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Summerwood Condos

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Aug 2019: Trust the recent reviews people are giving them. The apartments are newly remodeled and I've seen the finished product they are actually really nice apartments, but the management is terrible. The concerns ive brought up to them were things they caused and they'd either ignore these concerns or straight up blame them on me. VERY irresponsible management. Debi is the current manager that I know of and she isn't good either. If you see she is the manager still I highly encourage any of the other close apartments to the university. They are about the same price and quality but at least then you have a chance for a manager that won't just be terrible with communication and can actually help you.
Apr 2019: DO NOT LIVE HERE. Notice that most of the good reviews are from 2+ years ago. The place itself is fairly nice, but the management is horrible. They’ve changed management at least twice since I’ve lived here. I lived in Summerwood for almost two years and at the beginning of spring break, they emailed me and my roommates that we had 2 weeks to move out because they were going to do renovations and expand the gym into our apartment. This was like a month before finals and so I had to find a new place to move in a week (because I was gone the first week over spring break). Needless to say I was extremely stressed and exhausted and the management was unapolagetic and unhelpful. Other events that occurred during my living there were that my shower was ALWAYS clogged, our heater was broken, and no matter how many times I asked for maintenance to help, my shower rema
Jun 2018: THREATENED TO CHARGE ME $100 FOR THIS REVIEW! 0 stars! Terrible place to live and management is even worse. Have you move on finals day while your roommate have longer to move, thinks are constantly broken and take fixing, moved in and several things were broken within the room (drawers, doors, walls peeling, etc.) and I took out several garbage bags of the previous tenants' clothes and trash out, super loud since you are right up against the freeway. DO NOT LIVE HERE!
Oct 2017: I lived here for 1 year while attending UVU. Everything on campus is within walking distance, you could even make it to Walmart in a half hour if you dont have a car. Rooms are decently sized for the price, it's the proximity to UVU that makes this a great place. Staff is very friendly and will respond quickly to any questions or issues you bring up. While I lived there, it seemed that they were in the middle of slowly updating the apartments as people moved out. I originally had one of the older mattresses, so I put in a request for a new one because of back problems they brought it over within 2 days. At another point our dishwasher started leaking, management had it replaced within a few days. Review from 10/5/17 on Google
Sep 2017: This place is only about taking your money and not giving any real benefits in return. I lived there for three months over the summer for an internship and then moved back to where I go to school. The utilities were very expensive but they wouldn't give you an itemized receipt of what we were using in our apartment. We had to trust that they just divided it between the four of us. My bike was stolen from the parking garage where it was chained up and they didn't want to help in anyway or even show concern that crimes were happening on their property. Review from 9/30/17 on Google
Sep 2017: We just moved our son into Summerwood. Our personal experience was that his apartment was immaculate. Every room (including the kitchen) was very clean. The ladies at the front desk were very helpful. Love the underground parking. Love the washer and dryer inside the apt. And love the private bedrooms. And you can't beat the location. And our son seems to love it. His roommates seem like great guys and the entire complex seemed clean and tidy. Review from 9/24/17 on Google
Sep 2017: They are only in it for the money. You scour your apartment and they still fail you on cleaning checks and charge you. But it's acceptable for the carpets to have burns marks, blinds to be broken, and holes to be in the provided furniture? Premium apartment?? Yeah right. Review from 9/14/17 on Google
May 2017: I've enjoyed my time at Summmerwood Condos, here are the reasons why. The convenience and atmosphere is phenomenal. Management at Summerwood are very nice and quick to respond to maintenance request. I would recommend living here not just for the friendly atmosphere but for the convenience of walking to campus. The only downside was the occasional sketchy roommate. Review from 5/26/17 on Google
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May 2017: Great place to live. Easy walking distance to UVU, great management, and a fun place to live. Basketball courts, hot tub, and clubhouse are all awesome. Only thing is it's close to the freeway, so in your room you hear the cars pass, but that's only a minor issue. Review from 5/9/17 on Google
Mar 2017: It was great until I moved out. Extremely disappointed. There was a miscommunication for final check out when I moved to get married and after addressing it and communicating about it, the management didn't hold up their end of responsibility and charged me for something that shouldn't have been charged. I moved out in the middle of the semester and personally went to them to ask how to handle the bathroom clean out since I had a roommate still there. I was told that would NOT count against me by one of the girls in the office. Well, guess what? I see the fee for it not being cleaned and reached out to them because that wasn't supposed to happen and then they turn around and blame me for not cleaning the bathroom! Review from 3/28/17 on Google

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