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The Branbury

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Oct 2019: I love living here!!!! The Branbury puts on the funnest events and parties and the social aspect is so nice! With the property being so big you can always find someone to hang out with or something to do! And the staff is so nice and helpful! Review from Google
Oct 2019: The Branbury has been a great experience for me. When I moved in the property manager and staff took great care of me. I also love all the offered amenities and how social it is here. Great place to live! Review from Google
Sep 2019: So far I’ve been very pleased with my experience at the Branbury! No apartment complex is perfect, but I can tell that the management cares about their residents. The apartments are nice, I LOVE the amenities, and management has been very responsive when I’ve reached out with issues. This is my favorite place I’ve lived in Provo! Review from Google
Aug 2019: I enjoyed living here, the apartments were good and I was able to get a room with a full sized bed. The staff are very friendly and are more than willing to work with you on things that may be negatively impacting your experience renting there. If it's your scene, there's a lot of events in the complex's clubhouse and many amenities you can take advantage of. The apartments themselves are adequate; there were a few things that went wrong or were odd, such at the limited water flow in the kitchen sink, but nothing that was unreasonable, and maintenance is able to help to the best of their ability. My previous review noted that I felt that, at move out, my charges were unfairly given for small easily fixable things and that I felt there was no avenue for recourse other than posting a review. I was especially irked that I had been charged $50 over my security deposit. Since then, I have been contacted by management to reconcile the charges placed on my account Review from Google
Aug 2019: It makes me sad to see a lot of bad reviews for this place, because I had a great experience here. The staff is super friendly, maintenance is way fast, and if there's an issue with anything the staff is very flexible in trying to work with you. Great amenities, great location. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because the apartments could use some updating, especially since it can be pricey. But even still, I had a great experience living at The Branbury. Review from Google
Jul 2019: This apartment complex does not care about helping students problems at all. I've had multiple issues but the most recent one has to do with cleaning checks. I did everything I could to make sure everything was extremely clean for my portion of the cleaning check. My roommates were not so thorough and a lot of the parts they were assigned to clean were not up to standards. I got my cleaning check paper back and it said I passed but when my rent came around I had an extra $25 fee added on for a failed cleaning check. I thought it would be a simple fix so I went into the office and wouldn't help me at all it taking the fee off. I even showed them the paper stating that I had passed which was filled out by one of the RAs. They said they had different information and because my roommates didn't do their part I am stuck paying for it. Very disappointed they would not help one of their residents who's been living there for over a year. They obviously don't care about the individual student. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Came into a dirty apartment when I first moved in, multiple problems with the apartment, they way overcharge for everything, management does not hear you and sees everything as a business transaction. Seriously have had a great experience everywhere else I've lived in Provo, live anywhere else if you can. So not worth the drama. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Warning! Document everything with pictures and in writing before you move in to this complex. They will take your money and never return it. The apartment was not clean when moving in and the AC was not working. Management took their time fixing it. Management will tell you that you passed your cleaning check, then send you a letter that you did not pass and charge you. Do yourself a favor and don't move here. Find a place that has integrity and is honest with their tenants. Review from Google
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Jun 2019: As both a former resident and a former employee I can honestly say The Branbury is the best BYU Contracted Student housing. I lived there 3 years and worked there for a little over two years. My biggest suggestion to anyone looking to live there is to get to know the management! You'll learn very quickly that the Branbury team LOVES the community and cares deeply about the welfare of the residents. The Branbury is 100% dedicated to improving the entire community for each and every resident. The Branbury team is definitely the best in the business and are competent, understanding, and don't hesitate to go above and beyond for their residents. Like any student housing in Provo it isn't going to be perfect, however, in my experience The Branbury is the best at proactively perfecting any flaws. You won't find a better apartment with better customer service at a better rate anywhere. Whether you're looking for shared rooms or private rooms be sure and add The Branbury apartments onto your tour list Review from Google
Jun 2019: Again for those who are looking for their kids to move here DO NOT DO IT. Living here has been a logistical nightmare they don’t listen to the people at the front desk when they tel you that there is ample parking or that they will give you discounts on parking passes or a certain amount off of your first months rent if you sign that day. I have had a 5-6 friends sign on with the promise of $100 off or a free parking pass and when we came in the first day they said there was no documentation. It’s overly priced and the haircuts are not worth signing up for. Just be aware. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Readers I hope it helps you decide where to stay. ( Josh I appreciate the fact you want to talk about things. I wish you would have acted faster when I had issues within the apt & requested aid. Now that shipped has sailed. Thanks tho! My issue wasn’t that you didn't approve (1) day more on check out since I still have classes. The issue is you guys don’t tend to the tenants & I understand you have to worry about several! When it came time to add fees & scrum a little more cash from us we then turned priority #1. I’m not one to throw fits about not getting what I want. I would just like people to know a realistic view of this place. Whoever it may concern ask about every fee they include & know that there is much better quality of living elsewhere.) This complex isn't terrible but it's not suited for many! They do have great ward activities & the secretaries are very helpful! They have several activities for the tenants maybe not large enough to accommodate everyone sadly Review from Google
Feb 2019: Super fun place to live, thanks to the activities person, Bridge! There’s always cool stuff going on and fun ways to meet new people - lots of free food which is a plus for college kids! would recommend living here, cool space and fun environment!
Feb 2019: Very nice place. Working with the staff was incredible. I talked with Caitie in the office and she was very helpful! They are all so kind. Very highly recommend.
Feb 2019: The Branbury is amazing place to stay. It has so much to offer: pool/hot tub, workout room, spacious living areas, close to bike/running trails. You would not be disappointed with staying here. 💯💯
Feb 2019: The location of this place is great and I love all the amenities! The pool and hot tub are great. The leasing agents are all really friendly especially Katherine. If you are looking for a fun/nice place to live I would definitely recommend the Branbury!
Feb 2019: The Branbury is a nicely kept apartment complex. It has tons of amenities and lots of "Extras" that other places don't offer. They have a super cool pool and a salon available to its tenets. The leasing agents are all really friendly, and there are always freshly baked cookies in the office! It would be a great place for anyone live!
Jan 2019: I liked how they respect non LDS and doesn't have age discrimination. The manager is really respectful. You should talk to him if staff are not helping. It was the best place I have ever lived in Provo. They are not picky about the cleaning check. The only downside of it is that they don't have covered parkings. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Move here if you want to get random charges added to your rent and if you like never getting your deposit back. Plus if you decide to move here DONT buy a parking pass they totally lied to me about how much parking was available. Review from Google
Oct 2018: It’s an ok place to live but don’t listen to the people at the front desk when they tel you that there is ample parking or that they will give you discounts on parking passes or a certain amount off of your first months rent if you sign that day. I have had a 5-6 friends sign on with the promise of $100 off or a free parking pass and when we came in the first day they said there was no documentation. It’s overly priced and the haircuts are not worth signing up for. Just be aware. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Pros: My room has its own balcony! I love how much light my room gets, and how refreshing it is to have your own space outside. Also, there are balconies in the kitchen and living room areas. The grounds are well kept, and beautiful. We have a pool, exercise room, and recreation area in the main building. There is a free shuttle bus which takes me back and forth between BYU and the main office (M-Th 7:20am- 8:47pm; Friday 7:20am-6pm), which means no dealing with on campus parking. Hallelujah! I also get 2 free spa treatments at the on-site spa location. Utilities are a flat rate which means no trying to stretch a dollar come winter time. Basically, I love living here! Cons: Laundry is located downstairs, but it's nice I can do 4 loads of laundry at the same time. The shuttle doesn't run Summer/Spring Semester. Parking spaces tend to be on the Review from Google
Sep 2018: This apartment is the second apartment I have found so far in Provo that will give your deposit fully back ! It's so great ! The cleaning check is about every 3 months, and very easy to pass, maintenance is fast. The Branbury will hold public party about every 2 months, you can go and have free food. Provo river is just beside the apartment, it's great to walk along the river. Finally, I got my deposit fully back ! The Branbury apartment is so great, a nice place to live! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I’ve loved my experience living at the Branbury. I’ve lived here for a year and a half and have just renewed for another year. I have had great roommates that I’ve ended up becoming really amazing friends with! I signed for the New Flooring private bedroom apartment and I’ve been very happy with the quality or my apartment! The amenities are great. I love the 24-hr gym and the pool and hot tub are always so social and fun. You get free services at the salon twice a month! The maintenance staff and office staff have always done everything in their power to help me with whatever I need! Also located in a great area close to state street and university parkway, but tucked away a little so you don’t have to deal with heavy traffic which is awesome! Great YSA wards as well. I’ve loved my experience here, so much more than other student Review from Google
Aug 2018: 0/10 do not recommend. I hated my life while living here. Everything about the place is terrible. Just look at how many 1 star reviews there are... First off, when I moved in, my room was trashed. It was disgusting. I spent over an hour cleaning my room and over two hours cleaning the bathroom (the bathtub looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for ages). When I moved out, I cleaned everything on the cleaning checklist. I failed the cleaning check for reason: “BEDROOM”. I’m assuming it was for the blinds?? I spent at least 30 minutes cleaning them. When I moved in, they were all blackened... It’s completely unacceptable that they will charge so much for a cleaning fee, but they won’t actually go in and clean anything... For the other “white glove” cleaning checks, I worked my butt off while some of my roommates did the bare mini Review from Google
Jul 2018: The amenities are great, the apartments are also pretty nice and comfortable. They water the grass A LOT and depending on when you come and go you may just get caught in the sprinklers whem you come home at night and when you go out in the morning. 👎 Other than the excessive watering, I have loved living at the Branbury. Review from Google
May 2018: Sure, the apartments are nice enough but how about being charged $40 for a parking pass for an apartment you already live it. The laundry center is a disaster. So many machines are broken and if you ever ask management for help, they just tell you that they can't help you because they don't own the machines and tell you to try and get it fixed on your OWN by calling the company (??? where's the ownership and responsibility for them choosing this company ???) Also, be prepared for random price hikes on your rent. Random $15 charges for an internet upgrade? The rent constantly gets higher. You'll never pay what they tell you that you will. It's just ridiculous. Maintenance requests? Forget about it you might as well just call a broken appliance forever dead because no one is ever gonna reply. I get it, I'm frustrated in general with the charges Review from Google

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