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Chapel View

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Jun 2019: I love the upgrades in my apartment and how much work the company has put into making the community feel like a home. They've redone my whole kitchen, gotten new furniture, cleaned out all the dryer filters so that they dry faster, and even replaced my A/C unit when it went out. The staff is always really friendly and maintenance follows up really fast. 10/0 would recommend living here, super affordable and has great access to campus and the rest of CH with all the buses. Review from Google
May 2019: Wish I could give 0 stars. Not even with new management are they able to fix the previous management’s mistakes. There’s so many more places in Chapel Hill where you would have a more pleasant living experience. Run for the hills :) Review from Google
Apr 2019: Have been a resident at Chapel View for 2 consecutive years. Decent rates, which have conveniently risen. Though, the quality of support or living has not enhanced. Overall, not consistent or timely in responding to issues the resident has, I have experienced this a number of times and heard so from several friends who are residents as well. I would not recommend an enemy and certainly not a friend to reside here. I wish I were able to upload photos in conjunction to this blurb to really portray the indecent living. Review from Google
Apr 2019: STAY AWAY! DO **NOT** LIVE IN CHAPEL VIEW. Let me break down my experience after one year and a half:1. Homeless EVERYWHERE. If I open the blinds of my room, the homeless will come to the window and tap to ask for money or bothering. In one occasion a homeless harass my previous roommate to the point we had to call the police (The “Courtesy Patrol Officer” does not exist) because he was knocking to the door and taping all the windows of the apartment. 2. Trash and dog's poop EVERYWHERE. It is nasty walking around my building and the parking lot. Especially in the creepy “trail” that connects the apartments to the noisy gas station. 3. WATCH OUT for rotten trees and branches falling in the parking l
Mar 2019: STAY AWAY! DO **NOT** LIVE IN CHAPEL VIEW It is funny to see that most of the good reviews are from the (new or old) leasing office staff. I would not believe in those because every seller praises his wares. Let me break down my experience after one year and a half: 1. Homeless EVERYWHERE. If I open the blinds of my room, the homeless will come to the window and tap to ask for money or bothering. In one occasion a homeless harass my previous roommate to the point we had to call the police (The “Courtesy Patrol Officer” does not exist) because he was knocking to the door and taping all the windows of the apartment. 2. Trash and dog's poop EVERYWHERE. It is nasty walking around my building and the parking lot. Especially in the creepy “trail” that connects the apartments to the noisy gas station. 3. WATCH OUT for rotten trees and branches falling in the parking lot. 4. The vent in the bathroom does not work Review from Google
Mar 2019: If you like management that treats you like scum, you're welcome to live here. They changed management three times in 2 years and each time they have been incompetent and inconsiderate. Need a maintenance request? Better luck fixing it yourself. They'll just mark it complete and ignore you. They renovated, which was great because we got new appliances and got rid of a dingy, old carpet, but the process was highly unprofessional and disgusting. They left trash everywhere, I saw tools lying in the grass, plastic, boxes, you name it they left it floating on the grass. They also forced my roommate to be late for work after saying don't worry we will clean the fridge out for you then said she had to do it, at 8 am on a weekday. They also had the audacity to say put your books in the bathtub? The renovation team also left paint footprints all over the new laminated floor. Which by the way is not compatible with the furniture Review from Google
Jan 2019: Do not live here!! I was here for two years and the management use to display great customer service. I am not fond of the new managing company! They are very short in conversation and doesn’t really seem to want to resolve issues. I can’t wait to leave this place! Do not live here you have been warned! Great for the price but the headache that comes with it is not worth it! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Chapel View is absolutely horrible. I cannot wait to get the heck out of here. I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worse enemy. Management is terrible. When you request for maintenance, it takes them forever to get it done and sometimes, they will show up and not do a thing. The Staff is lazy. I had a package delivered to the office and when I called to ask them for it, the dude was too lazy to check my package so he told me that it wasn’t there yet. I had to call amazon and they assured me that it was delivered. I finally went to the office and it was there all along. Horrible service. I had an important mail sent to me and the office didn’t let me know, I had to call to ask if my mail was there which it was. They don’t give two cents about their tenants. Rent here at your own Risk. Review from Google
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Oct 2018: I have been having the most Horrible experience at Chapel View. It has been almost 4 months since I moved here and I have encountered issues after issues. First, I was greeted by these big fat roaches, they came and sprayed the place. Then we had mold in the living room wall which was reported a whole month before they actually did anything about it. Recently, we found that we have rats in the kitchen. They set up a trap and so far it killed two. I saw a rat run under the stove while making breakfast. Scared the living day light out of me. Right now i’m Seeking legal help to see how I can break my lease because I didn’t sign up to live with roaches and rats. Also if I can post pictures I will because I have a lot of pictures of the rats and the roaches. Also, management doesn't do a good job of making this place pleasant to live in. Not wo Review from Google
Oct 2018: Chapel View is the worse place on earth to live. PLEASE DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! We moved in on August 17, 2018 and the apartment they TRIED to move us into looked like a crack house. holes in the wall, all kinds of stains in the torn carpet, no AC, hot water heater leaking, torn blinds, no screens, and had not been cleaned. Then when they finally found us another apartment, they were literally throwing someone’s else stuff out as we were moving in!!!! Since then, we have had water leaking in, a broken dryer, vents falling from the ceiling, and more. The manager, Davon, is the worse for responding and they stay lying. It is management by Cardinal Group and they are not any better. If these issues are not resolved by October 1 or we or not in a new unit, we are not paying rent. The entire ordeal has been horrible.
Sep 2018: This place is terrible! The leasing office is terrible! Do not live here by any means. I have a terrible history with them and it only makes a month of living here today. Chapel View is really good at false advertising because the model apartment they show is nothing like what you actually get. I was so excited to live here for my first apartment and now I just can't wait until I can leave this awful place. Here is my story: during the model apartment tour they sold us on the idea that if we signed the lease that day we would be moved into a fully renovated apartment, but sadly when move-in day came that did not happen. When I walked into the apartment I was instantly heated because it reeked of smoke, there was a HUGE red stain on the carpet, there was a big hole in the wall in one of the rooms, the air did not work, and the water tank was le Review from Google
Jun 2018: I used to love living here as my ground floor apartment was close to the forest, but the downside is that the two access ways from the parking lot were either relatively far from the unit and up several steps along a curving narrow walkway making moving in and out very difficult. The other parking lot access is up or down a small hill with exposed tree roots and very slippery and muddy when it has rained. I needed several major reconstructive surgeries on my feet and a total knee replacement and would need to be wheelchair bound. When this problem was presented to the management nothing was done to make my apartment even temporarily wheelchair accessible. My family finally had to urgently move me to a wheelchair accessible apartment breaking my lease as nobody ever offered solutions even after both my family and I asked the manager to contact Review from Google
Jun 2018: I’ve never been happier to call a place my temporary home! Living here really made my college experience that much better, knowing that my neighbors and the staff were a community to me. Love everything from the amenities to how quickly the staff caters to any needs that arise! Definitely would recommend to anyone searching for apartments in the area Review from Google
Jun 2018: Incredible newly renovated apartments. Amazing amazing amazing staff! They have great events that happen constantly as well. Love this place! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Visited with my daughter and found Chapel View a friendly place. It's comfortable with beautiful woods adjacent. Nice pool too. Love that they're renovating the apartments. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Really great apartment complex! The office is super nice and was very prompt in helping me when I needed it. Maintenance can take a little time if it isn’t urgent but just check in at the office and they’ll help you out! They’re doing renovations now so when they’re done, everything will be nice and new! definitely recommend, a great location for a great price. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Good place to live! Close to the dog park and there is lots of parking. The renovations have been a bit of a pain but it will be worth it in the end. And the rent is a good price for the area especially since since water, internet and cable are included! Review from Google
May 2018: HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND LIVE HERE. This place is a nightmare. It's disgusting, nothing is kept up with, and half the rooms don't even have heat and AC. When I asked the office why I had to live in a freezing room in the winter, they told me to buy a space heater. It is also a nightmare to get someone to sublet for you, God forbid you try to get out of this place. It cost me over 1,000 to get someone to TAKE OVER MY LEASE. There are so many better options in Chapel Hill, so stay far away from this craphole. Review from Google
Apr 2018: don't waste your money here. First, they didn't even tell my boyfriend and I that they were doing a FULL renovation before we moved in. They started replacing the floors. tore out the pipes, and got new appliances. It was nice they were renovating since this place is a little out dated, but the people they hired didn't do a good job. They got the glue they used to install the new floors on our stuff and they tracked mud and dirt into our apartment going in and out leaving it to us to clean it all up. They also turned off the water for the whole day so we couldn't use the toilet, wash our hands or shower. The workers also started stealing some of our food we left on the counters. And last but not least, my boyfriend and I try to keep our electricity cost down by turning everything off when we leave. We came back after one day and they left all Review from Google
Jan 2018: Chapel View is a great place to call home! The apartments are spacious, the staff is very helpful. Being a small community, the responses are quick and any issue is dealt with efficiently. The complex is, situated in the most convenient bus route. There are 3 possible buses to take you to campus within 15mins and 2 super easy buses to come back. The commute is short and the frequency of the buses is great. Also, the community holds great events, so that's always a plus! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Chapel View is a great place to call "home away from home". The location is nice with it being close enough to downtown and also close enough to the interstate. The atmosphere is nice and quiet and there is plenty of parking. Overall Chapel View is a great place to live in Chapel Hill. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Chapel View is the perfect place to live if you are a UNC student that wants some privacy and to live by themselves, instead of living in the residence hall. The neighborhood is very nice and quiet. The staff in the front office is very friendly and they always solve any problem you have very quickly. The apartments are in very good conditions and the prices are very affortable. Everything is very clean, they have a pool, gym and in the front office they offer coffee all day and night, and you can print for free. Another amazing thing, It is just 2.3 miles away from school, a quick 12 minutes bus ride. Again, Chapel View is the perfect place for a tar heel. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Quiet complex with nice apartments. Close enough to campus without campus traffic. Lots of giveaways and nice office staff. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Quiet, safe apartment complex located about two miles from campus. There are a couple bus stops touching and across the street from the complex, and it’s on several bus lines (I use the A, NS, and T). Amenities except for power are paid for and the cable and internet work well. The office has free black and white printing, which is great for student, they just ask that you bring your own paper. I haven’t dealt much with the office staff, but they seem helpful. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Chapel View is a great community to live in! The atmosphere is quiet, but the office hosts a lot of great resident events. The apartments themselves are nice and spacious, and the inclusion of utilities really helps for rent. The office staff is also super friendly and willing to help you out with anything you need. Shout out to Davon, Nicole, and Carlos for helping my move-in go so smoothly! :) Review from Google

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