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Liberty on Freedom

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Feb 2019: I think Liberty is an awesome place to live. Good location, the office is very attentive to any maintenance issues and always happy to help. They do a great job!! I have no complaints!
Feb 2019: I have lived on Liberty on Freedom for a year now, and I would like to share my overall experience. There a few pros to living here, mainly being within 15 minutes walking distance to most buildings on campus, an okay pool, two public grills and a nice lounge. Their are several wards as well in the apartment complex as well, which shows how many people live in Liberty. Everyone is friendly and people often host social events in in the summer. On the cons side however, the apartments are renovated (which gave my initial appeal to the Liberty complex), but the renovation isn't the best. While the drywall looks nice, smaller details were missed probably due to monetary costs. Most drawers and cabinetry, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms are damaged or falling apart. In addition, the apartment managers are quite meticulous with cleaning checks which always causes a headache for both me Review from Google
Jan 2019: The staff is very friendly and helpful. For me to give five stars means perfect performance and unfortunately it took a couple of months to get things on the right track. The staff was great I think it was the system that had some quirks. Thanks for taking care of my daughter. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I would recommend living here to close friends and family. The apartments are nice. A heck of a lot more spacious than Glenwood. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Location is the only thing good about this place. Cleaning check people are ridiculous. I failed my last cleaning check because of the oven knobs twice. I accepted under the assumption that a cleaning lady would come and clean what I had not. We usually have someone at the apartment all the time with the different schedules and no one saw or heard from the cleaning people. I called the office and the assured me that someone came and spent a lot of time on my apartment. I asked to see the record that they had come and how much time they spent cleaning the apartment because it was the same. The guy in the office said he had to talk to the manager and then said they couldn't give me the info and that I was out of luck and had to pay the 45 dollar fee. They are not easy to deal with and don't want to help residents with any problem making it seem Review from Google
Nov 2018: I personally like it here. The wards are great and the apartments are in good condition. When you have a maintenance problem, they respond relatively quickly which is nice. The lounge and pool are kept in good condition, and the office staff are quick to respond and help out. Also, if you like a clean place, they actually do cleaning checks so your apartment should be clean at least once a month ;). Review from Google
Oct 2018: Liberty on Freedom is great! They have an awesome pool and hot tub. Tons of fun parties with free food and cool people. Maintenance is really quick to respond to various issues with the apartment. Overall a really great place. Apartments are a little small and parking is pretty terrible, but parking is hard anywhere in Provo. I would recommend Liberty on Freedom. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I haven’t lived here for too long, but I love it already and I’m really enjoying my time here! The wards are really social and fun, and everyone is so nice. The office management is great too! They are always doing fun giveaways and the maintenance requests are always taken care of super fast! These apartments are a little older, but they’ve done a lot of remodeling and repainting so you can barely tell. I would definitely recommend living here it’s a great place to live for off campus housing!:) Review from Google
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Sep 2018: Liberty is an awesome place! I love the wards here, and the office staff are sweet! The apartments themselves are decent. I would say they are the best, and the aren't anywhere near the worst I've seen. If you have issues, the maintenance is pretty good about getting things fixed pretty quick. There are always things happening almost everyday. weather that be just the students throwing chill parties, or the office doing something fun! The main reason I live here still, is because some of my high friends moved here. Another reason why this place is nice is it location. Way more easy to get to fast food, and easier to dodge all the traffic in south campus. Overall, nice place with good atmosphere! I think you'll like it here, and the price helps a bit too! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Not sure why this place gets so much hate. The remodeling they’ve done is stellar - I’ve lived in pre-remodeling and post-remodeling buildings here and the difference is like night and day. Nice wood floors, clean walls and floors and ceilings, good appliances - more than you can ask for from most Provo apartments. Management is incredibly helpful and kind. Maintenance is quick and friendly. It’s a little pricey for the size and no dishwasher or laundry in the apartments, but to me the premium is worth it for the fact that management doesn’t seem to have a grudge against the residents and the fact that the apartments are so well remodeled. Review from Google
Feb 2018: This place is absolutely okay. Location: Awesome People: great Apartments: decent Amenities: decent Price: way to much for me That is my only complaint about this place -- the price. Everything else is fine, but you pay too much for it. The apartments are small and do not have a washer and dryer. It is a shared room and I am paying almost as much as it costs to live at the Village. The management started to do only 12-month contracts, so I am leaving. But overall, if you are not on a tight budget, it is not a bad place Review from Google
Feb 2018: I enjoy living here! Close to campus, recently renovated, and maintenance has always fixed our stuff pretty quickly! Downsides: small kitchen and the set price for utilities seems a little high. All and all it's been just fine living here! Review from Google
Feb 2018: I’ve really liked living here the past couple semesters. It’s way nice having laundry, a pool, and a gym that’s super accessible. Plus it’s close to campus. It’s nice to not have to worry about utilities every month since it’s just a flat rate. The apartments are nice, newly redone, but the quality isn’t always that great. We had to call maintenance multiple times and even had a major plumbing issue. The social atmosphere is great though, people are very friendly here. It’s been a good spot to live! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I've enjoyed staying at Liberty on Freedom. It is a good price for what it offers. The first time I walked into the workout room I was surprised as I was expecting maybe a treadmill and a barbell, but it was a good size room with lots of different equipment. The community room is quite spacious. The pool and hot tub looking amazing; however, I haven't had a chance to use it yet. The office staff is great to work with. They are quite helpful. Maintenance has also been quite prompt in resolving any issues. It also seems that they are doing their best to renovate the apartments as they regularly have new doors, furniture, etc. staged to move in. The apartment itself is definitely an apartment. It definitely looks lived in a few places, but that is to be expected. Proximity to campus is pretty good. If walking, there is only one major road that ne Review from Google
Jan 2018: So far has been pretty nice staying here. It is a bit pricey but it comes with good amenities. Management has been good but it does tak a little bit of time for work orders to get done. All in all its pretty good Review from Google
Jan 2018: Everything either newly renovated or about to be. Young and friendly staff. Excellent maintenance (and if you speak Spanish, they'll go the second mile). Looks good inside and out, and I'm happy I chose to live here. I'd obviously like the rent to be lower, but it's still reasonable considering the "newness" and the amenities available. UPDATE: Wrote original review over a year ago, and gave it five stars then. Some updates to add: There has been a recent change in management, and I'm hopeful it'll be better than the previous staff that was frequently unhelpful and rude to anyone who had maintenance problems. The maintenance guys themselves have always been fantastic. At this point I no longer believe they should be charging as much as they do considering the disrepair of several roofs and plumbing systems throughout the complex. Additionally Review from Google
Jan 2018: There are definitely pros and cons to living here. Pros are the people are great! It is a very social atmosphere, nice furniture, close to campus which is really helpful, and a fun lounge with ping pong, shuffle board, and pool. Cons: maintenance does take awhile to respond. Once they come the problem is fixed really quickly, but it takes awhile after the request. I wish the kitchen was larger because there isn't much counter or cupboard space but you can make due. Overall, it isn't the best place I've lived but it is a fun environment and I have enjoyed my time here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: It's a decent place to live. It is close to campus and the people who live here are a lot of fun. The new staff is much better than the old office managers. If you are on good terms with the maintenance guys, they get things done pretty quickly, but it does take them a long time to finish upgrading things. They've been installing new doors in the living room and we still don't have a handle on the door, even though it has been there for over a month... Overall, I've enjoyed it, but it isn't the best place I have ever lived. Review from Google
Nov 2017: The apartments are decently nice. Although they will overcharge you on everything. And if you sell your contract they make you pay $100 fee just "for all the work that front office does for selling a contract" way over kill charging. Management is a huge issue here. Review from 11/22/17 on Google
Nov 2017: I've lived at Liberty Square, another property under this umbrella, before moving here, so I had pretty high expectations. When I moved in back in August, several things were wrong with the apartment, definitely not the "renovated" ones that were promised. Over the past 4 1/2 months of living here, we've lived with crappy appliances, drafty doors, the basement heater doesn't work, and my window keeps filling up like an aquarium every time it rains or snows here in Provo. Had to call management 5-6 times about several maintenance issues, however they don't actually fix said issues, they usually only placate the residents by doing quick fixes instead of actually taking the time to fully fix the problems. Far too expensive for what you're getting, and every good review on here is from management/office staff. Review from 11/20/17 on Google
Nov 2017: *Quite a few of these 5 star review are given by LoF office management, despite Lof's comment following this review. Please be honest, Liberty on Freedom. **The maintenance workers are awesome here- they are hard working, efficient, and kind. LoF provides broken appliances, low-quality furniture, dirty apartments, and awful parking conditions. We have to send in maintenance requests at least one a week for broken heating, fridge problems, cosmetic issues, etc. For serious problems, you have to speak to management multiple times for the same problem before they do anything about it. In my experience, they are neither prompt nor responsible. They're good people, but it can be really hard to work with them. Review from 11/18/17 on Google
Nov 2017: Let’s be real: never live here because not only is management AWFUL, but also my apartment was bug-infested and without A/C in the summer and was there any compensation? I mean, unless you count the rolled eyes and exasperated sorry’s, then nahhhh. Don’t do it, it’s over priced and not even nice apartments. Review from 11/18/17 on Google
Oct 2017: Had a terrible experience dealing with management. First off, work order requests I put in months ago have yet to be addressed, even though they claim to "be really fast" at filling the orders. Second, the cleaning check people are ridiculous. They failed me for forgetting to put my name at the top of the form, and when I went to talk to the office about it they were no help at all. The answer they gave, was that for not writing your name on it, they have no idea whether or not the tasks were completed-yet on the form the wrote some notes. So how would they not know if it done or not if literally their only job is to check the whole apartment for cleanliness? After trying to explain this multiple time to the office that it was unfair to be charged $10 for a recheck on a perfectly clean apartment, they were dismissive and rude. Review from 10/25/17 on Google

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