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Kingswood Apartments

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Apr 2019: We have been at Kingswood almost 1 year we have had an excellent experience it's a wonderful neighborhood very quite and close to shopping and restaurants. The apartment managers Andrea and Ian are fantastic people very helpful and stay on top of anything you ask. The swimming pool is nice ans very clean and never crowded which is great with smaller children Review from Google
Mar 2019: Apartments are clean and neat upon move in staff is very kind and accomodating. The neighborhood is very peaceful and quite. Staff is having a march madness event very excited to fill out my bracket. Overall great place to live.
Dec 2018: It is a very good apartment and the price is great! My husband is a graduate student and we have two small children (under two). It is on two bus lines which is great so you don't have to buy a parking pass at the university. Also, it is near campus but not too close so the bus ride is relatively short but far enough to feel away from the "night-life". Maintenance is great. They have always come within 2 business days most times the next day. They are also very nice. The reasons why not five stars...the pool is only open from typically mid June to labor day if that and it is not open 24/7, and it is not a luxurious apartment. It meets our needs just fine but I wouldn't call it the RITZ. Most come with a washer and dryer! Overall it is a great place to live on a budget and the office staff is nice. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I been living in Kingswood since February and my experience here has been positive so far. My apartment is newly renovated and it comes with a washer and dryer which is a lifesaver! it was way to cold when I moved in to be carrying clothes to get it wash somewhere. It is a super convenient location, we are right next to the Morgan Creek Trail so for runners like me is super awesome to have a trail right next to you to run. Kingswood in also super close to UNC, the hospital and downtown. whenever I feel like going for coffee I just get into the J bus (is FREE) and head downtown without the need to driving or looking for parking. The staff at Kingswood was pretty nice and whenever I had a maintenance issue they were prompt to fixing it within a couple of days. The apartment could use some new windows but overall I would recommend this commu Review from Google
Dec 2018: I moved into Kingswood in August and have had a good experience. The staff are v friendly and the maintenance is prompt. They do fun events about once a month to build community. My apartment is recently renovated, although it is an older building so it is SUPER drafty. I love having a washer and dryer in unit, which many of my friends don't have who pay more elsewhere. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have had overall a great experience of Kingswood Apartments. The maintenance is extremely prompt if you put in a request, even after hours. The front desk staff is mostly great. And it is a great deal. I would not hesitate to recommend Kingswood to a friend! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I don't personally live in kings wood apartments but over the weekend I visited a relative that lives there and I was so impressed with the staff and the community overall. The prep work they did with the current snow storm was very well thought out and if may add probably the only apartment neighborhood that prepped properly. My relatives are super happy to live here and if I am ever in the market to move again Kingswood would be my first choice to be close to my family and the welcoming staff makes you feel welcomed even if you're visiting. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Kingswood Apartments has 2/1 and 1/1 options which are both fairly inexpensive, especially as a student since they offer a 10% discount for students each month. They switched to 5% discount recently but it is still a great deal. Every time we had a problem, whether I needed a new light bulb or the dryer broke down, they would come within 3 days. I work with Andrea, a very sweet and friendly staff at the office, for any needs or questions I have. She is always willing to assist with anything you need and can speak both Spanish and English. Kingswood is made up of 50% small families and 50% students (both undergraduate and graduate students) so it feels very safe and is fairly quiet place. The parking spots are very spacious, making the parking lot very easy to navigate. Though most students just take the bus because the J and D bus is righ Review from Google
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Jun 2018: Firs today all, the place is really good and the prices are convenient. The complex has a 10%/ discounts for students so it's very good deal if you are a student like me and studying at UNC. Transportation to school is done via D and J routes which come very frequently in the morning. The way back is via J bus and it's one of the buses that keep working till midnight. So even if you hangout with your friends at Franklin Street, you can simply take the bus and go home at night. For the apartment, the kitchen appliances were recently renovated. The kitchen has spacious drawers, dishwasher and microwave plus washing machine and dryer at no extra cost. The rooms are spacious as well. The apartment complex is currently has it's own pool which was a nice addition, there is a plan to have a gym as well and gas grillers (at the moment there are on Review from Google
Apr 2018: Apartments are ghettofied. Yes, I do know there's no such word. Run down and not worth no more then $600.00 per month and $700.00 for a two bedroom. The people working in the leasing office are really nice, ,pleasant, respectful. I really wish the same could be said about the apartments. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I lived here for 4 months. Clean apartments cheap n best Review from Google
Jan 2018: Not a great place for students/grad students. They rarely answer the phone, and whenever issues arise they are VERY poorly dealt with. They tried to charge us for "broken blinds" three separate times even though we called to resolve the issue twice. Our dryer broke, they couldn't get anyone here for 8 days - and offered no relief for the problem. ALSO, there is a BUSINESS running out of my building. A legitimate business that is sponsored by UNC, in theory all fine and good, but unless you want people screaming and slamming doors while dealing with this business at all hours of the day, it's not ideal for a living situation. While yes the apartments themselves are moderately updated, my floor is still very sloped (?) and there are areas where the carpet meets the molding that I can fit my finger under. The windows are old and they work but the Review from Google
Dec 2017: Ive been staying over with a friend this past week and i could hear the upstairs neighbors walk, it was so loud I live in a apartment complex as well but it does not sound as bad as here. The kitchen is so small. Like the fidge is next to the stove. Like is that even safe?. I was cooking something and the frige kept getting the way, it also seemed to fog up aswell. The air filters dont seem to work either cause the smell wouldnt air out and i turn the fan on before starting to cook. Try dealing with that everyday. Idk how my buddy does it. Review from Google
Dec 2017: This has to be the worst place to rent. First of all they never answer ant phone call. They said they would come and clean our carpet and no ever showed up. The bulding it self sucks. Everything is so uneven. There is little holes on the bottom of the walls where i can put my finger through and touch the concrete. The walls are so thin you can hear everything the others say. The staff sucks it seems like they only hire people based on looks not knowledge or personality. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I'm living in this complexe since almost 2 years and I'm very happy. My appartment is very clean and sunny. It's really quiet and the area is really nice. Everytime I have a problem, I just have to email them and they come right away to fix everything. It's very safe place and nice neighborhood! I really recommend this place. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I've been a resident at Kingswood since August and so far I am enjoying living here. The place is quiet, the apartment is nice, and is really close to UNC where I go to school. I highly recommend it!- Leo Review from Google
May 2017: Where do I begin with this review?? Let me begin by saying that XXXX in the front office is excellent and the most helpful of all of the staff in the office. My apartment was flooded not once, but six times in the 4 years that we lived there. The first was from an overflowing toilet upstairs. 2 times after that were from flooding from the water pooling in front of the apartment due to the downspouts not being cleaned out. Carpet was molded underneath and we lost personal items that renters insurance wouldn't cover because it was poor maintenance on part of the complex. Review from 5/12/17 on Google
Mar 2017: I had a good experience living here, and it's a good price for the area. It's right on the J bus line which is very convenient. The apartment is safe and they are vigilant about pest control (you have to do your part keeping the apartment clean). Walls are a little thin and neighbors are a little loud, but overall a good place to live. Review from 3/14/17 on Google
Nov 2016: I love it here. The management is amazing. Jasmine and Brittany are always quick to help me. I really feel like they care about making sure my life is good here. Review from Google
Nov 2016: Apartment staff, maintenance crew, and standards exede expectations. The apartments are well tended and clean. Amenities provided, like the pool, and others are nice and kept up well. over all the Kingswood apartments are a great place to live, and call home. Review from 11/4/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: Horrible experience.... At first site you will love apartments but after 2-3 months...Oh my God.... so many roaches... People play music in cars and drink beers outside apartments... or on the stairs. Police comes every other day in the property... Pay little extra and enjoy your stay.. Management staff is very poor... They always say YES... we can do it but will never do maintenance.. I am wondering why writes 3 or 4 stars review... Oh by the way... Every year Kingswood ask for review and draw a lottery ( one kindle fire) for who write review ... so people feel obliged and write some nice review But beware of such reviews. Review from 5/10/16 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2015: For starters the apartments are extremely old and the windows give you a $400 a month in electricity bill!! during the winter which is half your rent. They have guest parking which they didn't tell me anything about, until my car was towed overnight. Chandlers towing all the way in durham which cost me $275.00 (ONE NIGHT)!!! The staff is terrible in helping you in anyway. When THERE circuit breaker blew up and I lost all my food was never offered a dime for my loss. They send you a letter on your door saying that you need to take out all your belongings out of the cabinets because THEY ARE IN EMERGENCY from the pest control and everything needs to be sprayed down in your house. Review from 9/25/15 on Google
Sep 2015: MOLD, spiders, worms, ants, house centipedes and did I mention MOLD. When we showed up to move in they informed us that our monthly rent would be $100 more than we agreed upon. The first time we found mold they treated it very quickly, BUT, they ruined our couch when replacing the wall and never cleaned up their mess and we had to put our own carpet back down. When the ceiling collapsed in the bathroom dropping bugs, mold, rusty nails and brown liquid everywhere they found the leak and patched the ceiling very quickly BUT when replacing the ceiling they splattered plaster all over everything that was in the bathroom effectively ruining it. We moved out less than 3 months after we moved in when we found mold for a THIRD time and the house was still infested with bugs. Review from Google
Aug 2015: I have been living here in Kingswood for 2.5 years now and I plan on keeping living here. The current apartment that we live in is recently remodeled and they added the dishwasher and washer/dryer in the unit. That is a big plus considering the price that we have to pay. They also have a great promotion for students where they can live rent-free for the summer. The location is close to the campus which is a big plus for me as I tend to oversleep sometime so to be able to get to the campus in 10 minutes helps a lot. The staffs are nice especially ____ and ____. Most of my issues with the apartment were handled by them pretty quickly. Review from 8/22/15 on Google
Aug 2015: My son and I just moved here a couple months ago. We love it. The trail next to the community is great, we frequent it. The apartment itself is perfect for us. The one we are in was just remodeled with new floors and new appliances. I looked at several different places before deciding on this one. The community is just really homey. I love the trees and there is plenty of grassy areas for my son to play in. I was afraid that with us having to move closer to a city and being so close to the university he wouldn't be able to play outside as much. But that isn't the case at all. Overall, it's a pretty quiet neighborhood. Review from 8/11/2015 on Google

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