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Collins Crossing

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Jul 2019: I have loved living here since I first moved in 2 years ago! I went with their roommate option and they matched me with a great roommate. Their distance to town and the University is the best part. The staff go above and beyond to make my time here awesome! Review from Google
Jun 2019: If you are looking for value, convenience, and a place where the office remembers your name/apartment #, this is the place. I just moved out and I must say I truly enjoyed my experience. Super convenient to the bus line to Chapel Hill/UNC campus, and about 5minutes from Carrboro. Free parking, and great amenities. Maintenance was on top of it if we ever needed a work order, and everyone in the office was so great, I even received an email from the manager, Kelly, thanking us for being valued residents, and giving us some last move-out reminders concerning our last day at Collins. I would definitely recommend this complex. Review from Google
Jun 2019: This is a great place to live in you need something temporary and like having headaches on a regular basis because of your living situation. Bring your own roommate because their “matching” program is bogus. The 5 yes or no questions got me two of the worst roommates I’ve ever had. But don’t worry. If you have an issue like that, all you have to do is threaten to move out and they’ll transfer you to another building. Maintenance staff is well-meaning but you can tell that no one else on staff has told them anything of actual importance. Lastly, office staff is kind and helpful, except for the office manager (or “landlord” as she calls herself) Kelly. Just be prepared for snarky, rude texts from her. I even told her how rude and unprofessional it was and suggested she call me rather than text me so there is no issues with her tone because I don’t want to have to give the same energy I’m getting Review from Google
Jun 2019: I took my young children (3&5yrs old) to the pool and there was a boy several years older than them aggressively splashing my kids saying “how you like that” it was very scary because kids can easily drown in a pool and he was OUT OF CONTROL cussing at me and my kids. I thought this was a nice family community, but it is not.. BE CAREFUL especially if you have kids, it’s not a safe place to live. Last time an old man tried to get my 3 yr old son to jump to him in the pool and kept trying to touch him... I WILL NEVER GO TO THE POOL AGAIN!!!! Review from Google
May 2019: I had been working in real estate in London for the past five years so when it comes to apartments I know what I am looking at.Moving to Chapel Hill was a stressful situation and Dylan and Kelly helped me to get moved in with a well matched roommate quickly.They are very solution based and worked hard to get everything taken care of.Do not listen to the negative comments.Haters are gonna hate and sometimes lie. This is a great place if you seek value and top service! Review from Google
May 2019: While on the phone with Kelly responding to an inquiry about apartment tours and pricing my phone had died, no big deal I went and plugged it in. After my phone turns on I was getting a call and accidentally sent it to voicemail so before I could call them back I get a lovely text from Kelly. The text stated "Hi Dakota this is Kelly from Collins Crossing. I was just calling you before I was rudely hung up on about YOUR inquiry about an apartment" such amazing service from someone who wants me to rent one of their apartments. So I apologized for my phone dying and called back just to find out the site advertised a price without saying the price was for people who split the rent with a roommate and not just the apartment which is how it was advertised when I found it. If not for that text and the complaints of roaches I would have considered living here even with the higher rent but not after that experience. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I lived at Collins Crossing from July 2016-June 2018. Overall it is a good place to live, but it is not without problems. Pros: -It is right on the J busline, which runs all day every 15-20 minutes -The office staff is extremely helpful and kind -Maintenance staff is overall very responsive Cons: -I lived on the first floor in the master bedroom, and when it was cold outside I would not have water in my bathroom until later in the day when it warmed up. -Insects (mainly roaches) in your apartment, even after pest control. -The lease does not offer an opt-out policy, so if you want to leave you have to either find a subleaser or continue paying rent while not living there. - Thin walls and ceilings. I could hear the person above me doing anything and everything. -No garbage disposal. -The "basketball court" does not have a basketball goal. -Too many stray cats to count. -Several people have their dogs off-leash Review from Google
Feb 2019: I have lived here at Collin Crossing since August of last year. I found it to be a wonderful place to live. It feels like a community of family friendly people. The diversity is very refreshing. The staff is absolutely some of the finest people I have ever met. Anytime I have needed something done at my apartment it was taking care of within 24 hours. I have already extended my lease and look forward to being here for a long time God willing. Very convenient to everthing a person needs. Review from Google
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Feb 2019: I just moved to Raleigh, and did everything without seeing the apartment and without ever being in the area. I was really nervous about the move, but the office staff was really helpful and reassuring that I would love it here. I am in love with the small town, yet downtown feel of the area. Everything is walkable, bikeable, and located right off a free bus transportation line. So far, so great! I definitely recommend this community to anyone looking for the perfect little apartment. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I lived here for about 2.5 years and really enjoyed it. The Katie, Dylan, and Morgan are super helpful. When I had to sublet my apartment, they made it really easy to find someone and helped coordinate all the paperwork and answered my questions. Maintenance is always prompt and professional with repairs. Anytime I had a problem, the office staff always took care of it promptly and professionally. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Great community and great staff -- Morgan Welch was very helpful and accommodating when we visited, giving us a great first impression of Collins Creek! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Definitely enjoyed the experience. The staff, like Maggie, Morgan, and Katie were always more than willing to help with whatever problems I encountered. Maintenance was pretty efficient as well. I typically had no more than a 24 hour turn around on request, depending on day and time of request. Quiet community. Only down side was the pool was not fully open until about a month before I was moving. I stayed in a 2 bed/2 bath. The master is noticeably bigger than the other room, but that trade off is slightly countered with bathroom size. A solid option for those looking to move off or be close to campus indeed! Review from Google
Jul 2018: Because there were no more three person apartments available, I decided not to rent here, but I would definitely recommend that other people check it out! The appliances, finishes, and tiling all appeared high-quality and the grounds were clean and well-maintained. Our guide, Morgan, was especially helpful and did an awesome job giving me the most information possible without making me feel pressured. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Collins crossing is overpriced. Yes, it is on a bus line, most apartments are. Yes, it is close to campus; a lot of apartments are. The amenities advertised are far from sufficient for the size of the community and even then are not "great". The new "gym" consists of 3-4 machines. The pool is undersized for the number of residents. The bark park is just a sloping strip of grass next to the pool. The sports courts have been in the process of being "refinished" for over a year (nothing has changed). We had a two bedroom apartment. The master bath had a very tiny pedestal sink with no counter space. The closets are tiny. The sound from the apartment above us goes well beyond normal for other apartments; the insulation in all the walls is woefully inadequate for sound and temperature. They claim the appliances are somehow energy efficient BUT ju Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have loved living at Collins Crossing! They have lots of amenities, the buildings are kept up-to-date and clean, and the neighborhood is quiet and safe. People in this complex are friendly (both the residents and the staff), and it's right down the street from lots of restaurants, night life, and the UNC campus. Multiple bus lines are less than a five-minute walk away, and there is free parking in front of the building (for cars and bikes) so transportation is easy. The leasing office staff (I have interacted with Katie, Morgan, and Maggie the most) is extremely friendly and helpful. I was always treated with respect and found the answers I needed. I would highly recommend it for students and young people just starting out. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The one star is only for the staff... don't get me wrong they are all awesome!... otherwise we are not happy! The basketball court is gone and still to this very day of the summer NO POOL! WE ARE PAYING $1199 A MONTH FOR AMENITIES WE ARE NOT GETTING! There are places down the road cheaper and newer than this not to mention, we have been here for going on three years. We are so over it! I have met two couples most recently that haven't even been here a year and are paying $200 less than us! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have been a resident of Collins Crossing since past 2 years. Overall, my experience here has been great in terms of available amenities, accessibility to nearby grocery stores and bus lines, security, maintenance team as well as leasing office staff. My needs were always addressed in timely manner and the staff is just wonderful at the office. They are always welcoming and have become my friends. Katie Winn and Morgan are my favorites! Only one thing that I struggled with during my stay was unpleasant experience with lady bugs at the start of spring season. For some reason, even the maintenance team could not resolve the issue, maybe it was a seasonal problem. I would recommend this place certainly! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I am so glad I moved into Collins Crossing. I had been living with a bad roommate at another apartment complex, and I didn't realize how much of a dump it was until I moved in here. My apartment is so nice, and I love that there is a washer and dryer in the unit. All of the appliances are updated. My bedroom and bathroom are great too! I love that there is a police officer that lives on site. Morgan and Maggie that work in the office are so nice. I used the roommate matching service, and I absolutely love my roommate. When I renewed my lease, the price increase was not bad at all. I am a student and was worried about the commute to campus, but it takes me 15 minutes max by bus to get to campus. I love the fact that the bus stop is right by the entrance. I've lived other places where I've had to walk quite a distance to get to the bus. There ar Review from Google
Mar 2018: Morgan and Maggie in the leasing office were great! Friendly and straightforward, they were able to answer all my questions and show me a great apartment. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Solid apartments in a good location, but more importantly a friendly and responsive administrative and maintenance team. Membership at O2 fitness is also a huge perk - a big reason why we're going on year 3 here. Review from Google
Nov 2017: My husband and I moved in here about two weeks ago. While this has been a huge transition for us relocating to a new state, the staff at Collins Crossing has made it a joy. They are warm, considerate, and gracious. All of them have gone out of their way to make us feel like we have come home. My favorite part is how dog-friendly the complex is. There are many stations throughout the grounds for dog-waste disposal which are continuously stocked with fresh bags. Duchess also enjoys the dog park on the grounds. Another aspect I enjoy at CC are the variety of activities the staff do for residents. In the 13 days we have lived here, they have had a Halloween Dog Costume Contest, breakfast get-together, waffles and all the trimmings, and a craft-making event to kick off the holiday season. There is also an upcoming pizza party and wine-tasting. Havi Review from Google
Oct 2017: We love Collins Crossing and have lived here for a year now. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I bring my dog in to say hi to the office staff and everyone (especially my dog) is very happy! We only have one car, which my husband takes to work, so it's great that we are so close to the hospital (where I work). I can bike in under 15 minutes, and there are several nearby bus lines so no matter what shift I'm working I can get a bus out and back. I've even walked before. We walk downtown all the time. CC is close to the best bars and coffee shops so when we go to do work on weekends, we take a nice walk downtown and hang at a coffee shop. I absolutely love being able to walk, bus, or bike anywhere I want to go. One time a package got dropped off at our door, and I forgot to tell the shipping company not to leave it unattended. (The office Review from Google
Aug 2017: The only good thing is that the apartments are refurbished. A few of a ton of bad things: 1. Appliances and A/C especially break down often. 2. Noisy neighbors (not students or postdocs), screaming and shouting all day during the weekends, when everyone wants to rest. 3. Rates go up $50-100/year, the quality stays the same. 4. Free gym membership as they advertise in the beginning is not true, you actually need to pay $70. 5. Seems like a dangerous area as the police is always cruising around the complex. 6. Bike racks (two-sided) are installed badly. Can access only from one side. Review from Google
Jul 2017: I love my place! The area clean and safe. Which I rent from a private landlord TB, who is a kind and considerate person, I am blessed to have such person in my corner. Yet, I forgot mention my experience at the beginning of my journey.. They cater to UNC students, so regularly you get new neighbors constantly. Otherwise I enjoy the area and look forward to a future in Collins Crossing Review from Google
Apr 2017: The reason of my rating is low is because of the ROACHES! problem. This place is infested with nasty roaches. Another problem I had was a very LOUD UPSTAIRS NEIGHBORS. I Talked To the office people but didn't do nothing to help. Review from 4/23/17 on Google

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