and can hear people clearly from outside of apt at times. However, rooms are spacious and well maintained with new appliances, furniture and upgraded fixtures. Maintenance requests always attended to promptly. Staff always friendly and helpful with occasional events organized for residents. Overall very great for the price. Review from Google
Mar 2018: A perfect place to live for a college student. Everything you need is right here. Great location to Franklin and the shuttle makes getting to campus super easy. Whenever there is an issue, maintenance is here almost immediately to fix it. Everyone who works here is awesome. I just love it here! Such a great place to live and not planning on leaving until I graduate. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Living at Lux has been one of the best decisions I have made! Bummed I waited until senior year to move here. The staff is awesome and super friendly, making an effort to befriend every resident and always asking if I need anything. The amenities are unmatched by any other housing complex in the area. The pool is so nice and always clean, and the workout facility is well-equipped and incredibly convenient. The shuttle is also super efficient and saves me a ton on parking. Also, it is a blast getting to live in the same building as your friends! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for off campus housing. Review from Google
Feb 2018: In all of my years working in the service industry, never have I seen people deal so poorly with their customers as the management of Lux does. Rude, inconsiderate and flat out incompetent only begin to describe the upper management you have to deal with while living here. From breaking the contracts and agreements made in the lease, to maintenance workers that barge into your room whether you are dressed or not the employees and management of this facility seem to think they can take advantage of their residents because they are college students who don't know better or won't fight back. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Pros: Staff is really helpful and friendly! On-site events are great. The apartment itself is nice with updated appliances Cons: Shuttle doesn't run after 8 pm or on weekends anymore, parking for visitors is difficult Review from Google
Dec 2017: Lux at Central Park has a nice community and college atmosphere! The staff is very friendly and says "welcome home" after coming back from a long day of classes. The amenities are definitely a pro living at Lux, especially the shuttle bus service. It is pretty reliable during the week and a convenient way to get on campus. The apartment complex is definitely a fun place to be around! Only downsides are the wifi service in the building (especially at night when many students are on it and nothing will load), as well as the trash/dumpster placement. For as big as the apartment complex is, it would be convenient to have dumpster and recycling bins on both ends of the building, making it easier for all residents to take out trash. Besides that, Lux has a fun and welcoming environment for college students! Review from Google
Dec 2017: Living at LUX has been a great experience. The staff is super friendly, the amenities are so nice and well-maintained. It’s still walking distance from campus, 15 or less depending where on campus, but the shuttles are always helpful when I don’t feel like walking. I would highly recommend. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I really do like these Student catered luxury apartments. The apartments are catered to the interests of a younger population. They are modern on the inside and are kept up to date. The appliances are all new and nice. They are sizeable rooms that come fully furnished. I really like hanging out by the pool in the summer & there are always people playing basketball. One thing I do not like about Lux is the poor cell coverage. If you are not connected to the WiFi then don’t expect anything to load on your mobile devices; it’s like we stepped into the mountains. I would definitely recommend Lux apartments to undergrad students looking for a fun atmosphere to live. Review from Google
Aug 2017: The staff has been one of the most energetic and helpful management teams I've seen at any of these student housing apartment complexes. I've always been treated with respect and these are some of the sweetest apartments close to campus. The pool is amazing the events at Lux are insane! Leaving for college and going out on my own was scary. I'm glad I was able to find my second family here at the Lux, without them I wouldn't have made it through the last four years. Thank you Lux Family for always being there for us! Review from Google
May 2017: The apartments are very nice and comfortable, and the staff is great for all of your basic needs. They have a decent gym and offer shuttle service to all of the major locations on campus throughout the day. The only notable drawback is how thin the walls are - they went really cheap with these to the point where you can hear your neighbor having a conversation in the other room. This can be a particular nuisance if you have a big event and your neighbor decides to get drunk and loud at 3 in the morning. Review from 5/17/17 on Google
Mar 2017: DO NOT LIVE HERE. Many other people have complained about management, but here are some specific examples... A parking space costs $115 PER MONTH and it's impossible to even get one. Many, if not most, of their residents park off site, BUT they really don't have any temporary parking for unloading groceries or packing your car with luggage to go out of town. All they have are five "future resident" parking spots to be used after office hours, because they are used for tours. First of all, I'm not going to plan to go out of town only once office hours are over. Secondly, those five spaces are usually always filled so there's no place for me to park anyways. Review from 3/20/17 on Google
Sep 2016: Disappointing is an understatement! Customer service does not exist. don't expect an email or return phone call EVER. Problem solving is clearly not a goal. We were sold on the shuttle hours that were advertised and it turns out, they were cut back! The attitude of "too bad" is what you get. Year 1- a clerical error (not in my favor) took months to resolve and now the parking drama has brought me to "share" with other parents to beware of the lack of responsiveness and a professional staff. I can promise you this, you will NEVER get a response from the corporate office! Beyond aggravating and a waste of my time! Unfortunate with so much to offer. Review from 9/2/16 on Google

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