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Berkshire 54

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Sep 2019: Very nice, spacious, affordable and close to shopping centers and easy access too. Highly recommend. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Absolutely love it here. Tamra is the best and will selflessly go out of her way to take care of any issues that arise. Highly recommend living here. Great price for everything that comes with it. Review from Google
Jul 2019: They where super nice when I was going to sign a lease but when I back out try to get my deposit back due to me not signing that day found something bigger and a little cheaper NOW giving me the run around well we have to wait 30 days and it will be mail to you I did not mail you my deposit swipe my card money came out asap now you got to mail me back my money I could not rate the property because I never stay there but I will say they are very small nice pool 👍🏾but that property manager 👎🏾 Review from Google
Jul 2019: Randomly towed my vehicle from my parking spot even though they could have just knocked on my door. Thanks for that, the kids are super thrilled. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Do not apply! They could simply decline your application for no valid reasons. No matter how you try to contact them, nobody would answer you. You could never get your $200 application fee back. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I've lived here for 6 months with my wife, and we're much happier here than at our previous apartment. Our apartment (which is non-renovated) has exceeded our expectations. Most importantly, the staff is very helpful and kind.
Nov 2018: I wrote a review in Oct 2018 but I do have another thing to add: For the past 2 years, the rent included cable and internet. The new management decided not to continue with that. So in December, we will have to pay for internet and cable separately. This means that they are indirectly increasing the rent once again. They already increased the rent when they first took over management. That is not the main point though. There is a "community wall" where everyone is supposed to share concerns, suggestions, or questions. When I used that wall to share my concern, no one from the office replied. Instead, they deleted my comment. This does not surprise me as it goes along with their poor communication skills that I have mentioned in the previous post. Previous post: My experience living here has been very bad especially with the new management. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I've been thoroughly disappointed with Berkshire 54. From steadily rising rental rates, deals guaranteed in our lease that suddenly disappear, to seriously poor loyalty to long time tenants. So much of your experience depends on what side of the street you're on. If you're on the side with the leasing office, you'll be getting new improvements every year. The other side of the street, where I presently live, is treated like a second child, given nothing but hand-me-downs. I've been able to use the pool maybe once this past year. I will say, as a positive, the maintenance staff are amazing. Fast response time, friendly, and resolve the problems in a profession manner. Review from Google
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Sep 2018: Honestly my experience here has been nothing other that awesome. My 2 bedroom upgraded apartment home has exceeded my living expectations. The staff and maintenance are also very welcoming, friendly and get things taken care of. I highly recommend living here! Best apartment I have lived in. Review from Google
Aug 2018: In general, Berkshire Manor has been a good place to live. Rent is reasonably priced and the complex is located near a number of bus lines that go to campus. Maintenance is wonderful and always fixes things quickly. However, my apartment has had ongoing bug problems which is why I would give a 5 star rating. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Berkshire 54 is a great place to live. The apartments are gorgeous. The pool is wonderful and always clean. And the newly added fire pit is a great place to spend an evening with family and friends. Any issues are addressed immediately by a wonderful office staff. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I can't say enough good things about Berkshire 54. I lived there for one year and the new company that took over has transformed the apartment complex into a community! We have taco Tuesday and Wine down Wednesdays (my favorite) where you can have free food and interact with other guests. They even provide free coffee and donuts some mornings. It's a nice thing to have when you're on the go and don't want to cook. They even have new updated gym and built a grill station by the pool. The staff are all great, anything you need fixed and they will respond right away. Bus stop right outside apartment and grocery store/shopping center right behind complex. I just moved into my house and they even honored the commitment of the previous staff who stated I wouldn't have to pay a termination fee. The manager and staff have always been accommodating, fr Review from Google
Aug 2018: I have not lived in Berkshire 54 that long, however I can already tell that i am going to love it here. The staff and management are super friendly and accommodating, and the apartments are very well kept. I live in a non-renovated unit, but it still looks very up to date. The pool and gym are very big bonuses to the already wonderful location and lot. It being pet friendly is also a plus, and the parking is plentiful. I couldn't recommend living here more. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Updating to respond to management comment: I called and emailed this complex several months ago, soon after new management took over it looks like. I do not live at this complex, but was reaching out to several properties about their pet policies. I spoke on the phone with Tom, assuming it would be a quick conversation. I had already looked at the website and found nothing, but even if I hadn't it shouldn't have been a big issue to make a phone call. I called and asked about their policies regarding pets. Tom gave me no information whatsoever and acted as if I had called him at home on a Saturday night and not calling to ask about a basic policy during working hours. He was apathetic at first and condescending and accusatory by the end of our conversation. I repeatedly told him I just wanted to know their policies about pets, especially be Review from Google
May 2018: For some reason this site showed I gave Berkshire 54 a 4 star review. I did not give any review of Berkshire 54. Review from Google
Apr 2018: it is a good place to live staff is very helpful and responsive Review from Google
Mar 2018: Apartment basically falling apart 2 years in and its NEVER quiet. Oven won't close Toilet takes forever and a day to refill Mold/mildew near the cheap shower The Mexican restaurant blasts music til 3am Friday and Saturday The pool will barely be open to use if you work Complex also had lawn maintenance every week day at 8am sharp The windows are from the 80s and you can hear and feel the draft in the winter. The ceiling paint is falling off Cops are here almost weekly. The blinds fell apart on day 1 Orkin comes regularly but there's still roach problems You won't know your water bill and will Just be told to save it for when they find out. All of these issues were communicated to the property manager months ago. Maintenance acknowledges that the apartments are made of the cheapest material available. Constant "updating" create Review from Google
Mar 2018: Last year our service from Berkshire Manor West was great, however after it was purchased and turned to Berkshire 54 the service took a huge downturn. Voicemails are never replied to, have often been told I'll get a call back when I catch someone live, yet no calls get returned. I had an outstanding maintenance request for over a month, we would have received no updates if I wasn't calling on a daily basis. The payment portal was down for roughly 4 months when the 54 took over, now that it's back there's a $30 service fee to pay online. Everyone I've spoken to has been nice, but there seems to be serious organizational issues. Review from Google
Jun 2017: Gorgeous property with so much green space to run around and play in. I love the playground area and the resort style pool. Office knows me by name and are always so sweet. Maintenance takes care of any issues I've had, which haven't been many at all! I would recommend this complex to anyone. Review from Google
Dec 2016: The rent is outrageous and the renting staff are some of the rudest ladies I've ever met. Kelly in the leasing office is the MOST unprofessional and childish of the leasing staff, making sure that the other staff connect calls directly to her when it is not necessary so that she can berate and insult her tenants. Review from Google
Jul 2016: The office staff and maintenance work together very well to ensure all problems are taken care of in a timely and appropriate manner. It's unusual to see landlords who take such time to ensure that all tenants are happy. Great place. Review from Google
Jun 2016: I just recently moved in and the leasing staff was amazing! They were very well informed and super sweet. We have a few move in maintenance requests that we put in Thursday morning and by Thursday afternoon it was all fixed. Dave was a magician! He obviously was able to fix all of our requests because he had the tools at hand. He was courteous and respectful and actually fixed things we didn't put on the work order. (Or even know about!) I have to say the next year is looking very promising! Thank you again Staff of Berkshire Manor West! Love you!!!! Review from Google
May 2016: Where do I start? When the staff showed me the model apartment at Berkshire Manor West, I was impressed, but when I moved into my unit, I was very disappointed. Yes, I know my unit would not look exactly like the model (because my unit has carpet instead of hardwood, and the appliances are older - I knew this before I moved in and I was fine with that). They could not show me the actual unit before I moved in because they said there was still a tenant living in it, so I only saw the model. I made a big mistake when I signed for the apartment. Review from 5/24/16 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2016: Love the staff they are very helpful. Nice location right by the shopping center. Maintenance staff is also very helpful and fulfilled our needs. Love the new pool and tropical oasis. Washer and dryer included is a bonus and love the screened in patio!! Review from 2/18/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2015: Great staff at leasing office, very helpful and knowledgeable about the property. They were able to answer all my question concerning the lease, maintenance, security and move in. Rent is very reasonable compared to other properties. Loved the fact that I'll have a washer and dryer in the apartment!!! Huge plus!!!! Review from 11/12/2015 on Apartment Ratings

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