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Midtown 360

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Jun 2020: Do not move in there! Talk to other tenants before you sign the contract. I am sure that the "positive" review are created by employees, because none of it sounds true. Everybody who lives there is unhappy. They will increase additional fees that are not in the contract and claim that the small print allows them to do so. Do not move there! Overpriced fees and crooked staff who do not care. Cars get broken into and they refuse to provide videos.
Jul 2019: I'd like to start by saying that the actual employees that work at Midtown are very nice. It is upper management that is greedy, and frankly, I am disgusted by their deceitful tactics against their loyal tenants. I've lived at Midtown for the past 2 years with little to no issues. At the end of May, we received a notice on our door letting us know that if we signed our lease by July 1, we would not be charged an additional fee to park underground. Eager to solidify underground parking without an additional parking fee, we quickly re-signed a 6 month lease. Today, July 18, we received the following email from management: "We want to clarify that ALL underground parking (including the spots with no number) will be paid for from here on out. If you're not paying for parking, you will need to park above ground." Excuse me? I'm hoping someone here can help me understand how, on four separate occasions, we were told we would not be charged for underground parking Review from Google
Jul 2019: I have lived at Midtown 360 for over 2 years and it has been an exceptional experience until now. Management has now decided to charge for parking in the garage ($200.00 per month). Unfortunately, there isn't enough parking outside of the garage for residents either. Communication has been very unclear about the updated policies, and residents here feel left in the cold. I wouldn't recommend this place to prospective residents. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I have lived at MIdtown 360 and have had an amazing experience so far. Until this week. They are forcing current residents and new residents to pay for parking in a suburban area where parking is plentiful and we have never had issues with running out of spots. I live with two other people. We have three cars. To park for the first car is $35 a month. To pay for parking for 2 cars jumps to each car costing $55 a month for a total of $110. For us to park 3 cars will cost an extra $100 a month pushing our total to $210. That is over 2,520 a year just to park our cars! This is clearly an owner driven price gouging tactic to take advantage of their residents, and is an absolute display of greediness. I will be moving out at the end of my lease if they continue this initiative. I will also be advocating for other to leave review so everyone knows what they are getting into before signing a lease here. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Generous portions of very good food. Excellent service. Beautiful restaurant. Definitely will return. Review from Google
Jun 2019: I moved into midtown apartments a few months ago and it’s been absolutely amazing. The hosted a pool party that was amazing and so fun. This place is such a fun place to live. The staff is so nice and helpful. Love living here! 😊 Review from Google
Jun 2019: We have a great apartment but when we resign our lease they will now charge $55 for two car. It has been free all along. We will probably move out. Review from Google
Jun 2019: We have lived at Midtown 360 for almost 2 years. It has been a great experience. Working with Brittney and those in the office has been great. We had one of their studio apartments. If anything needed to be changed out they were quick to respond and fix it. Parking is super nice during the winter because its all underground. I would recommend living here to my friends. Thanks for taking care of us Midtown! Review from Google
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Apr 2019: I've only lived here for 2 1/2 months and I love it! The staff is very friendly - including the maintenance guys. Any little thing that needs to be fixed is done in a very timely manner. There are a lot of security measures which also impresses me. The gym is HUGE and well equipped - like you'd be paying elsewhere to use. Even the tenants are friendly. These apartments are very spacious and modern. AND so centrally located to everything. Looking forward to the pool when it is finished. What's not to like?! Apartment living at its best.... Review from Google
Apr 2019: This is one of the best places I’ve ever lived in. I only have Kudos for the Management staff. Everyone has always been very helpful. I mostly refer all my questions to Olivia and she has always been delightful with her customer service. To me that is most important. Good customer service and nice people that treat you right. Very excited to see what the expansion brings to Midtown 360 and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good place to live in. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Once you sign the lease you'll get SCREWED!!! The only good thing about living in here is that the Building C is brand new and I was the first to move in. But the construction nothing to praise over. THIS IS NOT LUXURY! The management has been changed many times withing my first months of living here,and why? because management is terrible!!! or they are hiring kids right out of college or just people that just don't care for their job. I park at the underground parking since I want my car protected from the environment but the construction is so poorly made that the snow melted water with salt goes through the cracks of the ceiling and fell on my car leaving nasty hard water and getting through the first layer of paint. It was a battle to get this take care of. All the amenities are not even ready to be used since the construction is not f Review from Google
Feb 2019: Normally don't write reviews, but the reviews I read before moving in vs the reality here at Midtown is very different, so I felt the need to enlighten everyone. I was looking for luxury, and I found it! Midtown is under new management now, and they are VERY pleasant to work with. As for the apartment themselves, they are very reasonably priced and the amenities are taken care of. I would say even the underground parking isn't as bad as people make it out to be. There are 2 floors under EACH building. As long as you are home at a reasonable time, you can almost always find parking. Overall, Midtown has made an incredible come back and I am very excited for them to finish the pool and hot tub! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Midtown 360 has disappointed me a lot. I was super excited to move in, they gave us a deal on the apt and it was a great buy. Since then they have gone back on their word and have been very deceiving, slowly marking up the price and said that's what we agreed on to begin with. They have also been super unprofessional in their management. VERY DISAPPOINTED Review from Google
Jan 2019: If I could give this place a 0, I would. I’m not the type to ever write reviews, but this place needs to be known for how horrible it really is. My husband and I lived here for a year, a year too long. I liked my little small apartment, but the apartment complex itself is THE WORST. Parking is impossible, especially during winter time. You can never find a parking spot underground, which is 2 levels. They say they will tow but that never happens. They say pets aren’t allowed but everyone here owns one (which is fine) but the pets pee in the hallways that sit forever before getting cleaned up. The elevator works only half the time. Nothing ever gets fixed. They say it’s “luxury” it’s not. I would avoid living here. It hasn’t been the best experience and not worth the money. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The complex is really nice and if you are visiting someone, you can always find a in the parking lot because you can parking in any area. The apartments are so cute, very well designed, the location is so convenient and the price is very interesting. I want to live there in the future. Review from Google
Dec 2018: If I could give a zero I would this place is just beyond ridiculous. My husband and I have a 2 bedroom first of all the place is tiny. The doors haven’t been fixed after we have repeatedly asked them to get fixed. They never gave us a lock code for our door when we first moved in and some of the outlets still don’t work in our place. We are paying so much for a tiny apartment and it’s not worth it at all. The management here sucks, they don’t help you at all when you have a complaint. The parking here has been an nightmare. Their isn’t enough parking underground and the rest of the parking is for the restaurants and the other stores so pretty much if you work late nights and you are coming home there will be no parking whatsoever unless you park near the stores and even then your risking to be towed. The pool hasn’t been done when Review from Google
Nov 2018: This place is such a mess. It used to be great and the management was always caring, on top of things. But now? Rent is overpriced and the measly concessions we have been given for outrageous issues is mocking. Avoid the 2nd floor like the plague. Unless you don't care about living above the restaurant areas. Most of them play loud music (karaoke nights) even after the apartment noise ordinance goes into affect. In regards to issues, there is consistently dog droppings right in front of the apartment complex. I understand that tenants need to be responsible after their pets, but for the people who ruin it, Midtown should find responsibility in either fining these people or picking up after them. Right this moment (and this isn't the first time), the apartment hallways feel extremely humid. It's as if you're walking through a swamp. This wo Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have lived at Midtown 360 for the past 3 years. The current management company has been excellent. They are very professional and responsive to questions; and they have promptly resolved any problems I have brought to their attention. Review from Google
Oct 2018: My wife and I have been here for 6 months and it’s been great. The apartments are nice and spacious and we have had very few problems. We can see ourselves being here for a while. Review from Google
May 2018: My wife and i moved here in August 2017. From day one we were impressed. we were treated well by the office staff, and felt they were really honest with us. There have been issues with a/c and trash, but things seem to be resolved fairly quickly. There are a lot of bad reviews for this place, but they're all exaggerating. elevators don't constantly break down. there's NOT constantly trash everywhere. cars aren't constantly being broken into. we've felt safe and it feels like home to us. location is awesome too. The place is modern, clean, and well maintained. The Midtown 360 has been awesome. Review from Google
May 2018: i don't know why there are so many bad reviews. the midtown really has been pretty good to me. i barely ever hear anyone. i love being close to things, and the fitness center is awesome. I like to use their yoga room! and compared to what's around, the prices are actually not bad. The fire alarms have gone off a couple of times in the last few months, but it always gets resolved quickly. hasn't happened for a while. The Midtown 360 is a good place. Review from Google
May 2018: Simply put, the Midtown 360 has been a positive experience. we've been treated well and had issues resolved quickly. apartments are clean and modern. the clubhouse and gym are awesome. I've had very few issues finding a parking spot. I think there was an issue with the trash recently, but whatever it was, it seems it's been taken care of. all in all, I like the place, and probably won't go anywhere soon. 5 stars. Review from Google
May 2018: The midtown is really well located. I can walk to target whenever i need to, and the restaurants downstairs are really good. Every complex has it's issues, but the maintenance guys here are really nice, and usually pretty prompt. The apartments are clean and modern, and the gym is phenomenal. I'd say it's a pretty awesome place to live. Review from Google
May 2018: I have lived here for 9 months now. It has been a dream!! We love our unit and how it truly feels like home to us. We plan to stay for a while! The location is convenient. We wake up to a beautiful mountain view every morning. The gym is the best complex gym we have ever used. The club house is huge and beautiful, plus we have a rooftop hangout. What's not to love!? They keep the shared areas very clean and tidy. The few issues we have had were extremely minor and the maintenance team here is awesome and quick to come to our aid. In complete transparency, our biggest complaint is the construction noise each morning but they allowed us to switch units and it is no longer an issue for us. Every experience is what you make out of it and we love the Midtown!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I do not recommend living at Midtown 360. I've given it one star because it has been the worst experience I have had with housing. I have stayed here for the time I have because my next move will be out of state and it is not worth the fees of breaking a lease, a deposit for a new apartment, and the local move. I moved to Midtown 360 blindly from out of state based on the website, location in relation to my job, the kind agent (who is no longer an employee), and good faith. The website promised a gym, clubhouse, pool, pet park, smart-home technology, and underground parking. Sounds like a great deal, huh? I thought so also. When I moved to Midtown 360, the gym, clubhouse, pet park, and pool were not built yet. After 6-8 months of residency, the gym and clubhouse opened 24/7 - hooray. After only a few months, they posted specific usage hours. Review from Google

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