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Glen Lennox

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Nov 2017: I would like to inform potential tenants about what I experienced today at Glen Lennox. I visited the leasing office on Friday and scheduled an appointment to see a 1 bedroom apartment on Sunday. Out of respect, I contacted the leasing office to inform them that I might be a few minutes late (I spoke with Stephanie.) Fortunately, my mother and I arrived on time (The viewing was scheduled for Sunday at 1:30 pm.) When we arrived at the leasing office, there were two young Caucasian women in there. I informed Stephanie of my scheduled appointment to see an apartment. She told me she was about to show the two young women an apartment and told us we could wait outside (it was cold outside by the way) or wait in the business center. Mind you, I had an appointment. We were not walking in off the street demanding to see an apartment. We went to the bu Review from Google
Sep 2017: I am extremely sorry for the trouble and interruption that I made to the managers. The managers like Stephanie are very patient and helpfulĀ people. I really thank your help and understanding for the new customer. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Glen Lennox was billed as this great, almost too-perfect place, but has ended up being anything but. So many things have gone wrong with the apartment and I haven't even lived here for two full months. First of all, my roommate and I were promised a really nice end unit and we were verbally assured that it was the unit we would be renting by Stephanie Landman, which included showing us the outside of the apartment while stating repeatedly that it was the unit we would receive. However, come move-in day we learned that she had told us the wrong apartment! The street name she gave us was for a middle unit with a far less attractive outside and interior, but because she had "mistaken" the streets, there was nothing to be done unless we were willing to wait a week for a different end unit. My roommate and I, as well as members of both of our famil Review from Google
Aug 2017: I am completely disappointed in Grubb Properties for their handling of my lease terms. These folks play DIRTY!! I lived in Glen Lennox for 2 years and never had any problems outside of the normal tenant issues with roaches, etc. It was only upon my preparation to move that I started reading through my lease to see what I needed to do before I moved out. I noticed that there is a 60 day written notice that tenants must give before they move out. I had received a few letters from the leasing company asking if I wanted to stay and extend my lease. Never once did they bother to remind me that I would need to submit a 60 day notice before I move out. By the time I read this when going through my lease I was already within the 60 days so I ended up having to pay for an additional 11 days rent. So I paid the additional $400 that they schemed o Review from Google
Apr 2017: I enjoyed living at GL, but please note that water billing is about 6 months behind. The apartments are very small, but they have lovely wood floors and are very well built. You won't hear your neighbors. You feel like you have a yard. The maintenence crew is great. I've never seen anything like the water billing though. I'm still receiving water bills from living there, and since is so incredibly delayed, you have to stay on top of it since it's well beyond the mail forwarding period. Review from 4/22/17 on Google
Dec 2016: I change my mind. This place is awesome. I love the location and I love love love the staff. Review from 12/27/16 on Google
Oct 2016: This is a fair score comparing the environment in outside the apt and the price. staff are good in general. they support your requirement and calls, in time, mostly. However, some (not all) apt are too old (but still can live in) that may lead to a concern of main frame issue (cracks interior/exterior). Bug is absolutely not a problem if you are clean and you put bait in corners. Safety and friendly place. Not very convenient but still can walk to a grocery store. Good for those with kids, for good elementary school purpose. Bad for those who are believed to be or to be served like upper class. Bad for those who have demands on interior setting and appliances. Review from 10/3/16 on Google
May 2016: I was a resident of Glen Lennox/Grubb Properties for 3 years. Some peoples' complaints are warranted (bugs, old buildings, etc.), but I found that if you keep your place clean and spray once or twice a year, it's fine. The area is more open/green than most places, and the neighbors are all pretty nice. However, my entire experience changed when I tried to move. What I learned when moving, is that the staff at Glen Lennox has no idea what the left or right hand is doing, and cannot be trusted to do their job. I was told by one leasing agent (XXXX, I believe) that I could sign my lease over to new tenants when leaving. Review from 5/18/16 on Google
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Apr 2016: Very convenient for me to get to work. Wish the bus ran earlier than 630. Yes the cost to live here its steep. Including paying 25 a year to park. My problem is my pass last a year but my lease last a year and 3 months. So when my pass expire. I have to go pay 25 for 3 more months. My electric bill is 250. No one is here but me. Also with me working a lot of hours last month 73 one week and then 2 (53 hour week) 1-40 hr week. Then going out of town for two weekends. How my bill is so high. Oh my dog turn on the lights and left the tv/ radio on while i was gone. Review from 4/3/16 on Google
Jan 2016: This place may look nice in the pictures but is is sh*i there is nothing for the kids to do Oak Wood Park is not for Glen Lennox the tennis court is not for Glen Lennox and the thing that they do own are not for kids the the fitness center and the computer room is not for the kids. Glen Lennox does not even have a pool this place is crap dont move here if you have kids. Review from 1/18/16 on Google
Jul 2015: We decided to move into to Glen Lennox recently and we have run into a couple of problems since we began talking to them. The leasing agent kept giving us a different number for how much the rent would be and how much we owed for the prorated rent. It took this agent 4 times to get to the final number. This is unprofessional and felt like a scam, but we were trying to be patient and reasonable. Now we submitted a work order because the cable lines were cut and the apartment office is avoiding our phone calls. I tried calling at 5 different times today from my cell which they have on record. Review from 7/20/15 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2014: The joy of living at Glen Lennox is that there is a cottage feel with no one above or below you. The community has far exceeded my expectations. The location is great and in the middle of everything. Glen Lennox has the best value oriented cost of living around Chapel Hill, I have been a resident since 2004. Review from 10/20/14 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2014: Overall, a very nice place to live. Quiet, close to shopping, well kept. Review from 10/17/14 on Apartment Ratings

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