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Bell Meadowmont

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May 2019: We are just moving in and so pleased. The Bell Meadowmont population is wonderfully diverse--young singles, families, and "growing wiser" people, too. We were so happy with the leasing agents and all the time they shared with us to come back repeatedly and measure and check spaces. It's great and we are looking forward to being settled in....more reviews when we have more great experiences to share! The design is really nice, for the individual apartments and for the overall look of the apartment community. Best of all it is in Meadowmont, a wonderful planned community with incredible location, access to services, shopping, public transportation, UNC Wellness Center, and so much more! 'Hoping Bell Meadowmont will soon make the newly installed Google Fiber available to we residents! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Beware! If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I lived here for 4 years and use to love living here. New manage came in and made It a horrible place to live. I could go on about the construction, but people have already mentioned all the details. I have never a group of unprofessional people like the ones that work at Bell Meadowmont. The people in the office would rolling their eyes at residents when asking simple request. Even worst the manager was always disrespectful to residents and lacked the appropriate people skills to effectively communicate with people. So If you want to pay for an over priced place and get treated by a world class staff (I’m being sarcastic), you found your place. P.S - before the fine employees of Bell Meadowmont respond to this comment with the same cookie cutter comment that they always do, try to acua Review from Google
Aug 2018: Very nice facility. Four stars doesn't mean it is like a 4 star hotel type 4 starts. Just that we really like it. Apartments are spacious if you don't put a lot of furniture in them! Kitchens have new countertops, sinks and cupboard doors. There is a lot of cupboard space. They do not always give a lot of attention to detail, but it is still a well kept facility. People are friendly and from all age brackets. Pool area has just been redone and is attractive. Exercise room has good equipment. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I DO not recommend. I used to be a happy resident, but with the endless construction, this is no longer a relaxing and enjoyable place to live. It does not matter what day of the week, there is construction going on. There is no sleeping in or having a quiet Saturday. Its the 4th of July and they are banging away. The construction seems to be managed at the corporate level and the community manager does not have control over it. The construction work is performed without any consideration for the residents that currently live here. I am over it and so is every neighbor that I speak to. That being said, the management office at the community is VERY pleasant and they do what they can to assist residents. They always have a smile. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I just turned in my key, and I am so incredibly happy to be rid of Meadowmont and particularly their management team. As other reviews mention, this place is incredibly poorly managed. Our former apartment was flooded when a pipe burst (in September) due to an incorrectly placed piece on our washing machine, and management refused to accept responsibility and stated our home was in living condition without even going into the apartment themselves. I cannot emphasize enough- do not live here! The location is very convenient and the new updates are nice, but you can find nicer apartments at better prices without the management nightmares! Review from Google
Jun 2018: The complex decided to renovate the pool going right into summer. As of today construction materials are still everywhere! The pool was supposed to open weeks ago! They have blamed weather, but many sunny days during the week there is no progress being made. They should consider adjusting the outrageously high rent in exchange for zero access to important amenities to soften the frustration for all of this time without being able to enjoy the pool and grills. As much as we pay, one would think they could have planned this a little—actually a lot—better. Management has not met my expectations. In complete agreement with the other recent reviewers’ criticisms of management. I don’t know what’s going on but it needs to be addressed. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The management at this complex is the worst I've come across. Nothing gets repaired on time and they don't care. Mike was the only good person on staff here and now he's gone. Stay away at all costs. Review from Google
Jun 2018: This place is poorly managed and over-priced. They can't even plan ahead to have the pool open for summer. At this posting, the pool opening is again delayed. They do not communicate with tenants about repairs and barge in on their tenants without knocking and make unscheduled, unannounced visits to hose apartments down with pesticides. Review from Google
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May 2018: Management does not address serious concerns and is dismissive. When I requested regional management to discuss repeat issues, direct management refused to provide the regional management’s contact number. She provided me with a customer care toll free number. Without ANY notice, a third party vendor entered my apartment and sprayed toxic chemicals while my dog was not in his kennel. When I asked management several times what was sprayed and where (to see if my dog needed veterinary care), she was dismissive and would not provide me with that information. My dog is extremely sensitive to chemicals and pesticides, and with ANY warning I would have made arrangements for him to be out of my unit for the day. Additionally, had the third party vendor left my bedroom door open, my dog could have escaped into the heavy traffic on 54 and been hit Review from Google
May 2018: Do not live here! I am a current unhappy resident. And so are all of our neighbors that we've spoken to. Bell Meadowmont has had a horrible management team (with the exception of Mike, who is no longer there) the entire past year. It has been a construction zone for 9-months now. Re-painting the exteriors, re-doing the roofs, re-paving the parking lots, re-doing the gym, re-doing the pool (right as it warms up for Spring).... all the while we are paying the same amount each month for rent without any of the amenities they promised for much of this time: no gym, no pool, no grills, etc etc... When we first moved in my husband was having severe allergy issues. I asked the management team about whether an animal lived there previously, or if they could possibly re-vacuum the carpets. Anything to help with these allergy issues that the doctor h Review from Google
Apr 2018: Update to response: I did speak with the onsite representative. She did not address the issue that neither my roommate or I were notified of the renovation. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I am a current unhappy resident. Bell Meadowmont has had a horrible construction manger and process the entire past year. They renovated my kitchen while I was in the home although they promised a renovated place upon lease signing. I did not get reduced rent although my sink and kitchen were nonfunctional and I was cleaning up construction debris for weeks. The amenities they promised have been closed for months. They are closing the pool for two months during the spring. This should have been manged in the winter if the construction was handled appropriately. I'm paying for an upgraded apartment with amenities but Review from Google
Feb 2018: Very friendly staff, and maintenance issues are tended to immediately. Leasing office is tricks or games. Great location and value - apartments are newly renovated, clean, and quiet. Pool area is also very nice. No complaints; I really enjoy living here. Review from Google
Nov 2017: My wife and I are currently tenants and overall have had a positive experience. However, my feelings about this place have changed as of late. We were told that upon renewing for the current year, our apartment would receive some much needed upgrades and renovations. The incentive to renew was a $1,000 off plus a pro-ration of our rent during the time that the renovations took place. After the renovations were completed, we received our rental invoice. The $1,000 off would be applied in the first full month, but the pro-rations were now apparently off the table and were not being honored! I was very surprised and peeved to hear this. Now, these terms were agreed to several times by one of the rental agents/consultants, but were reneged upon after the fact. Some excuse was given that we didn't qualify. Needless to say this occurred after we si Review from Google
Jun 2017: Very bad experience here. It was very clear they did not put any money/time into the apartment when it turned over. There were light bulbs out, the toilet was cracked in multiple places, and the shower rod was halfway out of its sockets. Additionally, the AC unit was broken on and off for my first two months living here(in the summer of course) and they finally admitted they were waiting on a new part to fix it. I don't know what company takes two months to ship a part these days. Lastly, ceilings are very thin so it is extremely loud whenever a neighbor above is moving around. Review from 6/2/17 on Google
Nov 2016: I lived at Meadowmont for roughly two years (mid 2014-mid 2016) and mostly enjoyed my stay, but if you're going to rent an apartment here, there are a few things you need to know. Pros: Walking distance to Harris Teeter and a variety of shops and restaurants right across the street in Meadowmont Village like Five Guys, Firehouse Subs, Cafe Carolina, Brixx Pizza. Lovely walking/biking trails all around the community. Apartments are fresh and clean with plenty of light should you choose something southern-facing. Constant care being done for the lawns, flowerbeds, shrubbery, etc. (On the plus side, things always look nice. Review from 11/6/16 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2014: For perspective: my wife and I lived here for just over two years. I'd like to think that we are very easy-going people, easy to get along with, complaining of very few if any issues. Not only that, we understand that there are facility costs that need to be cared for, and as such we generally don't complain when faced with fees that are reasonable. Cons: 1. Ever-increasing rent 2. Pets 3. Crazy utility fees Pros: -close proximity to the Bell Meadowmont shops -a few hiking trails (honestly, not that many) next to the property. -swimming pool (can't comment on this much, I never used it) -like some of the other nearby complexes, they have movies to borrow, a gym, and cookies/candy in the clubhouse. Review from 10/26/14 on Apartment Ratings
May 2013: Update to the below, they paid to re-send her the flowers that were killed. thanks! ----------------- Poor complex management My friend lives here - I called ahead to check that I could send flowers to the management complex, and they said it would be fine Two weeks later, they let her know the flowers were there. very much dead. Review from Google
Jul 2012: After a poor experience apartment hunting a year ago here due to age restrictions, we attempted again and found meadowmont to be in a great location. For the price, you don't get quite as Much as some other options-- and because of that we settled on somewhere else. But if the price looks OK to you, the location is great, the apartments seem nice, and the staff is terrific. Review from Google

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