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Jan 2019: Constantly changes property management with consistently inconsistent service to residents. Putting in a work order comes with making several contacts with property staff before being able to put the order in. From there it takes days-weeks for maintenance to even get to your unit, often times they can’t fix it and state that they have to order parts. When attempting to reach out and check on the status on when something is going to be fixed staff are often rude and shoo you away like you’re a hinderance to them. You have a dryer that’s broke? good luck getting it fixed while your home starts to become filled with dirty clothes because you can’t clean them or take them to a laundry mat because your schedule is consumed by work to pay for the outrageous rent hike. Also the laundry mat that they have on site for residents does not wor Review from Google
Jan 2019: I have had wonderful experiences with the staff at 180west. I had a situation where they checked out suspicious activity around and in my unit when I was out of town. I recently had the experience of them letting me know that I left my headlights on when patrolling the premises; my negligence would have lead to a dead battery. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Review from Google
Dec 2018: 12/10 Edit: No attempt has been made to plow the driveways/walkways here on the property. Those complexes adjacent to us are all plowed. I wonder what my 1,000+ dollars a month is going towards? Have never been as disappointed in a complex as this. My biggest suggestion for anyone living here is to get a security camera. They are like $40 bucks at wal mart. The office staff/maintenance workers will enter your apartment when you are not home unannounced and then lie directly to your face when you call them out on it. They are not responsive to email or phone calls after you sign your lease. Their maintenance staff is incompetent at best, I put in a work order on day 1 to have my microwave fixed.... still living without. This place is a joke. can't wait til my lease is up. If you are thinking about moving here, run!!! June 30th update - Poo Review from Google
Oct 2018: The maintenance stole my plunger...yep😑 Roaches as big as mice, I never know who works in the office, because there is such a huge turn over. Mold on my ceiling, and in the outside storage. The porches are gross, and are infested with every bug under the sun. Maintenance is hard to come by and you have to beg to get something fixed. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I have lived here since is was Landmark at Chelsea Commons. This is THE WORST this place has ever been. Management landscaping or property follow through on anything. You will get a smiling face and knod but no follow through. As much as we pay for every little thing, service should be much better. These apartments are already old and to add non-competent people to run and manage it makes it worse. My ceiling leaked every time it rained for a year. Once the new roofs were added, do ya think they fixed the inside damage? Go figure. I used to feel that I was getting my dollars worth by living here because they kept the property up. Grass grows waist high and mulch hasn't been laid to beautify the property since this new management team came it. And like other reviews, there is a new property manager every 2 weeks. Thi Review from Google
Jun 2018: My husband and I have lived here for three years. The complex has beautiful scenery, lots of space to walk, and is in a really safe, nice area. The apartments themselves are laid out nicely and feel really cozy -- that's why we have stayed for three full 12-month leases. It's a complete shame that NO ONE knows how to properly manage this property. Back when we moved in, they were still Chelsea Commons and the staff was friendly and we had really no issues with the office. Unfortunately that staff was out before we had lived here for six months and there have been at least four property managers and three different complex names since we moved in. The current staff is hateful and rude to anyone that comes into the office with an issue. They don't act like they have the time of day for their residents. They are nice to your face and agree with Review from Google
Jun 2018: Once they get you locked in a lease, don't expect any response from the management. They don't take care of the grounds at all, pool is still closed, maintenance requests don't get addressed. Also, they enter your apartment without appropriate notice to install their mandatory cable package. Steer clear. Update June 15th - Pool still not open. Another incident of maintenance entering my apartment last week unannounced. If you live here, I'd get a security camera like I have. They mowed about 1/2 of the grass last week and then stopped. June 21st - Pool not open yet. Review from Google
May 2018: I originally moved into this apartment when it was Chelsea Commons and things were not bad. Since then we have gone through a million managers and the leasing staff and maintenance crew is incompetent. Currently, the grass looks like it hasn't been cut in weeks but yet rent is $1000 and up. Maintenance is a joke in that they will mark your work orders complete when nothing has been done. If you want to wait 2 months for a work order to be completed than 180 West is the place for you. If you like to be lied to by office staff and even corporate implying that they will handle your issues and get it addressed ASAP then 180 West is the place for you. The apartment complex has been shot to hell and b/c they can't keep management in the office long enough issues keep piling up. Please rest assured they expect rent to be paid on time which it has bee Review from Google
May 2018: STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. You might be tempted by the affordable price of their 2 bedroom apartments as I was but this place has been my worst nightmare. First off, the move in process was horrible - the office has one leasing person on staff. That's it. There is no manager, no assistant manager. I was told SO much incorrect information by the former assistant manager who was recently let go which made the leasing process extremely confusing and frustrating. Once I signed the lease, I moved in to a completely broken refrigerator, no W/D (which I was paying for), the door frame of the front door completely broken off, completely broken A/C unit, missing microwave parts, the bathroom door doesn't shut, and a completely empty and unusable closet with no shelves or racks. Only 3 things from this list have been addressed and I have lived here for Review from Google
May 2018: Dead animal smell coming from your fire place on a warm summer day... sound appetizing? 180 WEST is your dream come true.. Yes my husband graduated Law school last week and our guest got to experience this luxury before we all had to leave because of the soothing aroma..WAIT it gets even better...So we had an animal trapped in the wall of our fire place. I felt bad because you could hear it trying to escape so I called the office and made a maintenance request on APRIL 16th. Well with our consistent walks to the office, emails , phone calls, and work orders I guess the animal gave up because it’s aroma has filled my house for the past two weeks.. yes it’s MAY 19th and the issue has gone untouched.... Honestly this is so standard of 180 WEST. Also if you like caution tape they have a beautiful display of that on the back corner of the prop Review from Google
May 2018: These apts have a beautiful scenery of the four seasons but---it's a shame that they don't keep these apts maintained. The pool looks horrible with green algae when other apt complexes nearby are having BBQs with pristine pools. Part of the front wall on one of 180 apts at building S has fallen down and looks like a safety hazard. The dog poop stations are never emptied and smell terrible and the grounds are not maintained well. Trash, branches and debris are on the sidewalks and grounds constantly. The maintenance men are nice but they are inadequately staffed, I only see a couple trying to deal with all the issues. The wood is rotted on many side rails and balconies and we have carpenter bees that are working away boring into the wood. I can hear little rodents in the walls at times. This apt complex could be soooo beautiful. I love looking Review from Google
May 2018: I have lived here for 4 years now and when I first moved in everything was great when it was still Landmark at Chelsea Commons. I lived in a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment and once the company changed it went down hill. However, the most recent company has been doing a great job and I now live in a 3 bed 2.5 bath town home in the the same complex. The manager Christine has been amazing in turning this place around and playing catch up from all the work that was not done by the previous companies. I hope she does not go anywhere because her team is the best that has ever bee here and they get it done. This is a nice place to live because it is quiet, clean and the staff is very responsive. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I rented my unit sight unseen, as I was living abroad at the time, and soon discovered it was my worst housing decision ever. In December 2016 I signed a one-year lease after having a great deal of trouble getting the management at that time to respond to my emails and phone calls. Having looked at other apartments online I decided to go with 180 West (at that time Chelsea Commons) because the rent seemed decent for a 3-bedroom apartment. But what you find out at lease signing is that you are forced to pay additional fees for services that you may not want or need: cable, valet trash pickup, regular trash pickup, pest control, and the like. I should mention that the monthly $60 cable fee didn't actually provide cable service to the apartment--it was a cost that the cable company supposedly was charging 180 West for bringing "lines" onto the Review from Google
Dec 2017: I moved to this community when it was Chelsea Commons (June 2015) and I loved everything about it. Office staff was top notch. Maintenance was incredible. Since then, I have gone through 8 property managers and 4 management companies. My original review was stellar. Sadly, I felt the need to edit it. Maintenance is not only very slow to respond but they mark work orders as complete when they are not. I have a kitchen floor that is coming up. It’s the cheap “wood like” (more like plastic) flooring. My original request was 7 months ago. Second request 3 month ago. It’s marked complete, but I’ve cut myself on it twice, as it’s still in disrepair. The water smells horrible. Almost like there is sewage in it. The utility bills are insanely high. I pay more here for 1300 sq ft then I did in my 3000 sq ft home. The windows and doors are Review from Google
Oct 2017: I recently moved into this complex and it was an extremely pleasant experience. The process was straight to the point, and the group in the office (Beneetta, and Christine I think?) made my move very easy. I was able to get a great rate for the apartment that included several different options like a washer/dryer and a fireplace! I visited the unit, did most of the paperwork online, and so far I am very satisfied with this choice! Review from Google
Sep 2017: This is an awful apartment complex. They charge you for pest control, but they never come to spray and roaches just take over. I have an extremely clean apartment and I still can't get rid of them. And don't expect a maintenance order to fix your problems because they never come. The staff is extremely unorganized and when I moved in they switched me between three different apartments because they couldn't even remember when I was supposed to move in. Then they claimed to give me access to the pool and gym but the access key still does not work. They don't keep track of your packages and if you try to call or email to ask about it they are unresponsive. The online payment option is not kept up to date and if they put incorrect charges on there it is impossible to get them to remove it so you have to physically go into the office to pay even t Review from Google
Sep 2017: I have lived in this complex for 9 years and this is the worst I have seen and I have been through at least 5 different mgmt. companies here. Totally unorganized office staff is lost in their own chaos. Grounds are un-kept, trash sits outside the dumpsters for days, the tree company they hired have debris piles that have set there for a week. Then we are required to pay extra for 'Valet Waste' company for trash pickup at the door and they fail to do that as well. can't wait to move down the street - better apartments, reviews and prices.
Jun 2017: I know they have changed management so I hope this isn't the case anymore but I had an awful year with them. The rent is not worth it. They use Piedmont electricity which is 20-40% more each month than Duke according to the man who came to do an energy audit from Piedmont after a $200 electric bill (in an apartment with no washer/dryer, one TV, and in which we were always sweating even when AC was set at 68). The water is not through OWASA so it would sometimes be $70 for the one bedroom apartment I lived in after moving when I realized I couldn't afford the larger unit (and finding out I was stuck there no matter what). Review from 6/12/17 on Google
May 2017: Horrible Experience. You do not want to live here. I started to get sick because they have mold in their apartments. The windows do not close properly and the window panes stay moist. I was told to just keep cleaning the windows and things with Clorox. I had to get a lawyer to contact the office for them to come out and try to seal the windows, but that did not help. The electric bill was always close to $200 dollars. The heating and cooling system does not work properly. Review from 5/26/17 on Google
May 2017: I was hesitant to lease here due to the reviews here on Google but I have since learned these were reviews from the old management company and since the new management company has taken over, things have really turned around. I am very happy living here and my AC works just fine. I feel very safe here and the property itself is always clean and neat. Review from 5/14/17 on Google
May 2017: I moved into this community when it was Chelsea Commons. In June of 2015, the staff was amazing! This place had such a family feel. I renewed my lease in 2016 and the management company changed to BH. They immediately fired the maintenance guys which pissed me off to no end because they were phenomenal. Then they picked away at the office staff and replaced them with rude, incompetent idiots. The property "manager" was awful. It took me 6 months to get a handicapped sign for a parking space. (Can you say fair housing?) Review from 5/13/17 on Google
May 2017: I am a very reasonable person, 180 West (formerly Chelsea Commons) is a very bad place to live. We lived the entire winter without central heating. Management does not care about your apartment. They only care to collect rent. If you end up living here I would advise you to collect written and SIGNED confirmation of your rent payments at this complex. They often seem to get amnesia and demand that you pay them rent multiple times for the same month. This reflects their poor administrative and disorganized management. Review from 5/6/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Read previous reviews and it seems since they were posted there must've been a change in staff? I received great customer service from the office team and all work orders have been taken care of immediately. I am very grateful for everything the staff has completed for me. Review from Google
Apr 2017: Summary: Cheap and good location, but you get what you pay for. I wouldn't rent here again. Location: The complex is right off of Smith Level Rd just outside of Carrboro, great for anyone who frequents Chapel Hill/Carrboro. Also just a few mins to 15-501, and Hwy 54 bypass. J line has multiple stops in the area. Cost: The rent is lower than most places around, even than the other placess on BPW Club Rd and Rock Haven. Move-in costs/deposits were low as well. You are required to pay $50 for basic cable from TWC and that does NOT cover internet access. Review from 4/22/17 on Google
Dec 2016: It was great. The staff is friendly. The maintenance department is clean and efficient. The community is clean and quiet. The view from the apartment is nice and full of trees. The maintenance men work was performed the same day as I requested it. Review from 12/12/16 on Apartment Ratings

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