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The Village at South Campus

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Jun 2019: I love living here!! The management is very sweet & goes out of their way to accommodate you! Very social place I’ve made a lot of connections through the village itself. They have some type of get together once a month, last month they did a BBQ and it was so fun getting to meet everyone. Would definitely recommend! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Con's: Here is the low down on this apartment, first of all it's 5 stories tall and so you can constantly hear people above you shuffling back and forth throughout the ENTIRE apartment. Then not only can you hear everyone above you. You can also hear everyone below you, the courtyard is the hangout spot and you can hear all the activities taking place right out your window. Parking is a total pain, if you have access to the underground parking it's $50 a month, which is pretty outrageous if I do say so myself. But if you don't then you're stuck scouting for parking into the late hours of the night, walking a good block or three... The rent also goes up the longer you live here. And is DEFINITELY not worth the amount you are paying. The hall always smells of some very rancid odors. If you go to UVU traffic to get there is a bit of a trek across town, but typically takes anywhere from 20-25 minutes depending on the day Review from Google
Apr 2019: Good rooms and amenities, but you'll hate everyone you live with. Way too noisy. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I really loved being a part of this community. It's the nicest place around campus. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I lived here.... worst management!!! I love that sodalicious and potato are in the place though. Carpets are gross, roommates are ok (I lived there for 2 years and had new roommates every other semester) (some are great, some are total snots and some are horrible influences (many of my roommates would sleep over in the guys area and the guys would sleep over in the girls areas, mind you this is BYU approved housing and they have cameras in the hallways)), great Bishops but the wards weren't really welcoming when I moved in), Maintenance is one of the best part of this place. Can hear everything outside of your room, pool and hot tub are good, apartments cold because of bad insulations, can hear everyone in the hallways so if you go out of your apartment to have a private conversation people on the other side of the hall in the building can he Review from Google
Jan 2019: I LOVE living here. There are great wards and I love how there is private rooms and washer and dryer in apartment. Also the kitchen is big with lots of storage. You get free internet and cable and the apartment is furnished and has a TV. The parking is good even if you don't have a spot. when you move in or out they give a dolly!!!! the hot tub and pool is so nice and the he staff is so nice and I have never had any issues!!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Worst experience I've had with an apartment complex and their owners so far. The customer care on the phone is very short with their tenants and not willing to help unless you ask 5 times. Offered leaning service is lazy and misses a lot of areas which will still cause you to fail inspections. UTILITIES will fluctuate how the village wants. Walls are extremely thin, if someone plays music you can feel it. The rooms are TINY, even for a person who is minimalistic. Move in dates are strict and different from other campus' and will most likely be an inconvenience for you when moving out from another campus. Parking is PAID ONLY, and runs at $35 a month like you're in manhattan. The village is just a place and people who are taking advantage of their location and their tenants, there's nothing premiere about it. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I lived here.... worst management!!! Carpets are gross, roommates are ok (I lived there for 2 years and had new roommates every other semester) (some are great, some are terrible influences or are totally snotty), Maintenance is one of the better parts of this place. Can hear everything outside of your room, pool and hot tub are great, apartments cold because of bad insulations, very expensive, doors to apartment buildings are broken so anyone can go in and out of the building, rooms are all different sizes but everyone has the same price, TINY rooms, the game room's equipment is pretty much all broken, hallways stink, when I moved into my apartment there were still things left over from other girls and it wasn't cleaned as it should have been, they never answer the phone and if they do its if you call 3 or more times, can hear things from t Review from Google
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Sep 2018: The village is as good as it is gonna get in Provo, and it's pretty nice! SO happy I lived at that place and had such a good time. Rooms can be expensive, and I am not a fan of the year contracts, but man I am so happy that I lived there while I could. Great place and staff! I would recommend it for sure! Review from Google
Jul 2018: Pros: the building is fine and the hot tub is great. The handymen are polite and quick. Cons: I wouldn’t recommend living here partially because of the office staff. One who was overtly rude has already quit, but a couple others have been invasive, passive aggressive, or less than satisfactorily communicative— e.g. when I asked about laws regarding apartments, two employees seemed to dodge the question. There are also more and bigger fees here than I’ve seen anywhere in Provo. Paying rent one day late racks up a $50 charge. Review from Google
Apr 2018: The ONLY good part is, it's private room, EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKS. Here is another "fun fact". The clean check standards are just ridiculous. *NO SECOND CHANCE Once they decided it's unclean, u'll need to pay for that. * STANDARDS ARE RIDICULOUSLY HIGH I have to pay for "PRO clean team" to clean THIS FLOOR (pictures blow) *YOU USE ONLY ONE BATHROOM, BUT YOU GOT TO CLEAN TWO. As title, the duty assigned is just funny. Want to know how far they can go? How many reasons they can find to charge you? Move in RIGHT NOW and you'll see! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've lived at the village for a year now! It's a little bit more expensive than a few places near by, but WAY NICER. There are stainless steel appliances, beautiful counter tops, a big mirror and vanity place, a whole room for your washer and dryer (which are nice and included) lots of hang out places, trash services, and a really nice huge parking garage. Provo is hard to find parking at, so I would definitely recommend paying extra for a spot. There are lots of stair cases, or a big elevator. Plus the village has vacuums you can use, and big bins that help A LOT with moving in and out. It's easy to get to, and there's a bunch of parking for visitors. Cool keys too. The PRIVATE rooms aren't big, but I don't spend any time in mine anyways. Clean carpets and walls, and some storage place as well. I would recommend!! ALSO they deliver your packa Review from Google
Mar 2018: I have lived at the Village for a year and I have honestly loved it. I have no complaints. The management is very helpful. This apartment is a little expensive but you get what you pay for. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I have lived here at The Village for almost two years and I love it. The management and staff are easy to work with and have always treated me right. If you get on the wait list for a parking spot, you shouldn't have any issues getting a spot. The gym and pool facilities are well maintained and easy to use. I enjoy living here, and I would recommend this student housing to my own friends. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The village at south campus is a great place. The office is friendly and are willing to work with anyone. The moment I stepped in the office, the leasing agents greeted and made me feel welcomed. I also had the opportunity to have a conversation with management and they were excited to have me at the village. The reason why I chose to live at the village is because it's relatively close to campus. It takes me about 5-10 mins to walk to campus. I do agree that parking is not the best but you'll need to be patient to get a parking spot assign. Also the amenities are amazing. The clubhouse is big, i've been in apartment complex where it's too small or there isn't one at all. The singles ward use it almost every Sunday, which allows residents/students to mingle and have a great time. The gym is great and as well the indoor spa/pool. Many resi Review from Google
Feb 2018: Rooms are kind of small for what you pay, but it's a pretty apartment. But, it isn't as bad as everyone says. Everyone has a different experience. Sure, the hallway doesn't smell great, but you have trash service. I will say, the mailboxes NEVER open. I tried our combo several different ways and it won't open. And there is rarely parking on the streets near the complex, so you might want to cough up the money for a parking spot. I didn't but that's because I'm a cheapskate. not worth it in my opinion. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Office sucks. You can hear the entire floor form your room. It’s always cold because of the poor insulation. It’s just an overpriced trashy place with no parking too. Also tons of the doors are broken so anyone can walk into the buildings. Totally not safe! Don’t move here unless you want to be miserable!! Review from Google
Feb 2018: We were so impressed with the management when we checked our son in this summer. Madeline was so easy to work with. She made it an easy transition and even helped us get a cart for our son to move his things in. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I lived there for a year on the 3rd floor. All of the rooms are different sized but cost the same – which they fail to advertise. There was a discrepancy on the ledger of the bill for this past month of October. When I showed the manager, she pointed out that there was an overstatement between $15-20 and told me to return a week later. When I returned, the problem miraculously disappeared but the overall charge was only reduced by $4. When I left the village in December, they charged me $50 for transferring the contract over to the next tenant. In addition, they are very loose on controlling animals in the complex. There were multiple times where a resident's dog would hoist its leg on the stairs in the central hall on the guys side. When I called, maintenance would not respond until days after the incident. Also, the halls on a Review from Google
Oct 2017: I really do not understand all the poor reviews on this place. I've moved around a lot, and living at The Village has legitimately been a great all-around housing experience for me. 1. Management is professional & friendly. I usually get the help I need, promptly and kindly. When they were closed or busy, I'd leave a message and always got a call back, and email responses are quick. It's also convenient because the office is on site -- right in the center of the courtyard where you can just walk in & address your questions immediately. Review from 10/28/17 on Google
Oct 2017: Best management I have ever had! I have an emotional support dog, and once while I was walking the dog in the village courtyard my dog stepped on a bee and got stung. The assistant manager happened to be there and she immediately dropped everything and ran to get baking soda, water, a bowl and spoon to make a paste to get the stinger out of my dog's paw. The manager literally dropped everything to help me! Review from 10/15/17 on Google
Sep 2017: A while back, I wrote a review about the Village. I granted them a 4/5 stars, but now I wish to recant the review. Issues with the management staff's treatment of residents, the compound being dirty/poorly maintained (door handles broken off stairwell doors, food left on the hallway floors, random trash everywhere, broken signs, etc.). I understand the staff did not cause these damages, but with the amount paid per apartment (upwards of $600 if unforeseen fines hit you), the complex should have plenty to make quick, restorative fixes. Overall, find somewhere else to live. The bright side of the complex was my ward, which was fantastic. Review from 9/24/17 on Google
Aug 2017: I stayed there for almost six months and it was great. Loved having Sodalicious in the complex. Two buildings, one for girls, one for boys. There is one electric key to everything (building, apartment, pool, gym, etc.). Sure the hallways smell like garbage but that is tue residents' fault for leaving their garbage out overnight which they do get fined for. Overall a wonderful experience! Review from Google
Aug 2017: I'm just here for the summer, but I've had a decent experience. My roommates have been amazing, so I'm giving it a higher score than I normally would. Pros: Very social if you're into that. Pay rent online. Nice pool and hot tub that is well maintained. It is indoor though, so it is pretty pointless in the summer. Attractive men ;). Cons: No cleaning checks from the management, so the standard for cleaning isn't very high. The hallways smell TERRIBLE because they have valet garbage, which you'd think would be a pro, but it honestly just makes it smell bad. Review from 8/3/17 on Google

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